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Race and CNN: Obsession with Race on the Racist Network--Easter on the Anti-Christian Network

What is the most heavily promoted prgram for this Easter Sunday on CNN? No. This shuld NOT surprise you (unless you are being sarcastic, again like Claude Rains in "Casablanca"). CNN has promoted heavily a program it calls 'Kids on Race" (or sometihing like that): going so far as to suggest taht aDULTS can "lear" something from the comments of kids on race. For CNN, our society is ALL about RACE. That is because CNN is RACIST to its very core, using the very essence of the definition of racism: DEVINIG people according to the color of their skin, rather than treating them as individual people (wiht the color of the skin being IRRELEVANT). For the anti-Christian CNN, of course, why should it matter that today is Easter Sunday. Sure, even a liberal outfit limkke Turner Classic Movies is showing "King of Kings" tonnight, because it is Easter, but why shuld EASTER hae any effect upon CNN's obsession with race?

No. there is NOTHING I can "learn" from "kids" on race. And there is only ONE thing I ant them to learn from me. There is no such thining as "racial blood". The blood is RED (in air). A black person is no more DEFINED by "black blood' than I am. And I, as a "white" person (with Native American "blood") am no more responsible for the actions of my 'white' ancestors than Barack Obama is. There is NO such thining as "racial guilt". There are no such thining as "racial victims", merely because you are the same RACE as people who have been victimized in the past. Very person is an INDIVIDUAL, and should have the same right s and responsibilities as every other individual. That means NO discrimination, but it also means no racial preferences. We shuld ALL be COLOR BLIND. D you think CNN is COLOR BLIND? If so, ou should probably "test" for the Claude Rains part nin the remake of "Casablanca". You are a natural for being FALSELY naive. We are all INDIVIDUAL members of the species, homo sapiens, which--by definitioin, means we can INTERBREED. And we do. That means that there is almost no such thing as race.

Is Barack Obama black? Who said so? He is at least half "white". He has RACIL GUILT in his ancestry, as SOME of his "white" ancestors were probably racists. His father, of course, was Kenyan, meaning that Obama does not even get the benefit of being part of a "cvictim" class, at least as far as America is concerned, since "Americaa" never discriminated agaisnt HIS ancestors. But doesn't "America" discriminate aginst "black" people, even if they came from Africa after the abolitioin of slavery, and did not Obama experience that, along with every other black person in this country. NO. Well, I shuld qualifiy this. There are still people in this country who sufffered OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED discrimination against black people in this country. We only ended segragatin in the shools in the 1960s. But balck KIDS growing up today ony suffer (vastly diminished) prejudice from INDIVIDUALS< No, I--as a "white" person--am NOT "responsible" for the actions of OTHER "white " peple. Even as early as the Civil War, MANY "white" people DIED so that black people could be FREE (illusory as that turned out to be for a century or so).

Can you DEFINE who is a "black" person (or Hispanic or Native American or whatever)? No, you can't. Read the above again. We are all of the same SPECIES. That means we INTERBREED. There is no GENETIC "test" for being African-American, Hispanic, or whatever. What percentage do you have to be? Are we back to the evil Balck Codes. this, alone, should DOOOM "racial preferences", but it does nto for the RACISTS of CNN, and other leftists. There is NO SUCH THING as "African-American", or Hispanic, or whatever, as far as PROOF is concernted. No, this does not matter if you are talking aobut DISCRIMINATION. Then all that matters is whether the deluded person doing the "discrimination" THIKS he or she is acting on race or ethnicity that matters. Or maybe the person obsessed with race, like CNN, is acting upon prejudice so engrained that he or she does not undestand the obsession/prejudice. It does matter, however, that ou cannot even define who is a "member"of a race when it comes ot RACIAL LPREFERENCES. When you focus on race, for purposes of FAVORING a particular "race", as CNN is doing, then you are really DISCRIMINATING (George Zimmerman) against people who are not receiving the preference: agaisnt peple who you PERCEIVE to be a member of a "race" not receiving the preference.

Look at how all of this is avoided if we simpy concentrate on being COLOR BLIND: on gettnig BEYOND RACE. As this blgo has said for YERS, the American people seem ready to get BEYOND RACE. Baradck Obama, after all, was elected President, and people like me supported Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, and almsot any other black CONSERVATIVE you want to name. I think yoiu could see llthe beginning of the end with Jackier Robinson. Then you had Texas Western, with coach Don Haskins, hwen people in the Southwest (balakc and whtie) rooted for 5 "black" men agaisnt those 5 "white" boys of Kentucky. How can ou ROOT for pepole, and still look upon them as some sort of inferiror being? I don't think you--ultimately--can. Ultimately, you HAVE to look upon them as INDIVIDUALS--iwth individual merit. Don't lingering "stereotypes" remain? Of course they do. SO WHAT? CNN wants to DEFINE the cuntgry by the UNCONSICOUS "stereotypes" that may still plague black peole. In the process , CNN is CREATNG a FOCUS ON RACE as bad as the Ku Klux Klan. CN, and the people hwo think like them, are creating a NEW set of '"stereotypes", where people are again DEFINED by their race. African--Americans are placed in the "role' of VICTIMS, and "white p" peple in the role of the people ding the oppressing. Is George Zimmerman a "representative" of "America", or of the "white" race (Hispaniic though he is)? That is EVIL stuff. George Zimmerman is an INDIVIDUAL, entitled to the same rights as any other indiviudal , and Trayvon Matin was an INDIVIDUAL, to be looked upon like any other individual.

