Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CNN: Can Americans Stand To Watch an Anti-Christian Network? A Maverick Conservative Poll

No, in case you were wondering, I am not going to let this go.  This CNN POLL questin this morning has compounded my anger over yesterday's BIGOTED "performance" by Wolf Blitzer (see previous articles).  I have actualy never been ANGRIER at a mainstream media outlet, and that is saing a LOT.  Here, to refresh yorr memory, is the disgraceful poll questin from CNN this morning, which the anchor SPECIFICALLY directed at Mitt Romney's Mormonism (even though "Mormon" is NOT mentinoed in the "poll"): "Can Americans ever elect a non-Christian to be Presdient/"  Hey, I think the first word int he question should be "Will", since Americans obviusly CAN, but I am trying to quote this as exactly as I can. 

What does that oll have to do with anything?  I know that CNN prefaced this poll by saying:  "Many Chjristians beleive that a Mormon is not a Christgian."  However, that just emphasizes how MENINGLESS this poll is.  Who says that Mitt Romney is not a Christian?  CNN?  I know thqt CNN has gone ouot and LOOKED for Christian pastors land theologians to say waht CNN WANTS SAID lhere, but this is really an ARCANE THEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT (whether Mormons are Christians), wiht NO significance except to BIGOTS like Wollf Blitzer and the other people of CNN.  The DISHOENST qestion (fromm The Liar Network) is designed for ONE, and ONLY ONE, purose:  to use the ter, "non-Christian" in connectin with Mitt Romney. IF yoiu are going to be a BIGOT, and ask this question (the quesiton CNN was purporting to ask about Mitt Romney), you would ask:  "Are Americans willing to elect a Mormon President?"  But, for the DISHONEST LBIGOTS of CNN, this is all  about a PRO-OBAMA agenda. 

By the way, Americans have ALREADY ELECTED an nonChristian to be President:  Barack Obama.  Bill Maher and The Maverick Conserviative--probably the two most prominent agnostics in the country-both AGREE taht Baack Obama is NOT a Christian, but isa "secualar humanist" (Maher's words, meaning Obama's real religion is leftist ideology).  Oh, you can claim that the U.S. has not elected an OPENLY non-Christian Pressident, but that is not in the DISHONEST CNN queestion, is it.  Mormons, of course, CLAIM to be Christians. My BARBER says they are not--being an evangelical Christian who STUDIES the THOLOGY of religion in FORMAL GROUPS--but HE is less BIGOTED than CNN (willing to vote for a Mormon for Presdient, AND realizing that Brarack Obama is not even arguably a Christian (talking a hypocritical lie here, and NOT THEOLOGY).  Did I just compare Barack Obama to the fictional Elmer Gantry (so brilliantly played by Burt Lancaseter)?  Yep.  I have done that for a long time. The point is that CLAIMING to be a Chrisitian does NOT make you a Christian, although the ISSUE of rligion has NO BUSINESS in American politics (despte CNN trying to make it the MAJOR issue in this camlpaign).  IF CNN--evil as the people of that entwr are, and ANTI-CHRISITAN bigots that they are--is going to make this an ISSUE, then this blotg is more than willing to take up the gauntlet.  As an AGNOSTIC, I am a NEUTRAL here (unlike the total PARTISANS of CNN).  Oh, by the way, it is not just the ACLU who likes to claim that Thomas Jerrerson was NOT a "Christian".  It  was someting of an "issue" IN HIS OWN TIMME, but obviusly did not keep him from being elected TWICE.  Isn't CNN great?  They are trying to REVIVE an "issue" that was not a winning issue even 200 YEARS ago. In other words, the EviL BIGOTS of CNN are trying to set back "enlightenment" more than 200 years.  So much for the LEFT really bellieving in "religius freedom".  They DON'T.  Just like they DON'T believe in FREE SPEECH and DON'T believe in DEMOCRACY (except, of course, for the LEFT).

Thus, yoiu can see the reason for The Maverick Conservative poll.  It is a take off on the evil CNN poll.  Besies, we don't have to actually DO anything. The American peole have already ANSWERED the poll, and the answwer is "NO".  The American people are NOT willing to stand for wathcing an anti-Christian network, as is PROVEN by the fact that AOMOST NOBODY watches lCNN. That is why this lbog does not bother to call for a general BoYCOTT of CNN. The American people are already DOIING that (as they should).  The ONLY reason this blog "surfs" CNN (now to the EXCLUSION of the EVIL Wolf Blitzer) is as a STAND IN for the rest of the mainstream media. It keeps me up to date on LEFTIST THINKIKING in this counntry, along with my AT&T/Y:ahoo "News' default page. I, of courfse, give CNN no credibility. 

Let me be as blunt as I possibly can:  "Americans" ARE willing to elect a Mormon.  And a "poll" on th esubject is nooting more than evil bigotry.  IF Romney loses, and this blog will NOT "endorse" him or Obama, it will NOT be because he is a Mormon.  And, as the results of The Maverick Conservative poll indicate (resultes that came in before the poll was announced), CNN is "catering" to an ever smaller group of people:  Leftist activists wose SOLE present goal is to re-eelect Presdient Obama (the same major goal of the peole of CNN). 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  As this blog has told lyou, CNN is ANTI-ChRISITAN (see blog article after blog article).  Why is CNN trying to CONVINCE CHRISTIANS not to votge for Romney?  I have told lyou that, as well.  CNN is trying to SUPPRESS the "Christian" vote for Mitt Romney (or agaisnt Barack Obama, who is engaging, like CNN, in a WAR on the Christian religion). CNN think you Christians are StUPID.  If nay of you actually buy into THIS reason for voting against Romney, then I am disappointed in you.  You are MORE STUPID than my barber, and any other Christian I can remember meeting-including members of may own family. Admittedly, most members of my family think I am stupid for not realizing that I MUST support Romney, because Obama will DESTROY this country.  They have a point, but--as I have often explained--I jsut can't STOMACH voting a single additonal time for the "lesser evil" GOP establishment candidate.  I wouild nto care if Romney were a green Mariian, with some kind of strange Martian religion.  But I jsut can't STAND that he is a typical GOP "estalbishment" candidate.  That makes him a HERETIC to MY RELIGIION (conservatism).

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