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Race, The Dick Van Dyke Show and CNN: Race and 50 Years of No Progress, According to the Racist Network

CNN's obsession with RACE in this country--along with the rest of the mainstream media, and racial "politicians" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton--is one of the most uNHELTHY things I hhave ever seen. It represents a continuing attempt to incite racial divison and hatred in this country by sending out the "message" that this country is all about racism and racial oppressoin--even as we have a black Presdient. This has recently been expanded, of course, with the MANUFACTURED idea that the GOP (and conservatives) are conducting a "war agaisnt women". The idea, of course, is to USE women to get Obama re-elected: the overriding mainstream media agaenda here, although this stranage and unhelthy obsession with RACE goes way beyond that. It is almost a clinical mental disease. What else can you call it when CNN makes such a ont about "Kids on Race", and basically suggests POUNDING CNN's ideas on race into children (when what is really needed is for children to SEE that we have gotten BEYOND RACE, so that we don't need to CONSTANTLY talk about it). Doubt me? Never, ever do that.

Segue to The Dick Van Dyke Show (overall TV show rating: 100 out of 100), in the early 1960s. I have recently been watching (rewatching, to a large degree, as Isaw most of the shows when they were originally aired) the repeat of the showson TV Land. Yesterday, the episode was shown where Laura and Robert Petrie both stick their hands into a pot of BLACK DYE, on an evening that Rob is scheduled to accept an award for the Alan Brady show from the COMMITTEE ON INTERRACIAL UNDERSTANDING.. Thinking that the audience would be OVERSENSITIVE about race, and a possible racial insult, Rob and Laura WORE GLOVES. In other words, Rob and Laura were worried that they wuld be facing people who think like CNN and our mainstream media think, some FIFTY YEARS LATER.

You shuld be able to guess the ending, unless lyou reguarly watch CNN and think that the ending was about how we need a constant "conversation" about RACE in orderr to "promote" (lol) racial "understanding" (while really promoting racial hatred and misunderstanding). Nope. That was not really the ending The ending was that Rob and Laura TOOK OFF THEIR GLOVES, and found out how STUPID they wre to have been so oworried about the audience reaction and possible sensitifity. No Al Sharpton or Anderson Cooper LECTURE on how RACE needs to be the obsession of us all. Guess what Rob said, after this, as he was accepting the award? He said something like this: "I am hapy to accept this award on behalf of the Alan Brady show, but I hope that we will reach a ponit when awards like this are not given, because racial understanding wil be taken for granted, rather than an award being given for promoting it."

That was FIFTY YEARS ago. At aboutt he same time--a few years AFTER this--there was a "controversy" (even letters in TV Guide about Str Trek "oing too far') when William Shatner was FORCED to KISS his BLACK communications oficer on an episode of "Star Trek". We now have a black President. You would think taht Rob Petrie's wish has been granted, and that we are now ready to move BEYOND RACE. But Rob Petrie never encountered the RECISTS (concentratng on skin color) of CNN, or the cynical racial politics of 50 years later. How can be possibly--"we" meaning our media and other leftists--be so OBSESSED with RACE 50 years after this Dick Van Dyke episode aired.

No. That is the pont. Our society is NOT as racist now as it was at the time of this episode of The Dick Van Dyke show. It is not even close. In fac, our society is not racist at all now. "But, Skip, there are still racists around." That is exactly what my Boston resident older daughter todld me. SO WAHT? There wil probably always be "racists" around, and the MAIN racists are at cNN, on elsewhere on the left: OBSESSED with skin color DEFINING people. We were told--Barack Obama told us himself--that Brack Obama woululd help lead us BEYOND RACE. Instead, CNN and the rest are CONCENTRATING on race more than ever before. One incident (the Trayvn Martin/Zimmerman congrontatin between a black youth and an Hispanic) has been used to DEFINE PRESENT DAY AMERICA as a place where "racial understanding" is as far away as it was 50 years ago. Hogwash. These --CNN, the rest of the leftist media, and the rest of the left--are EVIL people SPREADING EVIL. It is time to get BEYOND RACE, and deal with individuals as if they were alll the same color (skin color being IRRLEVANT: a mere surce thing which does nnot change that the "blood" of every American is RED, in air).

