Tuesday, April 10, 2012

George Zimmerman and the Prosecutor (Coward?): Zimmerman to Be Charged

This blog has already predicted taht George Zimmerman will be charged with some sort of homicide, but for the WRONG reason.

I heard the womn special prosecutor yesterday and it only confirmed this blog's predictoin. She talked abut "justice for Trayvon Martn and his family". The despicable media, of course, might have left it out, but I heard nothing about "justice" for George Zimmerman.

What the media DID do was LIE about "courage". The media kept talkng about the "courage" of the woman whio "took responsibbility" for the decision, and did ot "push it off" on a grand jury. HOGWASH (and I say that as a perosn who was a Tezxas lawyer for 30 years).

"Courage" would be to NOT CHARGE George Zimmerman. Notice I am not saying that would be the correct decison. I am jsut saying it will take NO COURAGE to charge George Zimmerman. In onctrast, it would take MORE COURAGE than almost anyone has NOT TO CHARGE George Zimmerman with some sort of crime.

That is why this blog PREDICTAED that George Zimmerman would be charged with some sort of homicide BEFORE this announcement that there would be no grand jury. Even this morning, there was a report of a POLICE CAR , in thre Martin neighborhood, being SHOT full of bullet holes (a care just left there for show, with no police in it). Do you really think that a prosecutor has the COURAGE bo be "resposnbile" for a RACE RIOT, and to be likley VILLIFIED by the MEDIA? I don't think a person with that kind of courage exists. That proably means that this refusal to take the case to a grand jury is an act of COWARDICE. There was always a ossibliity that a grand jury would refuse to indict. I don't think the authorities DARED to risk that result. This is NOT a case of the "special prosecutor" "taking responsibility" for WHATEVER decisin she feels she should make. It is a case, I am convinced, of the speical prosecutor REUSING to RISK "responsibility" for NOT CHARGING GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Yep. I belive that the "fix is in".

Agina, I don't know whehter George Zimmerman "should" be hcared with some sort of hhomicide or not . I do know, however, that he WILL be charged with some sort of homicide (assuming this blog is correct, as I almsot always am) for the WRONG REASON: that the authorities jsut don't dARE do anything else.

Yep. I AM telling you that George Zimmerman is getting RAILROADED here. The RESULT may, or may not, be correct. The PROCESS was produced by a lynch mob. Could the womn special prosecutor really BELIEVE that the result hse reaches is the right one? Of course she meihgt believe that. But that is irreleevant, ans something we lhave NO WAY of knowing. Indeed, SHE may not know herself. The PRESSURE to CHARGE Zimmerman is simpy irresistable. That is hwy this blog predicted he would be charged weeks ago.

Maybe the FACTS will ultimately show that the decision to "charge" Zimmerman was CLER CUT--a decision upon whihc reasonable minds could not disagree. I tend to think that will not be the case, but I hope I am wrong. I hope I am wrong, because otherwise George Zimmerman has become a VICTIM of a LYNCH MOB, rather than a eprson who haS realy received "justice". Sure, the will receive a CIRCUS tril, but even that will be DISTORTED by ENORMOUS publicit: much more publicity than that which caused the United States Supreme Court to REVERSE the mruder conviction of the man who inspired "The Fugitive" (remember Richard Kimble and the "one-armed man")?

P.s. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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