Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rush Limbaugh, The Maverick Conservative and teh Stock Market: Limbuagh Gets It Wrong and The Maverick Conservative Gets It Right

Remember what I told you earlier this week, and 3 years ago: Rush Limbaugh has NO CLUE as to how the stock market operates. This blgo does. It is INSANE to "blame' stock market moves on Obama, because that shows a lakc of understanding of the stock market: especially today's stock market. Wall sStreet not only does not "predict" the ecomy, but stock market moves are often UNRELATED to the economy . Thus, when Rush Limbuah was "gooating" earlier this week on how a stock market DROP was the result of bad emplyment numbers, this blog was telling you that stock market moves had more to do with BEN BERNANKE these days. The Maverick Conservative QUOTED teh people from CNBC saiying that the stock market would go UP, despite bad economic news" becaues Bailout Ben Bernanke "had their back".

Lookk at today, and yesterday. Today, lthe stock market added substantial gains, on toop of yesterdlay's moderate gains, despite about the WORST "emplyment" news POISSIBLE (realistically possible). See teh article earlier today . New unemployment claims rose to 380,000, when "economicsts" had predicted 355,000. It was TERRIBLE news, that called into questin this whole "improvement" that both Wall Streeet and the media have been talking about. The stock market went up anyway, and Rush Limbaugh was NOT giving Obama "credti". SURPRISE--not. Rush Limbaugh acts like Obama himself on this one: giving Obama the BLAME for every stock market LOSS, but refusing to ggive him credit for stock market GAINS. Of course this is hypocirtical. When Limbauh makes mistakes--not taht often, really--it is because he is so PARTISAN that he simply abandons honesty and conssitencly. Plus, as I said, Libuagh has NO CLUE as to thow the stock market really works. For him, the stock market is only relevant if he can USE ti againstr Obama. Yes, Obama SHOULD BE BLAMED for the failure to have a "real" recovery: for the EcONOMY. But it is a MAJOR MISTAKE to try to tie Obama to the stock market. If you do that, you will ahve to CREDIT Obama when the stock market makes one of those IRRATIONAL moves highter (as it has the past two days). No, I will not stop this accurate criticimsm of Libmuah unless he either starts giving credit and blame BOTH WAYS (not going to happen), or uneless he at least tries to EXPLAIN why he is not a HYPOCRITE (which he can't).

Does Obama deserve "credit" for the stock market being NEAR and ALL-TIME HIGH? In a way, of course, no. Obama himseelf, when he is not saying the opposite, said in 2009 that a President should PAY NOT ATTENTION to the stock market. Limbaugh RIDICULED Obama, at the time, for saying that, when Limbaugh was blaming Obama for the collapsing stock market. The Maverick Conservative, on the otehr hand, AGREED with Obama, because I know that tWall Stsreeet peole are IRRATIONAL, and that stock movements have aomsot NOTHING to do with Wall Street ACCURATELYL preidicting where the economy is going. .

In a way, however, obama does deserve SOME "credti" for the stock market. Why? this blog has told you why. And CNBC has told you why. The tock market believes that Bailout Ben Bernake HAS THEIR BACK (not YOUR back, but the bvacks of those people on Wall Street). And Wall STreet believes it has this implicit PARTNERSHIP with Obama, desite Obama TRASHING Wall Street, where Obama and Geitner are IN LEAGUE WITH "BAilout Ben" to make sure that WaALL STREET keeps getting bailted out, as Bernanke and Obama have been doing OBAMA'S ENTIRE TEERM (nopt jjust att he time of the "Wall Street bailouts"). Did I just call President Obama a DISHONEST, industrial grade HYPOCRITE? Of course I did, and I have. This is a government being run FOR WALL STREET, with Bailout Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Geitenr "Having their bakcs", no matter what Obama SAYS. Obama and Bernanke have CONTINUED to bail out Wall STreet every single day. They have even PUSHED the BAILOUT in EUROPE, using AMERICAN funds (in part). This is part of the contnued BAILOUT of WALLL STREET, despite Obama's WORDS.

No, Wall Street ddoes not CARE about the econmy. They car ONLY aboutr Wall Street. They are NOT free market people. They are, mostly ECONOMICFAS CISTS ehow thhink they have this "new" p"partnership" with government of Wall Street, by Wall Streeet, and for Wall Stret. Poor, deluded sods (Wall Street).

Thus, it was not real surpirise to me to see the stock market go way UP with BAD economic news. You just have to understand how the stgock market owrkst these days, as Rush Limbaugh does NOT (or acts like he does not, for PARTISAN reasons).

Oh. Ann Romney. The next planned article is on An Romney and the SEXIMSM of CNN and so much of the left. But I can't face writng that article tonight. ONe of the SHAMES of my life is having to come "out of the closet" as a FEMINIST, who raised TWO radical feminist daughters, and who is OFFENDIED by this kind of sexism (the leftist WAR AGAINST WOMEN who are not leftists). I will never forgive the left for makng me do this over and over again--proving I am more FEMINIST than almsot eveery leftist out there. No matter how much I try to live it down every tie the left--especailly the media lef--forces me out of the closet, I can't to "back in the closet". That is because they DO IT AGAIN, forcing me out of the closet again. If only I were homosexual. I could live with that a lot more comfortably.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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