Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Racial Profiling and the Blog Author: Texas Police "Profile" Brown-Haired, Blue-Eyed Men

Looking for a way to make the Trayvon Martin shooting all about RACE, rahter than about the facts of ONE individual shooting, has been a challenge for our racist media, and the racial politicians who FEFEED on racial strife and hatred (stirring up black against "white", with Hispnaic thrown in there somewhere as they try to RAILROAD tghe Hispanic George Zimmerman in this case. NBC haad to LIE about the 911 call, where George Zimmerman did not even bring up race until the police dispatcher asked him. there are no FACTS pointing to a racial motive on the part of Zimmerman, and the police did ARREST Zimmerman, while determining whether there were grounds to charge him. This has forced the media, and the OTHER racial agents of rracial hatred, to fall back on "racial profiling"!!!!!

You don't know what that means, in the Trayvon Martin case? Well, neither do I. It appears to be a way of saying lthat there SHOULD be "racial profiling", since we will make sure there are RIOTS unless you treat teh killing of a black young man by an Hispanic DIFFERENTLY than you treat an ordinary shooting. 'Racial profiling", of course, is generally assserted in connection with LAW ENFORCEMENT focus on black AND Hispanic peple as more likely to be criminnals (or illegla immigrants). In this case, the media--and otehr race hatred inciting activists--want to FROCE the ARRRREST of George Zimmerman because he is HISPANIC (onkay, more accurately, that he is NOT bloack))., whikle the "victim" is black. Exactly WHY is that not "racial profiling"? This whole idea that a black person should not be subject to police inquiry,, AS a CITIZEN--whenehn there is some reason for suspicioni, but no indication of an actual crime---is a CROCK. Let me telll you abut my own experiences in Texas over teh years, as a brown-haired, blue-eyed lperson.

Let us go back 40 years or more, to Arlington, Texas. Realize thqat I am makng a SACRIFICE here, giving you reason to believe that I have ALWAYS been a weird person, and not just when I was recently approached by a lone "follower" in an open fied (behind a residential areaO) in El Paso. See that previous blog article in the past week. Back to Arlington. I was visiting relatives. I was trying to listen to a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game on a transister radio. I could not do that in the house (lousy receptioin, sort of like modern cell phones). So I went out into the front yard, and I was sort of wandering around looking for the best spot for reception--sort of like the Zimmerman descritption of tkhe way Traymon Martin was acting. Well, someone obviously thought I was acting strangely. Suddently, TWO police cars pulled up--obviusly needing BACK-UP for a dangerous character like me, and I am only surprised an entire SWAT TEAM did not appear). A suspicioius policeman asked me what I was doing prowling around the neighborhood like tkhat. I was, by the way, not that much older than Trayvon Martin--maybe about 5 years older. I dug myself a HOLE by saying I was visiting my brother "here is Dallas". Arlington is a suburb of Dallas. You wuld not believe how sensitive the plice were to this DISRESPECT fo Arlington,m and not knowing what city I was in. problem: The MEDIA, and other racial politicians and race baiters, have CONDITIONED the "black populace" to believe that police "confronting" a BLACK MAN (like I was confronted in Arlington) is "racial profiling" and RACISM. If , as a "white man" had RUN, and gotten killed (because my transister radio may have looked like a gun), it would most likely have been seen as just a tragic accident. MAYBE the police officers wuld have been didsciplined. But, if that happened to a BLACK young man, it would have been grounds for riots ("killed while just standing in his own front yyard").

What are the police supposed to do if they get a CALL about a person acting supiciouisly--in effect, about a suspected PROWLER? It is absurd to suggest taht the police should say: "If it is a black man, call us if he actualy does anything. Right now we have to assume that you are "racially profiling'. Among other things, this INVITES the kind of citizen actin that put George Zimmerman in the dangerous situation (to both he and Martin) in which Zimmerman ended up. No. Police HAVE to react to a call about a suspicious person. From the 911 call, Zimmerman had some reason to look at Martin as a suspicious person. And the police HAVE to know the "race" (descriptoion) of the supposed prowler, if only to make sure that they don't question someone else and miss the complained of person. This is basically your DUTY as a citizen: to COOPERATE with the plice. That is what our media, and our racial activists, are tellng black peole NOT to do Now let me admit that there was much MORE REASON, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, for black peole to believe that they would nto get a fair shake from the police. Nope. It is NOT TRUE that this is the ORDINARY experiennce of black people today. It happens, but you are going to OVREREACT to the kind of situation I encourntered in Arlington if lyou automatically assume it is a case of 'racial profiling".