"But, Skip, should we not 'teach' our children about race.?" Have you been listening? There is only ONE thing we should be trying to teach our children about race: tahat there really is no such thing, as a DEFINING characteristic, and that each and every person is an INDIVIDUAL (not a "representative" of his or hrer race). By all means, try to include black children in "picture books". Try to avoid teaching children that it is only the "white" race that matters. However, does this mean teaching children that some obscure balbk person was just as importatn to creating this nation as George Washington? Or that the IMORTN thing abut Thomas Jefferson was that he fahtered a child (more than one) through a black sla ve? It is PATRONIZING and INSLULTING to assert that balck peple have to have their "share" of historyIt is fine--if you are inclined that way, as I am not--to be 'rpoud" of our "heritage". But we have a COMMON history, and children shoulld LEARN that commn history. That includes, of couse,rse,t he history of slavery, and the Civil War. But "race" was an unfortunate TANGENT in the history of the USA--not what made the United States of Americca the unique experiment in human history it was, and is. If ou want to DEFINE America in terms of race, then you shoulduld aply to wrok at CNN. You will fit right in.

No. I do NOT belive that children shouuld be "sensitiazed" to race. As stated it is almsot the opposite. Sure, if children arfe HUTRING other children with prjudice, then something has to be done. But, as a general rule, children should be left with the idea that race is IRRELEVANT: t hat people are INDIVIDUALS whose skn color is irrelevant to who they are. No. I REJECT the idea that African-Americans are DFFINED by their "African heritage", any more than that they are defined by the history of slavery existing in this country. If they are interested in their "roots", fine. The idea that it is up to our SchOOLS to give Afican-American kids the idea that thewy are part of a RACIAL herfitage is absurd. I can't say it often enough: THE BLOOD IS RED. We are all members of the species, homo sapiens. That is the aproach we need to be takng--not an approach of a RACIAL SPOILS SYSTEM focusing on race (or ethnicity) as the DEFINING characteristic of a person.

"But, Skip, there are still racists out there?" SO WHAT? Tehre are still murderers out there, too--not to mention rapists, thieves and etc. There are even black racists out there. And there are the LEFTIST RACISTS, like the people of CNN, who want to make this society all about dividing people by race.: DEFINING peple by race. No, we should not be all about the impossible task of makng sure a black person never encounters a racist. We should be aiming toward a SOCIETY that treats race as IRRELEVANT, and tereats every single person as an INDIVIDUAL (as if they have no "race", as indeed they realy have not, as far as a distinguishing charateristic of a human being).

CNN, and media people like those of CNN, are dong their bet to keep this country from getting beyond race. If it does not fill you with HORROR that CNN wants to teach children CNN's racist, "politicaly correct", view of "racew", then you have not been payhing attention.

CNN's favorite "theme' is that we need a "conversation" about race in this country. No. We don't. What we need is to gget BEYOND RACE Yu can't do that by talking abut how the "blcack race" is treated in American by the "white" race. That is the opposite of treating everyone as individuals. It is just as bad for a black person to DEFNE HIMSELF (or herself) as a BLACK PEWROSN as it is for a "white' person to DEFINE a black person that way. You can be proud of how yo look. You can be proud of your "heritage", if you want. Yu can vow not to "forget" people in the ghetto with fewer advantatges than you have. But you, as a black eprson, shouuld not DEFINE yourself that way. You especially should not look at the world as the 'white peple" against you (or against "people of color". No. It does not injure ME if you look at the world this way; the way peole like those of CNN are telling you to look at the world. It injures YOU.

Stil to come (some day): The racism, of Pat Cuchanan,MSNBC, CNN, Scientific American, social scientists, the El Paso Times, and others, as shown by this RACIST idea that it is a defining moment in American history when "white Europeans" become a 'mnority" in the country (by some, absurd, indefinable "definition"). Before the eventual apppearnace of that article, I leave it as an ercise for the reader to figure out why it is RACIST to say that it will TRANSFORM American when "people of color" have a "majority".

P.S. No proofreading or sepll checking (bad eyesight).

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