Tuesday, April 17, 2012

President Obama's War on Women

We know what Obama's attitude is towrd KILLING females in the woumb, even up to the moment of birth, which can be more of a DEATH sentence for females than males (espeiccially in places like China or India, or with similarly minded people on the U.S.): Obama is all for it. But that is ot what this article is abut. This article is about the DISGRACEFUl, condescending response Obama made to the CNN comments of Hillary Rosen ("Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life," suggestintg that Ann Romney hasd no basis for talkng about economic matters with her husband--sort of like saying that Abigail Adams had no basis for talking about policy matters with her husband--as FALSE as any statement you could ever make in all of history). I only wish taht Abigail Adams were around to "respond" to the hypocritical women of CNN; to Hillary Rosen; or to that condescending hypocrite, President Obama. I now. There are sonme fates so horrible that you shuold not wish them even on evil people. See David McCulloughs biogragy of "John Adams". All you need to know is that JOHN ADAMS forgave Thomsmas Jefferson toward the end of his life, as to grievances over political "sins" that Jefferson had committed against Adams. Abigail Adams, who manhy "credit" with the infamous "Alien and Seditoin Acts", NEVER forgave Thomas Jefferson, and wrote him a SCATHING letter (as her husband was frogiving Jefferson) makng her positon clear. Abigail Adams never "worked" a dah in her life..........................................................................................Sorry, laughing on the floor again, in that familiar fetal postion..............................................

What was President Obama's reaction to Hillary Ropsen's SEXIST comments? Well, first our Liar-in-Chief acted like he did not even know who the woaman was, calling herf a "woman on televison"--throwing CNN under the bus, where they belong. Obama's press secretary even sort of DENIED that THIS Hillary Rosen was a regular visitor, to the White house--saing that he knew of THREE Hillary Rosen's wo might have made those 30 visits recorded on the White House log. Hillary Rosen, of course, was paid $120,000 to be a "strategist" to the Democratic National Committee, and had MET with President Obama at least thhree times.

But Obama did nto stop there. Did Obama make a STIRRING defense of women who CHOOSE to conceentrate on home and famiy, even as they tell their husbands what to do and make ALL of the "minor" decisoins (such as where to live, where and how to spend the family money, how to raise the children, what the famiy is to do to survive while the husband is off having fun creating the United States of America--things like that). No in the clips I saw, Presdient Obama said that he thought "spouses" should be immune from attack. Talk abut a NON SEQUITUR, as if any kind of real" attack" had been made on Ann Romney. What was said was a GRATUITOUS INSULT to MOST of tgeh WOMEN of history. Sure, Obama was correct taht SPOUSES of candidates should not be the target of PERSONAL ATTACKS. The souse is not running for office. But that was nto the pont here, and Obama knows it. This SExISM was DELIBERATE on Obama's part, as he did not WANT to make nay kiind of "stirring" "defense" of NON-WORKING WOMEN. (women workng more at home thanin some dead iend job). How CONDESCENDING can you get!!!!! I actually HEARD Presdient Obama say this: "I don't know that Ann Romney volunteered to be part of here husband's political campaign. A spouse is not deliberately putting herself out there as a target. It is here husband how dragged her into the arena, and she shuld not be subject to attack for something she could nto help". (Or words to that effect, and I guarantee you I got th gist of this right).

Nope. To me, those Obama "commetns" PROVED it. Presidet Obama is a SEXIST. Is the problem with the Rosen commentts about Ann Romney that Ann Romney had no real "choice" aboutr being in the public eye. OR DID SHE. Tis incredibly SEXIST idea of Oba'a's that a WIFE is not usually a PARTNER with the husband is incredible. John Adams would never have said such a thing. I don't think George Washington would have said it, either. So Presdient Obama thinks it is RESPECT for women to suggest taht Ann Romney is a SLAVE to what here husband wants to do, and has not say. The man (Obama) is not only a SEXIST, but he has NO CLUE.

Nope. Presdient Obama is conductin a WAR ON WOMEN who happen to disagree with them, and he is doing it in the most condescenidng way possible (alsto true of CNN and the rest of the left. Should any real "feminist" vote for Presdient Obama? Not a chance. The man is much more of a seixst than I ever was.

MOAN. WHY do peole of the left keep FORCING me to expose my SHAMEFUL feministm: to reveal that I am mroe of a FEMIIMINST than ANYH of themm? I would much rather comeout of the closet as a homosexual,, instead of just a man with a neurotic (if totally justified) fear of women. I don't WANT to say these feminist things. I am FORCED to say them by the total hypocrisy and sihonesty of the left, including the leftist media. My mother, by the way, insists that I have ALWAYS been a feminist--that I was essentialy born that way . She says that I, as a yung child, refused ot play with BOYS, but would happily play with GIRLS. She says that my favorite person was an adult WOMAN babysitter, who rEAD to me by the hour (maybe explainging my lifelong love of reading, even as my eyesight has fored me to audio books). My SHAME jsut keeps expanding, and I will NEVER forgive the left. If I had not talked to my mother abut having to come out of the closet as a feminist, I would never have known abut my childhood SHAME. No apology is sufficient. It is ALMOST enough to make me vote for Romneyh, against Obama, because Obama has FROCED this SHAME upon me. But I have made this VOWW never to support a GOP establishment candidate again, and I won't. However, I will never forgive Presdient Obama, CNN and all of the other FALSE "feminists" of the left for forcing me out of the closet.

P.S No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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