Then there was Littlefield, Texas, where my family lived while I was ging to New Mexico State University (in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on 35 miles from El Paso, where I now live). This was around the same tieme. I took a bus to Littlefield. I had a suitcase. Somone was supposed to meet me. It was pretty late at night. No one was there. This was before cell phones, and I have never owned a cell phone anyway. What to do?? Well, it was a HEAVY suitcase. Littlefield, by the way, is a small town outside of Lubbock. Anyway, what I decided to do was look for a phone. No, I was NOT let off at a busstatin that was open, and I ended up in a deserted area of town with no obvious phone booth around. I did NOT want to carry the suitcase looking for a phone. So what I did was to LEAVE the suitcase, and go off in various directions lookng for a phone. But I would then WORRY about getting to far from the suitcase, and RUN back. You might get an idea how SUSPICIIUS this would look, although I was ding nothing illegal. What happened? Right. Another police car pulled up, wanting identificatino and and wanting to know what the heck I thought I wa doing. Hey, this time--this may have been before the other incident--there wsa only ONE police car. I guess I have looked more DANGEROUS the older I have gotten.

Then thre wsa the fairly recent time I was stoped in North Carolina, for no apparent reason, while driving my daughter's carfr to her at Ithaca, New Yrok (Corneell). My brother tells me that he was ROUTINELY stopped going through/by Memphis (on his way to Nahville, where he lives, as his work led him to make the trip through Memphis often). My borther says that the "profiling' of him was because of the TEXAS PLATES. I tend to think that is why I was stopped in North Carolina. The "excuse" was something about "weaving" in traffic. What if you have information that people with Texas plates are regularly "running drugs" through Memphis? Or it is possible that some of these peole jsut don't like people from Texas (ENVY). Just as it is POSSIBLE that uyou are a "victim" of racial profiling if ou are stopped, as a black man. But the police MAY have reason to have suspicion, even if you might think taht plice should not stop a CAR because of some vague suspicion. However, there is no doubt that police MUST investigate suspicious peple who might be PROWLERS, especially if they receive a phone call about a person acting strangely . Are not the poice OBLIGATED to check such a person out? Furtherm, are they not OBLIGATED to give an Hispanice like Zimmerman the same OBJECTGIVE analysis of whehter a chrage sould be made as would be givn to the case of two black men? Or a black man who shoots a white homleless person in the same icircumstances?

No. There is NO reason to believe that this has much to do with ra ce. Say there is some SMALL "race" component. Look how HARMFUL it is to the black populace to tell them this is ALL abut race? It is especialy bad in theese times, when MOST people are willing to get BEYOND RACE 9or Obama would not be President). How can you get "beyond race" if the EVIL RACISTS of CNN (and the rest of the mainstream media) make so much, and so many of these things, AlL ABOUAT RACE (with little or no evidence). Thus, the Tea Party is "accused", by CNN and the mainstream media--along with racial politicians and other leftists--of being "aracist" based on an isolated sign or two, and maybe a few shouts. This is NOT HEOPLING balick people. It is simply trying to instill FEAR in them, and HATRED. That does them no good. But CNN, and the other leftists, do not INTEND to do black people any good (as individuals). For them, this is all abut POLITICS: trying to USE RACE, and African-Americans, to gain a POLIATICAL advantage.

No. I did not assume that Texas police were "targeting me. Neither shuld balck people assume that they are always being subjected to "racial profiling", or being targeted because of their race. Sometimes, just like me, they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time (or, maybe, a little weird, like me).

I can't even tell you how much HARM I think CNN, and our racial politicians and the rest of the mainstream media, are doing by making al of this stuff about RACE.--wen we are really ready to get BEYOND RACE (or at least "white people" are, and I think black perople would be if they were not constantly being told about ow America is still jsut about as much of a RACISTA society as it ever was-an outright lie).

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Think of how much TROUBLE I can get in now, when I can't even drive a car (and have not been able to for about a decade). I am WALKING here in El Paso all over the place-sometimes fairly late at night and sometimes out across desert areas (short cuts, you know). In fact, in antotehr fairly recent incident, I encountered a policemean in one of those concrete drainage ditches. Waht was I dong in a concrete drainage dithc? Well, I was EXERCISING (in one way or antoher, including hitting a tennis ball aggainst a wall and RUNNING. Why? Because I don't have to worry about OBSTACLES in a drainage ditch--obstacles I may not ee in time. What the policeman was doing was CHASING some suspicious person. Now he must have had some idea what that person looked like, because he did not pay that much attentino to me, beond asking where I lived and whether I had seen anybody go by me. This idea that the world is a matter of black and white is an EVIL media fantasy--more now than ever in this country--and HARMFUL to black peole and Hispanics (directly harmful to Hispanic George Zimmerman in this case, regardless of whether there is some objectiveve reason to believe he committed a crime or not).

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