Sunday, April 15, 2012

President Obama and Iran: Does Anyone Believe Our Liar-in-Chief, Even the Desppicable AP?

Let me quote TWO SEPARATE "news" headlines that were SIMULTANEOUSLY "feeatured" as "top stories" on Yahoo "News"--both from the despicable AP:

"Obama: U.S. has given nno "freebies" to Iran"

"Obama: U.S. has not given anything away to Iran"

Then read my previous article about Fareeed Zakaria and CNN saying that Obama, in dealing with Iran, faces a "formidable foe" in the GOP.

Me thinks that Obama and his media apologists doth portest too mcuch. You might remember similar statements by the Obama Administration and Bailout Ben Bernanke that NO U. S. money was gong into a Europe bailout. NO ONE--including CNBC, an Obama-favoring network and proponent of everyin bailout in sight--believed that one, or believes it today (that U.S./Fed monetary commitmentts did not figure into the European bank bailouts that have already occurred).

The Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press (complete, official name) obviously does not think AnYONE beieves Presdient Obama when he says tings like the--for good reason. And Yaho "News" thought we needed to be told TWICE that Obama was saying that he was not giving away the store to Iran, as he did with North Korea (only to have to CANCEL the "deal" when North Korea disregarded its "commitment" within weeks).

Of course, what Obama says is demonstrably FALSE. No, I am not talknig abut "freebies", although I would not guarantee that we are not talking aoubt those. The U.S. has GIVEN Iran waht it wants most: TIME. Iran has merely "agreed" to TALKS, without taking any ACTION . In "exchange" (for nothing), the U.S., and the Western World, have RELAXED the PRESSURE on Iran. I know. Obama denies this. But it has to be true. You don't go into mre 'talks" with great fanfare unless you are ono longer concentrating on putting mmaximum PRESSURE on Iran. If yuo were not going to let up on the pressure some--at least on applying MORE pressure--you would make a point of PUSHING that MESSAGE. Instead, the only "message" taht has been pushed is this "breakthrough" that Iran has "agreed" to talks about its nuclear program.

This is a STALL. What Iran wants to do is gain TIME to develop nuclear weapons. It hopes to BUUY as much TIMNE as it can with the mere "agreement" to engaege in TALKS. It is Iran which is giving up no 'freebies". The United States, nn the other hand, and the rest of the world, are giving Iran what it desires most: TIME. No military action. No INCRFEASED sancitnos. And Obama can SAY all he wants that increased sanctions are scheduled for June (or whenever), and that thesewe talks are not delaying those sanctions. But it is NOT TRUE> Even if the U.S. were willing to stick to that (as I don't think Obama is--as I think Fareed Zakaria knows him as well as I do), OTHER COUNTRIES don't think that way.

Nope. Iran has been GIVEN time . No, we shouuld not even be delaying AT AALL the imposiin of these increased sanctions. Military actions should be under active consideratin, in consultation with Israel . Every DELAY in INCREASDED sanctins and pressure makes ultimate military action MORE LIKELY. While we are "talking", Iran is proceeding full steam with tits nuclear weaopn program (not to menntion HIDING the facilities, as much as possible, so as to make any "insprections" or military action harder).

No. We are still just not taking Iran seriously enough. Iran with nuclear weaons, working in conjunctin with north Korea, is one of the most dangerous prospects this world hhas ever faced. And Obama is talking as if our (the peole out here who have LERNED not to believe him) main conern shuld be whether Obam ais giving FREE AID to Iran!!!!!! Talk about CLUELESS. I have not even gotten to the point of actually worring about North Korea-type free aid to Iran. I am still worrying abut President Obama, like Roman Emperor Nero, fiddling while Iran threatens to make the WORLD BURN.

P.S . No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). You say that President Bush did nto do any better with Iran and North Korea? I agree wiht yu. Iran and North Korea were Presdient Bush's major FOREIGN POLICY FAILURES. That does not excuse Obama from compounding the same FAILURES, as Iran gets closer and closer to having nuclear weapons (3 months? 6 months? A year?--almost no one gives us more than a year, and we certainlly can't depend on more than a year). TIME is the most precius thing we have, and we are giving it FREE to Iran.

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