Thursday, April 19, 2012

Arabs, Israelis, Black, White, Muslim, Mormona, chirsitan, Hsipanic: Our Media Incites Hatred Everywhere (Despicable Associated Press adn Yahoo "News

"Police: Israeli wounded in stabbing attack by Arab" (I promise you that I am not makng this up)

Say what? This is a FEATURED item presently on Yahoo "News"--9ne of th "top stories". I kid you not . A SINGLE STABBING, where the victim is only WOUNDED, makes INTERNATIONAL "news" (tabbin occurred in Isreael). Way to go, AP and Yahoo. Way to INCITE HATRED for NO PURPOSE.

This, of course, is the same thing that the truy despicable aP, and Yaho, tried to do with this allegation by a "U.S. Muslim" that he was "tortured" by the UAE at the "behest" of the FBI. But I wanted to show that ur despiocable mainstream media is not JUST anti-American, which also partly explains the attempt to trash the entire USA as a "racist" society over the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin matter, and the attempt to constantly portray Smericans as "anti-Muslim" Our media is obviusly willing to INCITE HATRED, for no reason, even whken it does not quite fit their usual agenda. So help me, these are the worst BIGOTS--as well as the wrost HYPOCRITES--to ever walk ethe Earth. For them, it is all about dEFINING peoile by the groups to which they belogn: religiious, tthnic or raciell Q.E.D. These (aP, Yahoo and rest of our mainstream media--almost all of them) are EViL people spreading EVIL

This is not "news" I don't even know how to describe wht it is, except as I have treid above. I am not sure why it shoulduld be "headline "news", even in a Jeruselum newspaper. I am not sure why it would be headline "news" in the EL PASO TIMES, if El Paso happened to be 85% Jewsih and 15% "Arab". Indeed, El Paso is 85% Hispanic and 15% "white" (or "other"), and I don't hthink the El Paso Times would ordinarily make the mere WOUNDING of an "Hispanic" by a "white" person a FRONT PAGE "story" (although this sort of "criime "news" is routinely carried by local newspapers). I don't think much of the El Paso Times, but I really hpe that it would nto try to INCITE ETHNIC HATRED by over-publicizing such a story. I don't regularly read it, and so I can't be sure. The El Paso ttimes is, after all, a part of teh mainstream media (using the despicable AP for a lot of its stories). Iagree that there is not nearly the kind of hatred between Hispancis and "whites" (Hispanics ARE "white") as thrre appears to be between so many Arabs and Jews. Hoever, I am confident our media would like to CHANGE that, as would Harry Reid and our President. You can tell that by the way thte media "covered" that Ariizonalillegal immigratin law, and the rest of the recent state laws aimed at illegal immigration. To listen to our media, and our Presdient, states (police?) are lookng for any EXCUSE to HARRASS HISPANICS merely for being Hispanci (which, I guess, would put my Hipanic daughhers in "danger", if I believed this PRFOPAGANDA, desinged to incite ethnic FEAR and HATRED).

All the more reason (this long-standing antipathy between so many Arabs and Jews) to not OVERPLAY a single stabbing incident.

No. I just don't see how anyone can defend this. As usual, using the standard minstream media py, I welcome anyone from Yahoo or the AP, or who merely wants to defend them, to COMMENT on this blgo. I NEVER have edited a comment (unlike the mainstream media). If Google will let you do it, I will let you say whatever you want. I, of cousse, reserve the right to ATTACK your comment, as the mainstream mediia does with any criticism, but--in contrast--my ATTACK will almost surely be correct.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). Hey, I guess that if the mainstream media can make such a big deal out of ISOLATED Tea Party signs held by UNKNOWN peoplee, an dlabel the whole movement as "rscist, they are certainly capable of making so much out of a sintle, isolated stabbing in Israel YOU--people of the AP are TERRIBLE people. I jsut want to make sure you know what I think of you.

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