Monday, April 16, 2012

President Obama and Bill Maher: Is Obama a Sexist and Anti-Christian Bigot, Like Supporter Maher?

You will remember that Hillary Rosen APOLOGIZED for her disgraceful, sexist remark about Ann Romney: "She has never worked a day in her life": a remark whihc virtually dismisssed MOST of the female sex as WORTHLESS for the several HUNDRED years before LEFTIST "feminism" began to take hold in about 1970. You will remember that Hillary Rosen was a Democratic Party STRATEGIST, paid soome $120,000 by the DNC, who was a REGULAR visitor at the White House 9ven as Obama and Democrats tried to portray her as one of those typically LOUSY, stupid CNN EMPLOYEES).

Wel, AFTER Hillary Rosen apologizerd, Bill Maher--on his HBO program on Friday--DOUBLED DOWN on leftist Democrat SEXISM. This is what Maher said--which has the distinciton of being MORE OFFESNIVE than what Rosen said: "The pont is not that Ann Romney did not 'work', in the sense that it is not work to raise a family. The pont is that An Romney did not GET HER ASS out of the house for all of those years (talk about CLUELESS--editorial comment on Bill Maher). She did not rag herself out of bed at 7 in the morning, and have to deal with a boss and the hassles of a job outside of the house " "Clueless" is actualy a KKIND word for a man TIHIS HOELESSLY SEXIST. Does Bill Maher have any CLUE as to waht a motaher does to raise FVIVE sons? Not a chance. Has BILL MAHER "dragged his ass out of the bed at 7 A. M., as a regular thing, hving to deal with a "boos" and the rat race of a "rel" job? Don't make me laugh--as the BITTER, SSEXIST, ANTI-CHRISTIAN MaHer never has made me laugh. This may take the cake as one of the most SEXIST, not to mention CLASS WARFARE, remarks I have vever heard. Ype. I did hear it, in a CLP (since I don't have the time to waste, or the money to waste, subscribing to HBO so as to listen to Bill Maher).

You will remember, again, that Maher is the person so "sensitive" to women that he has referred to Sarah Palin as a c----, and has used similar terms to refer to CONSERVATIVE women.

What does Bill Maher have to do with President Obgama? Bill Maher gave 1 MILLION dolalars as a contribution to President Obama's re-election. Yes, this was to President Obama's "Super-PAC, but no one has any question that Presdient Obama culd ahve FORCED his SPER-PAC to REFUSE the money One way or another). Rush Limbauh does NOT have any such connectin to the GOP--not even giving a milion dollars--which yu wuld have heard about if the did. In other words, Bill Maher has MORE connectin with President Obama than Rush Limbuah has ever had with Mitt Romney. Yet, the HYPOCRITES (worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four) of CNN , and the rest of the mainstream media, were willing to say that Limbaugh caling ONE woman a "slult" was enough to conclude that the GOP has a "war against women".

Does Bill Maher prove that President Obama and the Democrats have a WAR AGAINST WOMEN--not to mentin a WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANS? Well, Maher is certainly both seixst and anti-Christian. He obviously thinks Obama fits right in with his views. AndMaher is at least as much evidence of an OBAMAN/DEMOCRAT war agaisnt women--taken along with Hilary Rosen's coments and CNN's defense of those comments--as Rush Limbuahg's commetns relate to the GOP. Actually, Limbauhg has LITTLE connectin with the GOP, and LESS with Romney (as Limbuagh was acccused of pretty mcuh attackng Romeny during the nomination process). Nope. Bill Maher and Hillary Rosen are MORE "representative" of President Obama than Rush Limbaugh is of the GOP.

From what I can tel, this is realy the OFFICIAL postion of teh Democratic Party and the left (incuding the leftist media): Ann Romney may have had to "wrok" as a mother, but she did not realy have to "drag hersefl' to some dead end job like REAL women (you know, lke Hillary Rosen, Soledad O'Brien (with a WALL STREET-type husband), Carol Costello, Suzane Malveaux, Andrea Mitchell (married to Alan Grenspan), and all of those "real" women of the MEDIA who struggle with a "real" job every day that uts htem in touch with teh ordinary, struggling woman out there). Yep. Bill Maher has, in essence, said HE is one of those "ordinary womn", like the MEDIA WOMEN "cirticizeing An n Romeny as not having any basis to talk about the economic problems of "real women. I agree that Bill Maher is a WOMAN--actually some inferiror creature not even rising to the level of even LEFTIST women. Otherwise, all these leftist women of the medai have again proven is that they are the worst, most SEXIST, hyhpocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four. Carol Costello and Suzanne Malveaux, for example, do not even ahve children. By their own standrads, wat bsiness do THEY have even ccommenting on An Romneyh, or ANY woamn tyring to raise children?

I digress. Does Bill Maher PROVE that President Obama is SExIST and ANTI-CHRISITIAN? Not quite. Nevertheless it is true that Presdient Obam, like almost all leftists, IS sexist and anti-Christian.

By the way, if you don't believe that Bil Maher is ANTI-CHRISITAN, then there is no hope for your brain. It is mush. Or else you have never heard Maher talk about religion. I am an agnostic, but not Mahers's INTOLERANT, anti-Christian type of "agnostic".

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). Should I try to find some woman fool enough to marry me just to obtain a profreader? Nah!!!!!! Not nearly worth it. Now if someone out thre wannts to THROW MONEY AT ME--to pay me LOTS of cash to put out my stuff in a BETTER from--I might think abuot it. Nah!!!! STill not worth it. Better to PAY a proofreader, who can then calim to have held a "real" job if she ever later goes into politics.

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