Could a modern sitcom even DO an episode like this Dick Van Dyke show episode today, without major "controversy" and "discussion" (which did NOT occur with the original program)? I doubt it. Certainly, all it would take would be for ONE person to be "offfending" by the episode, and CNN, along with the rest of the mainstream media, would be spreading the "controversy" all over the air waves, talkng aobut how it might inspire more "needed" "conversation" abut RACE. Hogwash again. That is not to mention, of course, that no modern sitcom could do the episode so WELL. But that is because modern comedy is into "grossness", and "edge" (not REAL "edge", which you could say about this 50 year old episode, or about the Star Trek episode, but abut the "edge" of foul mouths and "in your face" "humor").

I really was depressed, after seeing this 50 year old program (which, truly, could cause a "stir" TODAY, sad as that is to say). Why was I depressed? It just staggered me as to how the peolle of CNN, and people on the left who think like th epeole of CNN, are STUCK in this OBSESSION on RACE, as if it were still 50 years ago. And I am depressed how many BLACK PEOPLE are being HURT by this. Barack Obama actually sold himself as a black person beyond this leftist focus on himself as a "victim" of white oppression. Taht was probably the BEST thing about BarackObama, but--like so much else--it turned out to be FALSE. Even if Obama himself and WNTED it to be true, CNN and the rest of the left would not LET him get beyond race, and still won't. Sad. Really sad. You should be able to see why I was depressed.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Even Turner Classic Movies goes overboard, TODAY, as to how "terrible" it was that white entertainters used to apppear in "black face"--probably the inspiration for The Dick Van Dyke show episode. "Skip, that was obviusly racist and insulting.' So it was, but was it really a major substantive part of the "problem"--really that big a deal? Nope. It was a SYMPTOM of the underlying racial discrimination in the country, and not a major problemin and of itself. Nope. That kind of 'insensitivity" did NOT really contirbute to keeping black peole "subjugated". It is the other way around. The attitudes that kept black people subjugated contributed to entertainers putting on "black face". Real black entertainers were rising at the same time, and would quckly drive out the "black face" white "imitations". As much as anything else, this would really spell the END of racism in America as a major force, except at CNN, and for the rest of the left. How can yu stay 'racist" if you LOVE "The Platters", or all of the rest of the black entertainers? How could you stay RACIST, if you were ROOTING for black basketball players at Texas Western, as I was at New Mexico State University not long after this Dick Van Dyke show episode aired the first time? How can you ROOT for Jackie Robinson,m Hank Aaron, and all of the rest, and sstay fully RACIST? I don't think you can. Sure, you can TRY to "pigeon hole" blakcs in very limited roles, but--in the end--it does not work. "Black face"---irritating as it surely was to balkc people, and maybe not all of them--never really stood a chance at holding back real balck people. The main forces, again, holding back black people NOW are on the left: at CNN and the rest of the mainstream media, and among those peole who want to USE racecontinuously to promote their own POLITICAL AGENDA> If you want to turn our society into a "spoils system" for particulr GROUPS that reciprocate for the BRIBES by voting for you--such as Obama has tried ot BRIBE women with "free" contraception--they you are tying to DIVIDE people along racial lines, and along other GROUP lines. The alternative is to treat people as INDIVIDUALS who are NOT "defined" by thier "membership" (ficitonal, in the case of race) in particular groups. Rob Petrie was right: We will truly have advanced as a socieyt when CNN is doing NO programs on "race", because we are beyond obsession with such an irrelevancy. Unfortunately, peoople like those at CNN are doing their best to make sure that day never comes.

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