Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Muslims and Our Anti-American Media

Read the previous article posted on this blog. Be honest. How many of you thoiught I was beng too HARSH on the American mainstream media? If so, you are not a regular reader of this blgo. This blog has PROVEn that I am being too KIND to the ANTI-AMERICAN members of the U.Ss. media. These are people wo BLIEVE verythign ANY Muslim extremist says, so long as it is ANTI-AMERICAN. These (our maisntream media) are some of teh most dishoenst, incomopetent anti-American peole who have ever lieved. They are eVIL people spreading EVIL. Dubt me? Never, ever, do that. Consider this present headline, NOW featured by the truly despicable lpeole of Yahoo "News", frm the Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press (complete, official name):

U.S. Muslim: I was tortured at the FBI's behest in the UAE" (the UAE, by the way, is the "United ArabEmirates", or sometign like that--a U>S ALLY that the anti-American Associated Press is williing to TRASH based on the unsupported word of a person who obviously HATES the USA--something which is not changed by the assertion taht he is a U>S. Muslim. The al-Qaida leader taht Obama TRAGETED in Yemen was a U.S. Muslim. Message to you peole of the AP, and to ANY(ONE who works for these truly EVIL peole: My cntempt for you groes everly singele day, and I would have thought that was impossible. Do I have more contempt for you that I had for bin Laden? Yes, Id do: not because you are "wrose" tahn bin Laden, but because you have LESS EXCUSE> You peole of the AP, and of teh mainstream media, are some of the worsrt people who hav ever liveed: fast closing the gap with serial killers, mass murderers and teroorists.

IMPEACH PRESIEDENT OBAMA. Again, read the previous article. No, I don't believe Presdient Obama should be impeached. But taht his the kind of headline that the AP would have if this kind of thing had been ALLEGED about the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. "Skip. How do you know that this did not arise out of the Bush Administration?" Actually, I don't. I jsut assumed so, on the gournds that even the DESPICABLE AP woulduld not go back FOUR YERS for this NOTHING story. If you think I am going to READ this anti-American DRIVEL from the despicagble AP, you are nnuts. But I ahave to assume this was RECENT drivel. Exactly WHAT makes the mere ACCUSATION of ONE U.S Muslim worthy of a FEATURED hedline? I am serious. This is absurd.

Doubt me? Please. lYOu must have learned by now. Juanita Broderick ACCUSED Bill Clinton of RAPE. The despicable, aP, and our mainstream media, paid almsot no attrtention. Yes. I think the media was actauly right about that. But look at how much MORE credible Juanita Broderick was than this lone U.S. Muslim. Thbere is ONE, and ONLY ONE, explanation for this hedline: ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDA. The American maisntream media "storyline" is that the USA is ANTI-MUSLIM, and the media LOOKS for cahnces to ADVANCE that "storylien". For have I am talking about, agian, see the late Michael Crichton's "Airframe". It does nto mater to the deespicable AP whether this is realy "news", or jsut RUMOR and PROPAGANDA. It fits tehe mainstream meida "storyline", and that is all that matter.s. Nope. This is NOT a "news" story. It hardly even qualifies as PROPAGANDA. it is mainly BACK FENCE GOSSIP. As this blog has shown reppeeatedly , "yellow journnalists", at their worst, were bettrer (more ETHICAL) thatn almost all "modern" journalists: certainly than the despicable "journalists" of the AP. I will remind you that this blog conducted a SODOM AND GOMORRAH search--fro at least 8 years--for an honest, competent AP reporter who is NOT anti-Aemrican. No such creature was found to exist. And how ca the mainstream media BLAME Presdient Bush for this kind of thing, and not Presdient Obama? Well, you already know that these are the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four. Maybe, of course, the AP is TRUNIGN on Presdient Obam, knowing that he is gong to LOSE the next electin. Nah!!!!! Not possible. My own explanation is right, as usual.

Is a NORMAL interrogation in the UAE the kind of thing that we might consider "torture"? Maybe. Maybe not. I rfuse to LIBEL the UAEW without real EVIDENCE. But look at how BAD this headline/story really is. For it to even have a PRETENSE of accuracy, you have to have EVIDENCE that the UAE committed torutre on this ONE U.S. Muslim. Then, you have to believe that the TORTURE wwas at the BEHEST of teh FBI 9somethnbing that even the lone Msulim has NO WAY of knowing, even if he is otherwise hones and accuragte). This is abusrd. The despicable AP, and our mainstream media, keep getting WORSE, when even I would have thought it impossible. These (AP people) are TERRIBLE PEOLE. Nope. I do NOT give a pass to either Yahoo or AT&T (both 'proudly" putting their names at the top of this "wlcome" page of "top stories'). BOYCOTTT YAHOO AND A%T&T.

AS I implied--basically stated--in the previous blog article, I don't even have the wrods to express my CONTEMPT for the AP, and "our" entire mainstream emedia. Maybe I will find them some day. I will keep trying.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). It amuses me taht some peole are still trying to dismiss this blog because of POOR SPELLING, which is realy POOR TYPING (combined with my eyesight making ti way too much trouble to even tlry to use 'slpell check". People keep trying that, despite this P.S. at the end of almsost every article. I don't think SOME of the peole out threre READ as well as I do, and I no longer can really READ at all. If you don't like the fact that this blog takes a lot of patience to read, and a lot of toerance of the TOTAL lack of proofreading, then don't read the blog. But if you think this affects the SUBSTANCE of what is said, or at leasast tried to be said, then ou shuld apply at the desicable AP. You will RAISE their standards. At least you will have had SOME exposure to this blgo.

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