Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chicago Cubs: The Maverick Conservative Now Porjects Cubs Have LOST Bid for First World Title Since 1908 (Projections Based on Computer Analysis of Sample Games, Pre-Season Polls, and Other Factors--Including History).

Exclusive:;Cubs Losse!!!!  Cubs Lose!!!!!   Cubs Lose!!!!

The Maverick Conservativew, a media source respected above all "ordinary media' sources, wiht a 99.9% accuracy rating, has ow officialyy projected that the hapless Chicago Cubs have LSOT their bid for their first world championship since 1908.  Based on sample games, pre-season polls, and  expert computer analysis (from the brain of The Maverick Conservative blog author), The Maverick Conservative can now WITHO CONFIDENCE (living up to the 99.9% accuracy rating), project that the Chicago Cubs will NOT make the National Leagure playoofs for 2012, and, therefore, have been eliminated from  any channce of becoming world champions of baseball.  This marks, approximately, the 104th consecutive time tahhat the Cubs have FAILED to be world champinos--probably the worst example of failure in the history of sports.  Even failures like President Obama and Bailout Ben Bernanke can probably look to the Cubs for consolation by considering the Cubs, and long-suffering Bus' fans.

Hackerf Boy (hacking into this disgraceful blog in the interest of truth, justice and te Ameerican way, despite Skip's attempted  intimidation withh those ridiculous allegaitins that I am Piers Morgan, or some other person who learned hacking as an empoloyee of the parent company of Fox News--what Skip insists on calling the "unfair and unbalanced network").:  "Skip, you keep getting worse.  You call 'journalists' the wrost people who ever lived, and you keep doing things like this.  Sure, the Cubs are likely not to make the playoffs. But there is always HOPE.  The season has just begun.  Don't you think you are ICKING oON Cubs fans, jsut because you are a St. Luis Cardinal fan still ANTRY that Harey Carecy, who you have admitted to listening to as a CARDINAL broadcaster as a kid in Arkansas, moved to his proper position as announcer for the Cubs." 

Skip:  Hacker Boy, as usual, is partly right. I have always been angry about Harry "Holy Cow" Carey deserting the Cardinals for our hated rivals. But my personal bias NEVER enters into the FACTUAL conclusions of this blog.  This blogs's determination that the Cubs have LOST their bid for the 21012 playoffs is MORE accurate than the usual mainstream media "projectin" on a political racde.  It is true that the Cubs are still "mathematically" alive in the race, if barely, but it is clear that they have already LOST.  Yes, even though I used up all sympathy I was born with by age 12--and I will be 65 this July00I do feel a little BAD abbout destroying hope for Cubs fans.  I can't even imagine being a Cubs fan, like George Will.  Being a f"fan" of President Obama, or Bailout Ben Bernanke, has to be PARADISE in comparison. Seill, sensible people-like The Maverick Conservative--are St. Louis Cardinal fans..  You need to be a fan of a WINER, without having to be a fan of ththose obnoxiouis YANKEES (the Cardinals being the ONLY NL team to have really held their own with the Yankess, dating all of the way back to the 1930s.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  Sorry, Cub fans, this blog has to call them the way I see them, and this 'call" is AT LEAST as accurate as any network "call" on a political race on electin night. No, The Maverick Conservative is NOT "calling" the Central Division of the National League for teh Cardinals as the WINNER.  Still too early, evven though the Cardinals look good in a WEAK devision. The Maverick Conservatibvve cannot yet call the WINNER, but can call the LOSER, even with the high, conservative standards of this blog.

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