Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trayvon Martin's Height and Weight; George Zimmerman's Hwight and Weight

My 89 year od mother is convinced thqat Trayvon Martin was a strapping young man of 6 feet, 2 inches in height, and weighing 175 pounds. My mother did NOT get that from the unfair and unbalanced network, as ATl&T took that network away from her TV package. My mother--shut in her house--watches CNN, and other LEFTIST "news" channels, all day. Where did this come fro? If it is true, does that not make our media among the greates LIARS who ever lived? What am I saying? They are some of the greatest liars who ever lived, whether my motehr got this right or not.

I tried (for a little wile) to find ut. That disturbed me MORE than the assertion by my mother. This is a matter of FACT. An AUTOPSY ws presumably done. That is also true, by the way, of martin's INJURIES (apart from the gross gunshot wound), if any, which shuld have been recorded ii any autopsy. For our media, however, this is a matter of OPINION. It is a matter of SPECUALTION. You just don't get any more EVIL than that. A Chicago Tribunearticle, for example, lists Martin's weight as somewhere in the "range" of 140 to 170 pounds (lol). Did SOMEONE not WEIGHT the body? Even if death changes the weight I would assumme thaqt we now know how to tell what the "living" weight was. No, "death" itself woulld not change the weight, as by deleting the weight of the departing soul, but there might be CHANGES after death (like dehydration) that would affect the weight. How dod I know? I am not a forensic pahthologist. Then there is the question of Martin's last RECORDED weight, while alive. My brief lok at the internet indicated that the media pretty much IGNORED the idea of NOT asserting a "wieigth", without CONCLUSSIVE proof of the weight. But this is the SAME media who used a 5 year old lPICTURE. Here is the attitue of ALL of today's media: "FACTS". Don't confuse us with facts. Al we want is OPINION, because a good ARGUMENT (especailly over RACE) is what the public wants."

Anyway, there appears to be a fair amount of agreement that Martin was between 6 feet and 6 feet, 2 inches tall. That, of course, is NOT a "kiid" (like the media picture suggested). My mother is pretty much right that this was a STRAPPING YOUNG MAN (altthough there may be a questin about how "strapping", as he seee seemed pretty thin for his hieght). It seems likely--but why a matter of OPINION) that Martin weighted close to that 170 pounds mentioned in the LIBVERAL Chicago Tribune. Zimmerman, in contrast, seems to weigh between 170 and 175 pounds, and is between 5 feet 7 and f 5 feet nine in height. You may think that makes Zimmerman more SOLID> However, that is a double edged sword. Say Marin is pretty thin. Thin YOUNG men can be pretty strong. But Martin might be considered to be pretty thinn for his hieight, and therefore not to have that much LEVERAGE in a fight (such as a thin, tall basketball player being MUSCLED around by a more solidly built player). Doest that not mean that Martin should have been able to EASIY OUT-DISTANCE Zimmerman in any "pursuit"? And what abut that autopsy, and what seeems to be the LIKELY fact that Zimmerman was LOSING the fight? If Simmerman was likely to "win" a FAIRR gith,, does that not suggest that Zimmerman was ATTACKED unawares? What about that autopsy? WE know Zimmerman had injuries, including to the back of his head.--not really serioius injuries, but obviious injuries. What if the Martin autopsy showed essentially NO injury? It would be hard to believe that Zimmerman precipitated the fight.

I have given you the "worst case scenario, where Zimmerman somehow grabbed or moved in a threatening manner toward Marin in a wlay to precipitate the fight. That may not matter under the new Florida "stand your goround" law. Maybe Zimmerman can defend himself anyway, with deadly force. lBut even under what generally IS the law, and SHULD be the law, Zimmerman is in a good positoin if he were walking AWAY from Martin, back to his vehicle (as he is asserting), and Martin ATTACKED him from behind. Then it would be ZIMMERMAN 9best case scenario for Zimmerman) who "groke off" any confrontation, and Marttin who INSTIGATED the fight. This idea would be SUPPORTED by Martin's age and physique, IF Martin were tal and slender. Martin SHOULD have been able to RUN AWAY from Zimmerman (if he so desired). And maybe Martin SHOULD have been at a DISADVANTAE in a FAIR fight. All of that would TEND to support what Zimmerman says happened.

But we shoululd have FACTS. The FACTS of the injuries suffered by BOTH Zimmerman and Martin should be NOT a "matter of opinion". And the police HAD essentailly those facts at the time it was decided not to charge Zimmeramna.

Nope. The media has NO RIGHT (morally, or in journalism", as distinct from a Constitutional right), to SPECULLATE on these things. They shuld WAIT for the facts. Sure, they can REPORT what teh Martin family lawyer says, and what other INTERESTED peoople say. But the media hhas NO BUSINESS SPECUALINTG on who is right and whoois wrong, especailly when the FACTS exist--it being just a matter of WHEN those facts come out.

I find it vastly disturbing that even the most basic facts are distorted in this case, including by that OLD picture of a KID (because Martin was a kid when the picture was taken). This is not just amateter of RACISM by the media (although that exists). It is a matter of an EVIL approach to ALL of these cases, where the media is NOT INTRESTED in actual facts, but only in OPINION (even when they are supposedly reporting "straight" news). No one should have any OPINION abut the Zimmerman/Martin case until the FACTS are there. Otherwise, you are basing your opinion on SPECULATION (not to mentino outright media LIES, like the NBC lie about Zimmerman ephasizing Martin "looks balck", and the media LIE that Zimmerman said "coons" under his breath)

No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). No. I don't really have a picture of what Martin REALLYL looked like. Neither do you, if you are basing that picture on media coverage. I do know that the media "storyline' of Zimmerman shooting an OBVIUS "kid" was a distortin from the start.


