Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmerman Charged, as The Maverick Consrvative Told You Weeks Ago

George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder. This blog told yu that would happen weeks ago.

That is the problem here. George Zimmerman is being LUNCHED. Is it possible that George Zimmerman should be charged with homicide? Sure it is possible. The problem is that this charge is for the WRONG reason: RACIAL POLITICS. Even if there is not grounds for the charge, the charge was ALWAYS going to happen (once a "special prosecutor" was apponted, after this media/national lynch mob psychology was set in motion. At that point, Zimmerman was GUILTY UNLESS LPROVEWN INNOCENT BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT (pretty much an impossibility).

Was the second degree murder charge inapropriate? Under the MEDIA "case" against Zimmerman, it is inappropriate, because the only charge that the evidence really seems to support is a charge of MANSLAUGHTER. (as in a barroom fight). However, teh prosecutor had actual EVIDENCE (not jsut media speculaton). Therefor, it is impossible for me to saythat a second degree murder charge is inappropriate. Even in a barroom fight, it is possible for the evidence to show ataht one person intentionally murdered another preson. But, assuming Zimmreman committed any knind of homicide, the most LIKELY situation here, barring fACTS that we don't know (butr the rposecutor does) is that George Zimmerman did not INTEND to kill Trayvon Martin--even in the moment of the shooting,--but was "lashing out" in what he THOUGHT was "self-defense". It is difficult to get an intentional murder conviction (second degeree murder reqauiring aINTETIONAL MURDER) in a case of "incomplete self-defense".

This blog has already told you, in advance, what happneed here. The prosecutor specifically set out--for POLITICAL reasons--to build the MAXIMUM case possible agaisnt George Zimmerman. No. A "frist degree murder charge" was always RIDICULUS , under the circumstances, and the prosecutor deserves NO CREDIT for failing to bring that charge. I would give the prosecutor some "credit" for COURAGE if she had brought a charge of MANSLUATHER (the charge that seems most appropriate) I would have given the prosecutor MAJOR CEREDIT for COURAGE if she had brought NO CHARGE at all. As it is, I give the prosecutor NO CREDIT for courage. She did what she POLITICALLY set out to do, given the pressure on the "authorities" to CHARGE Zimmerman with the MAXIMUMCM possible charge.

As I have repreatedly said, this is not a matter of whether the prosecutor is "honest", or even believes she has done the right thing No, it is not even a matter of whether she has done the RIGHT THING. The problem is that the LYNCH MOB gave the preosecutor (who may have been CHOSEN with the idea that seh would come to the "right" conclusion) NO POLITICAL CHOICE. She is a human being, as are all lawyers. The moment she got the Zimmerman case, Zimmerman had already deterimined to be "GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT". That was the approach she took: pererceiving her "job" as to BUILD A CASE agaisnt Zimmerman. This, of course, is nto even that unusual in criminal cases not so contaminated with racial politics. Prosecutors often look at it as their JOB to build a criminal case agaisnt a suspect. What is different about this case is the OUTSIDE PRESSURE from NATIONAL MEDIA (and racial politicians) to GET ONE MAN. You can't possibly believe that George Zimmeran got a fair shake here.--whether or not he "deserves" the actual result (to be charged with second degree murder).

Oh. IHave you heard that utter ROT that goes something like this: "All we are asking is that Zimmeran be CHARGED, so that he gets his day in court. We are not demanding that zimmeran be convicted. He deserves his day in court. We jsut belive that Trayvon Martin deserves to have his killng go before a jury, so that the turth will come out."

If you belivee the above (my representation of the ynch mob demand to "arrest" George Zimmerman), then iI have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. Doubt me? NEVER, EVER do that. Did I not PREDICT, weell before this week, taht Zimmerman would be charged? Thought experiment (which the lynch mob is DEMANDING a jury take into account in the Zimmerman case, as they demanded the prosecutors take it into account): What happens if George Zimmerman is ACQUTTED, or if the JUDGE throws the case out (at tril) for lack of evidence? The message the racial politicians and the media are telling you THIS id what will happen: RACE RIOT (because of them, by the way), and a final concusion that the USA is a RACIST country.

You may think this is how our "judicial system" is suppsed to work. If so, I feel sorry for you .

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). This blog, by the way, has PLANNED articles on RACE. But, for me, the George Zimmerman CRIMINAL CASE is not that interesttinbg. This will probably be the last article you will see here as to the CRIMINAL CASE, absent some egregius statement or event. This blog will continue to comment on the media attempt to incite RACIAL HATRED in this country, and on the RACISM that permeates our media. This blog may mentin the Zimmerman case, in that context, but iI have never seen any EVIDENCE that the Trayvon Martin shooting had ANYTHING to do with RACE. It is our media, and racial politicians, how want to make this kind of isolated case (nowadays) all about America being a RACIST country. That will continue to be a major theme in this blgo, fromt he pont of view that we need to get BEYOND RACE. That means we need to bget BEYOND ur media, and we need to al view them with the total CONTEMPT that they deserve. The Zimmerman criminal case is going to be a CIRCUS.--about everything but FACTS. You may hink that is a healthy thing for ur judicial system. I don't. No. This is not about RACE either. I had the same feeling aobut the Casey Anthony case, the Scott Peterson case, and all of these other cases which the media has turned into a CIRCUS. These are EVIL people (referring to our media, and not to the "criminals", evil as they may sometimes be).

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