Sunday, April 8, 2012

Neo-Nazis and Black Panthers at CNN: Meeting of the Racially Obsessed

I am somewhat disappointed in Drudge ( . I expect it of the mainstream media. Drudge had a banner headline today linked to a story from something called "New Times" The headline read essentailly as follows:

"Alrmed Ne9-Nazis patrolling Samford, say that they are prepared for violence"

What can you say abut a headline like that, designed to incite RACIAL WAR by giving piublicity to KOOKS--evil kooks, but kooks. You willl remember thqat the Black Panthers put that "bounty" on George Zimmerman, as CNN and the rest of the media made the Trayvno Marttn case all about RACE IN AMERICA. This brought out all of the racially obsessed people trying to USE Trayvon Martin to advance racial hatred in this country, and trying (mainly) to advance their own agenda. Taht includes CNN and the peoople of the media. It definitely includes the "Nwo-Nazis" and "new' Black Panthers. The Neo-Nazis lprobably haave the SAME number of "members" in this countgtry as the Black Panthers: less than 100. Why can't we get rid of these "racial hate groups"? For the same reason that we can't get rid of CNN and media HATE MERCHANTS. This is still a FREE COUNTRY. Neo-Nazis, IF they obey te law, have as much "right" to "patrol" Samford as JOURNALISTS (pusuring everyone for another "story" inciting racial hatred), or the Black Panthers. Noope. There is NO PURPOSE to this story, except to give "Neo-Nazis" PUBLICITY. Oh, it may allso continue tohe meedia campaign to SCARE balck peole to death, and give a FALSE image of American being overrun by people lookng for racial violence (those numbers, at least on the "white hate" side, being fewer now than they have EVER been--the "black hate" side being a little harder to figure because of media people like those of CNN INCITING black fear and hatred, and racial politicians like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson doing the same thing).

Solution: Hold this meeting at the offices of CNN among all of the peoo;e wrongly OBSESSED with race in America. CNN wanst its kind of "conveversation" on race. Finge. I think CNN shuld HOSTA such a "conversation" among the people who NEED it, Taht includes CNN, and the rest of teh media, Jesse Jackson and his adherents, Al Sharpton and his adherents, the'neo-Nazis and their (fe) adherents, and the Black Panterhs. I have taken the liberty of setting up this meeting for April 11 (my older daughters's birthday), at 10 A. M. If President Obama can call for "meetings' with Iran, CNN cand do this.

"Skip, you are just askng for truoble. Surely, you wuld agree that all of these peole shuld be DISARMED."

That would defeat the whole pont. I want bodyguards, and everyone else there, to be armed to the teeth. The whole idea here is to let the poople OBSESSED with race (or who pretend to be for their own gain) "fight it out", and leave the rest of us to get BEYOND RACE. Right now, CNN and the mediia are INVITING thse kooks to make a BATTLEGURND out of Samford, and reallyl this entire country, over RACE. That is just WRONG. If CNN wants a racialbattleground, as they do, let it be the PREMISES OF CNN, with as many mainstream media people there as possible.

This is a "win-win" situatin for the rest of us. I trust that all of these people will ut their "courage" where their mouth is (as the media did NOT with regard to Muslims and those Danish cartoons), and show up to have this "conversation" on race at the apppointed 10 A. M. time on Aprril 11, in the CNN offices. I especaily challenged you Neo-Nazis and Black Panthers to be there. This is YOUR CHANCE to be on TELEVISION. Ander son Coooper and Wolf Blitzer will be there to "keep you honest" (lol).

We, teh people, can't ose here. Help me MAKE this happen. Titter Anderson Cooper and the rest.

P.S. No proofreading or sepell checkng (bad eyesight). I know. Some of you are diagnosing a virulent recurrence of my 'sarcassm" disease. I still maintain that admitted disease is not nearly as serious as the INSANTIY that is inflicting our media, and getting worse. These are the same peole who gave all of that publicity to that KOOK preacher down in Florida. I thik it is Tim Dorsey who referenced Florida as the natural home of msot of the KOOKS in Americaa, in his series of (generally) very funny books abut Florida (featruing a serial killer anti-hero). What is sad is that Florida may have KOOKS, but our media people have become WORSE than the people everyone knows are kooks. No one would pay any attentin to those people, if it were not for our media people. We NEED this meeting. And I again emphasize that EVERYONE should be armed with at least three or four different kinds of wapons. Why shuyld the (mainly) innocent peole of Samford be in the middle of a RACE WAR, where the media are trying to put them. Why should teh MEDIA PPEOOPLE not be in the middle of usuch a race war, right where they belong? And, as stqated, it is not just Samford.. CNN, and the rest of the media, are aiming for a RACE WAR all over this country.

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