Jermote said...

I think Zimmerman is like 225 lbs. Definitely not a skinny guy.

Skip said...

I feel like crying when I read comments like this, which miss the whole point. IF Zimmerman wieghed 225 lbs (he LEFTIST Chicago Tribune has him at 175), at 5 feet, 9 inches tall, he would hav to ROLL after a YOUNG MAN like Trayvon Martin (6 feet and more thall). That would again indicate that Martin should EASILY have been able to avoid Zimmerman, if that was what he wanted. But that is not the pont--the main point--either.

The main poiint is that this tuff (height and weight) is NOT a matter of OPINION. I don't care what ANYONE'S "opinion" is as to either the weight of Zimmerman OR whether (for example)) he said "f--ing coons". Zimmerman weighs what he weighs, and Martin weighed wkhat he weighed. Your OINION does not change the facts, whatever they are, and if yu thing yur OPINON MATAAAAATERS, then yu should apply to work at the despicable CNN or the AP or whatever wother media outlet yu prefer to IGNORE FACATS at. aNope. It does not make it a matter of opinon whether Zimmerman said "foo---ing coosn" that yu can't really tell what he said. Zimmerman still said what he said, and you can't MAKE UP WHAT HE SAID jsut because you have an AGENDA. If what Zimmmerman said is too distorted to make it out, then there is only one FACT: We DON'T KNOW what he said. And it is WILDLY UNLIKELY that he said "f----ing coons". This blog has gone so far as to say that is eesetntiallly IMPOSSIBLE, because NO ONE says that (especialy as theiri 'racial slur" of choice in "pursuit".

No. It is a BAD thing to regard these things as a matter of opinion. They ar NOT The really bad thing is that the MEDIA is treating them as matters of opin. As this blog has repeeatedly said: It is too bad the media no longer has the higher standards of YELLOW JOURNALISM, and the days of William Randolph Hearst ("yu provide the pictures, and I will provide the war")/

bilcccc said...

well now i don't have to worry about a six foot two kid beating me up. this one anyway. size means nothing if you have a gun so have a gun I'm sure if this kid had a gun he would of shot zimmerman in the back. This would never had happened if this kid would have been put away for a long time after his first crime at last he would be alive I am sure before all this is over his parents will try to sue the city of stanford fl. that is all they want anyway

Zach said...

It's interesting that you keep referring to "the media" as if it's a single organization with a single agenda. The truth is that you, Maverick Conservative, are the media as well, and you are participating in the kind of speculation without all of the facts that you denigrate.

Tee Bone said...

Just look up the autopsy.

5'11" 158


Tee Bone said...

I believe the audio experts when they say it was "Punks" because that's what I heard from the beginning.

But I also believe them when they say the screams aren't Zimmermans. That's what I also believe from the beginning.

Benjamin Land said...

A persons physicality does not pose an advantage or disadvantage in a physical confrontation. It sickens me when bloggers hide their racist beliefes by saying Travon hight and weight gave him the advantage. What about Zimmermans age. Zimmerman was more than 7years older than travon. He should have the scenic to have stood down when he was told to. Zimmerman was not physically threatend by travon.

wow said...

Thank you Tee Bone -- height/weight were and always will be 5'11"/158 lbs, there's NO ROOM FOR ARGUMENT HERE. Also, even if Trayvon Martin had been 6'5" and 280 lbs, Zimmerman, a 28-year old at the time (more than ten years Trayvon's senior) BROUGHT A GUN to a confrontation with a person he knew nothing about -- his racist motivations are clear. Had he not brought the gun to the confrontation, he may or may have not been beaten up. Because he brought the gun, a KID is dead. That's all there is to it. Zimmerman we in the wrong in bringing the gun in the first place, and should be in jail for life for taking the life of an innocent kid (and yes he was a kid -- 17 is still a minor, that is also not a matter of opinion).

snedelton said...

There are two points in all confrontations, the verbal abuse and the final, the physical confrontation. If Zimmerman guessed the age of the younger guy, he probably said something provocative and Martin probably responded. Due to the previous problems in the neighborhood, it is possible Zimmerman tried to order Martin out of the area. A smart young guy would have just countered, verbally, and the quarrel would have continued for a few moments and then stopped. Smart people try to avoid fights. Fights are for the boxing ring—for Alis and Marcianos, not for Martins and Zimmermans.
Seventeen years old guys love to fight, it is man’s nature. Martin didn’t find Zimmerman much of an opponent and wanted to prove his point. If he attacked Zimmerman from behind, Zimmerman had the right to shoot him in self-defense. There was no time to find out who was armed and who was not armed. It was too late for that. Besides, he was losing the fight. It is also obvious that Zimmerman did not wish to kill Martin, not at first, anyway.
However, it is also very true that Zimmerman tried to act as a policeman, maybe even God, and failed miserably. He killed a man. Most cops are trained to avoid all physical confrontations. A few friendly words from Zimmerman might have placated Martin. Being considerably older than Martin, Zimmerman should have known better. Much better. And, in that sense, Zimmerman might be partly guilty but no one knows for sure.
The point is, no one knows why the fight began—the details. There are people who just love to fight, especially the young strong guys. Could be Martin was in a bad mood already, all he needed was a Zimmerman. A single word from anyone around could have angered him sufficiently to start a fight. And so, we don’t know all the facts. Racial issues happen only when both parties act disrespectfully or, among hooligans.
All good people are all-color-blind.