Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barack Obama: Supporting Reverend Wright and Celebrating Hitler's Birthday--What Difference?

"A congressional candidate is defending his speech to a group celebrating the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth, saying he appeared simply because he was asked."

The above is from a currently featured AP story on AOL.  It goes without saying that the Associated Press, being without "journalistic" honor, would never write the same kind of story about a Democratic candidate speaking to a leftist hate group (as, indeed, the AP has not, when that has occurred--see their coverage of the Revernend Wright matter and Democrats speaking before extreme left wing groups who sanction hate speech).

What is wrong with speaking at this kind of event?  Is it because it proves the speaker believes what Hitler believed?  Of course not.  What is wrong (and it is wrong) is the IMPLIED ENDORSMENT OF THE GROUP (as at least being acceptable),  AND THEIR VIEWS, WHETHER YOU BELIEVE THEM YOURSELF OR NOT.

You know what?  That is exactly the SAME thing that is wrong with Barack Obama supporting hate monger Jeremiah Wright over those 20 years.  It is not a question of whether Obama believes everything that Wright said.  It is a matter of endorseing and supporting evil, as this is.

I would not support this candidate, as I would never support Barack Obama.

No, you do not endorse every positon/statement of a group by speaking to them.  However, you DO endorse the idea that the group is acceptable in today's society.  Think how much more of an endorsement Barack Obama gave to Reverend Wright over the years, beyond a simple speech.  Consider that even a single speech like the above is too much an endorsement of evil.  Q.E.D.   Barack Obama should be ashamed of supporting Reverend Wright (whether he believes everything that Reverend Wright said or not).

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