Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wolf Blitzer Is Not a Christian (ON The Nanti-Christian Network)

This is, of course, a follow up to Wolf Blitzer's "question" yestterday, on his CNN sho (which he HEAVVILY lpromoted, with th eFALSE idea that it is MPORTANT):  "Is Mitt Romney a Christian?"  That is the question that has caused the author of this blgo to BOYCOTT Wolf Blitzer, FOREVER, as he is an EviL person spreading EVIL.  See the past several lblog articles.  Wolf Blitzer is such a miserable excuse for a human being taht the blog author can no longer even, in good conscience, SURF any program upon which he is featured. 

What?  You say that ita is irrelevant that Wllf Blitzer is not a Christian, and how do I know?  I agree that it is irrelevant, to a large degree, but it is MORE relevant thatn the THEOLOGICAL question of whether a Mormon is a Christian.  CNN has been consistently ANTII-CHRISTIAN (unless lyou are a "CNN Christian", which can best be anaogized to Mrk Twain's satire of a "Cooper Indian", in his famous essay on the ersatz Indians in the fiction of James Fenimore Cooper). If CNN had more Christians on the network, maybe it would not be so BIGOTED.   CNN, and Blitzer, are not only BIGOTED against Christians who actually believe in their religion, but CNN is MORE BIGOTED (or at least acts like it is, which is the same thing) agasint MORMONS than the most bigoted evangelical Christian who ever lived. Now, of course, CNN is only BIGOTED this badly against GOP MORMONS, but that just means that Wolf Blitzer and CNN are HYPOCRITICAL BIGOTGS: willing to CONSCIIOUSLY PROMOTE BIOGTRY to push their political agenda. 

How do I know Wolf Blitzer is not a Christian? It is because I am not a Christian, and have LISTENED to hi (of and on) for DECADES.  The man is no more a Christian tahan I am.  I guarantee that to you..  I am more sure of that than I am that Barack Obama is not a Christian, and I am 99% sure f that (as Bill Maher and I--noted agnostics both--agreel).  It is no accident that Bill Maher finds a SYMPATHETIC audience on CNN.  Maher is the most INTOLERANT, anti-Christian biogt on this planet (ouside of Muslim extremists, who think that the only good Christian is a ddead Christian, and I am not so sure that Maher does nto think that way).

Nope.  I assure you taht Wolf Blitzer is not a Christian, and that is MORE relevant to whether Wolf Blitzer is a "glood"..........................................................sorrry, on the floor, laughing, once again....."journalist" than  the THEOLOGICAL question of whether a Mromn is a christian is relevant to whether Mitt Romney should be President.  And I think almost ALL Christians understand taht. It is only peole like Wol fBlitzer, and the rest of CNN, who are so BIGOTED that tthey theink that believing "Christians" are SO STUPID as to not understnad the counterporductive BIGOTRY that CNN is promoting. CNN is no freind of Christians. If CNN is TELLING Christians that Christians "should" have a problem with Mitt Romney, then you know it is because CNN is simply trying to USE Christians for its own purposes. How do you Christians out there like it that Wolf Blitzer thinks you are so STuPID taht he can SELL BIGOTRY to you (HIKCS that he thinks you are), so that you will not consider that Barack Obama is conducting a WAR ON CHRISTIANS (with the approval of CNN)..  How STUPID must Wolf Blitzsaer think Christians are to be convinced by RELIGION to votge agaisnt Mitt Romney, when NON-CHRISTIAN Obama has PROVEN he is as bad a President for Christians as it is possible to have?  As I have told blog readers, and is true, Christians would be WELL ADVISED to vote for an AGNOSTIC like me, rather than Barack Obama, even though I "admit" I amn nnot a Christian.  Esepcaily if yhou are a "believing" Christian, who takes his or her religoin seriusly (the very poelple Blitzer is trying to influence ith BIGOTRY), I wouuld ADVANCE the POLICY GOALS of Christians more than alomst any politican out there.  And that shoulld be the basis upon which CHRISTIANS should vote, along with ALL people:  Waht candidate will advance MY COUNTRY in the right direction on IMPORTANT POLICY ISSUES. That is exactly the questin htat Wolf Blitzer, and CNN, do not WANT "Christians" ,or anyone else, to ask.  Rather, the EVIL Blitzer thinks THIS is the questin you should be askng about Mitt Ropmney:  "Is a Mormon reallyl a Christian/"  Give me a break.  The main--Wold Blitzer--is one of the WORST, MOST DESPICABEL, BIGOTED people who has ever lived--again, with the possible exception of people like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, other mass murderers, serial killers, terrorists and the like. 

And=, never forget, Wolf Blitzer is not a Christian.  He lthinks you Christians are STUPID.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). I am still waiting for CNN to ASK Barack Obama whether he believes that the Bible contains the Word of God, and whether he really beleives that Darwin's Theory of Evolution FULLY explains HOW intelligent "homo sapiens" devleoped on this planet from NON-LIVING chemicals to one celled creatures to intelligent human beings.  What are OBAMA'S theological positons, other than his former apstors views of GOD DAMN AMERICA, and that the CIA is deliberately providing drugs to destroy black males in this country. Another CNN question to Obama, whihc will never be asked:  Do you really beliefve in the THEOLOGY of the CHURCH OF CHRIST, or wre lyou a member of REverend Wright's church jsut because you believed in REverend Wright?   Nope.  rpresident Obama is not a Christian, and neither or Wolf Blitzrer, or almost any of the other peole of CNN.  Antoher question CNN , or Sixty Minutes, will neve askBarack Obama, although Sixty Minutes actually ASKED Mitt Romney whether he had engaged in PREMARITAL SEX: "Mrr. President, do you agree with the Bible that premaritlal sex is a sin."  Piers Morgan, of couse, asked Rick Santroum the DISGRACEFUL question:  "Do oyouo believe HOMOSEXUALITY is a sin?"  Another impossible quesotin from CNN to Presdient Obama:  "Iif the Bible says lthat momosexual sex is a sin, does that affect lyour views on the subject? Do ou put yourself above God?"  We ALL nknow the answer to that LAST question. CNN does not even have to ask it.  You can see how we COULD have our entire elections CONSUMED with RELIGIOUS QUESTIONS. That is the EVIL which CNN, and the maisntream media, are tyring to PROMOTE.  Nope.  And this is part of the EVIL they are promoting.  IT is NOT a questin of RELIGION as to whether AbORTION should be illegal, or whethe rwe should have GAY MARRIAGE.  Those are SECULAR QUESIINS upon which a person' religious believfs may have a (LEGITIMATE) bearing.  A candidtes POSITIONS on the secular questions are relevant. A cnddiates's THEOLOGY is NOT RELEVANT.  That is why it is RELIEVANT what Rick Snatourm thingks about SECULAR HOMOSEXUAL ISSUES, but NOT RELEVANT whether he regards "homosexuality" as a SIN.  If you don't understnad these (important) distinctions, then apply to work fo rWOLF BLITTZER and/or CNN.  You will fit right in.

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