Saturday, April 21, 2012

Journalists: Are Modern Journalists the Worst People Who Have Ever Livede? (AP Passes Sodom and Gomorrah)

Everyone who reads this blgo knows abut my futile Sodom and Gomorrah search (for which I will never forgive Him--my punishment for being an agnostic) for an honest, competent Associated Press reporter. For almost a decade, I searched, without even coming close to fnding such a crature.  During that period, before I was FINALLY relived of tutile assignment, this blog DOCUMENTED the "journalistic" crimes and immorality of the despicable AP more than ANY oother person or entity on this Earth.  You can say that I wam the world's greatest expert on the "journalistic crimes and immorality of the despicable AP.  And it is now official (my "anonymous source" is the HIGHEST person "familiar with the investigation)"):  The AP  has PASSED Sodom and Gomorrah as the STANDARD for immoratliy.

No. In honesty, I can't quite say that the AP , and modern "journalists" in general, are quite the WORST people who have ever lived.  There are Hitler, Stalin, mass murderers, serial killerrs, terrorists,, and the like. But the gap keeps closing, as the AP, and modern "journalists", keep gettin gWORSE (impossible as that is to beieve).   It is especially bad because new outlets like Yahoo and AOL now slpread the EVIL of these "jourrnalists" wh o I am assured (anonymous source again) would have been EXPELLED from Sodom and Grommorah as too UNSAVORTY for the places. 

"Neighborhood watch volunteer urged to leave Fla., and to avoid public, after he's freed on bond."

"Hispanic urged to leave Fla. after he is freed on bail"

Man with a Muslim and poluygamist ancestry, who once attented a Muslim school in Indonesia,, runs for Presdietn of the United Staets"

Only ONE of the above headlines is FEATURED as one of the "top storeis" on Yahoo "News" right now.  Sure, you know which that is, because of AGENDA.  Bu they are all equally as bad. In fact, the AP HAS PREVIOUSLY published the third one, so long as lyou change the name to Mitt Romney, and the religion to "Mormon". 

Nope.  I do NOT concede I am making too much of this.  I may be making too little  If you don't understand, then I am clearly making too little, because you are getting TOO  USED to this EVIL INCOMPETENCE.

Why "Neitlhborhood watch vountteer?"   Does that even TELL you who the story is about?  Thre are LOTS of "neighborhodd watch voluntters".  Talk abut GUILT BY ASSOCIATION ( which the modern "journalist" AUTOMATICALLLY aserts, UNLESS it conflicts with his or her AGENDA)!!!!!  Are ALL "neighborhood watch volunteers" tainted by what happened with George Zimmerman? If not, WHAT is the purpose of this EVIL INCOMPETENCE--trying, I think, to SMEAR both George Zimmerman and "neighborhood watch volunteers" at teh same time?

What is wrong with referring to "George Zimmrman" int he headline?  That is FACTuAL, and does not throw "agenda" in to it.  It is COMOPETENT, in that you don't leave the reader hainving to FIGURE OUT who in the Hell you are talking aobut.  But those are the very reasons the FACTUAL, neutral, headline is not used.  The modern "journalist" is not interested in providing INFORMATIN.  See, again, Michael Crichton's definitive novel, "Airframe". 

Nope.  My anonymous Source is right:  The desicable AP, and modern "journalists" in general, have PASSED Sodom and Gomorrah. And nope, I am not being like the modern "juurnalist" in  asserting "guilt by association" here.  I have found NO EXCPETION.  This is not a case of trying to use one example to condmen all "journalists".  For TEN YEARS, and mroe, this has been the FOCUS of this blog.  Sure, despite my Sodom and Gomorrah search for exactly this reason, it is POSSIBLE that there are exceptins.  But the RULE is obvius, and the exceptions (if they exist) only PROVE that rule. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad  eyesight, which makes even use of "spell check" an agonizing chore). 

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