Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dean and McCain: How to Demagogue the Economy

It is well established that Demorats have automatic access to the media. Today's example is the play given by the despicable Associtated Press, and AOL, to Howard Dean's statement that John McCain has "no plan" to "turn around the economy" (as if we must always have a PANIC PLAN to deal with every recession--see my earlier entry entitle "recession and safety").  The idea that a panic overreaction to a normal economic "correctiion" might RUIN the long term health of our economy obviously does not occur to Dean, or any Democrat politician. 

Dirty little secret:  By the time the next President takes office, the economy will ALREADY have been turned arond, even if we do NOTHING (which was probably the best course, other than Fed actions to keep the credit market from imploding).

The "stimulus" package is already in place (bad idea though it probably was).  Oil prices can't defy gravity forever (with NO oil shortage).  The weak dollar is HELPING American companies and American exports.  Most economists believe that it is likely that the economy will again start growing significantly in the second half of this year.

Countervailing force:  ENVIRONMENTALISTS and the "global warming" fanatics trying to do everything from frustrating oil drilling to raising the price of food (biofuels), while CRUCIFYING American industry on the cross of "global warming".

it is true that McCain is BAD on the anti-economy fraud of "global warming".  But Democrats are WORSE.

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