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Fareed Zakaria and CNN: Anti-American on the Anti-American Network

See the previous two blog articles, and then consider thie PROMOTION on CNN this morning, for "Fareed Zakaria, GPS" (or someting like that): "In dealing with Iran, President Obama faces a fromidable foe: the GOP."

Did CNN just say that it considers the GOP a biiger THREAT to the world, and this country, than Iran and Muslim extremism? Of course it did. That has been the CNSISTENT position of CNN, and the rest of the left. Readers of this blog know that I consider the gOP (as a party) a large "threat" to this country, but thahat is because the GOP estalblishment is not reallly different from CNN in a lot of fundamental ways--not because I regard the GOP as worse than anti-American terrorists. Much of the left does consider the GOP, and expecially conservatives like me and Rush Limbuah, worse than the Muslim extremists who are producing almost ALL of the group-sponsered terrorism in the world today.

This blog has had occasion to address Fareed Zakaria before. This is not an aberration. Fareed Zakaria definitgely IS anti-American, in the sense of regarding Americn policies as the main surce of evil in the world. However, he is very little different from the rest of CNN. For example, why was CNN so SOFT on Saddam Hussein, even aking a deal (absolute fact) with the Hussein regime to not do strongly negative reporting to stay in the country? Saddam Husseing was at leat as bad as the present Asad of Syria, but CNN dof-pedalled criticism of Saddam Hussein--especally after George W. Bush came into power. Whey was that so? I assure you that it was a matter of AGENDA, and not jsut dtupidity. For CNN much of the left, Saddam Hussein had one major VIRTUE: He was an enemy of George W. Bush, and a USA with a GOP dominated government. Just being an enemy of the USA will often be enough to get you favorabee treatment from CNN. Look at Fareed Zakaria and Iran. But being an enemy of a USA led by George W. Bush and the GOP pretty much makes you a HERO to the left. Look at CUBA, where Michale Moore, O+the late Molly Ivins, and so many leftists regard Fidel Castro and Cuba as BETTER than the USA.

Why does the so much of the left, incuding the despicable AP, identify with Cuba? Again, it is enough that Castro has been a consistent enemy of 'capitalsim" and the USA. But there was a story about a week ago that explains it more directly. In Cuba, the mainstream media story went (without criticism), small farmers are not allowed to SELL their land. What was the stated reason for that? The STATED reason was that if farmers were allowed to sell their land, more successful famers would be able to buy the land of less successful farmers, and INEQUALITY would result. I could never make this up. Can't you imagine Barack Obama saying something like that, or CNN running a story about "inequality" in American farms. Of course you can. What am I saing. Barack Obama says things like that EVERY DAY, and CNN runs stories like that EVERY DAY. That is the real secret to SUPPORT from the American left and the American media. If you TALK in an anti-capitalilst and anti-American mannner, and especially if you have anti-capitalist policies like Cuba, then the American media is inclined to suport you-along with the entire American left. It helps if you are SO REPRESSIVE that opposition does not really reach the pont of blood running in the streets for months on end. The "bleeeding hearts" of the left don't much like BLOOD, unless it is HIDDEN. But they don't mind REPRESSION in the name of anti-Americanism or--especially---anti-capitalism.

I know. The RIGHT has often been accused, by the hypocrites of the left, with "excusing" ANTI-COMMUNIST dictators (or just plain dictators), so long as they are "friends" of the USA and keep the 'rabble" in their placde. There has, occasionallly (especially in the days of the Soviet Union--the Evil Empire), been a grain of turth in that. But it has never been more than a grain. Conservatives may have SOMETIMES preferred the LESSER EVIL of a strraight dictatorship to the totalitarian evil of a Communist dictatorsip (or a Muslim extremist theocracy). But conservatives almost NEVER have defended the ordinary "stron-man" dictatorship as a GOOD thing. It has always been, the "lesser evil", if that. Leftists have this tendency to do things like dismiss the totalitarian Commuist MURDERERS of the Stalinist Soviet Union as "agrarian reformers" simplly trying to build a society without the evils of capitalism.

No. I don't tive these people a "pass" (our media and leftists). They are ANTI-AMERICAN in fundamental ways, and ANTI-CAPITALIST. They are more than willing to excuse enemies of the USA on tis ground. Fareed Zakaria and CNN: This means YOU!!!!!!

P.S No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). By the way, you may have noticed that I did not actually SEE the Fareed Zakaria show. I have in the past. But I saw no reason to see it today. The PROMOTION of the progaram shows you MORE about where CNN stands than could be "qualified" by anything on the program. If you are willng to do a PROMOTION implying that the GOP is a bigger danger to the world than Iran, then that TELLS peole exactly where you stand as to who our (American peole)real enemies are. Let me list, for you, those people who should NOT watch CNN:

1. Americans who really believe in their country. CNN is fundamentally anti-American. Why else would CNN continually try to portray the present USA as a RACIST country.

2. Non-Racists: people who think it is wrong to DEFINE peole on the basis of race. CNN is The Racist Network, in the real sense of tghe term (defining people based ont he color of heir skin, rather than as INDIVIDUALS).

3. Christians, and others who dislike religious bigotry. CNN is the Anti-Christian network, and engages in religioius bigotry al of the time (as this blog has shwon time and time again).

4. Jews. CNN is the Pro-Muslim netgwork, including Muslim extremism. This is more, of course, because CNN is anti-American and anti-Christian than because it is really pro-Muslim. But the fact remins that CNN is The Pro-Muslim, Anti-Israel network.

5. Women who are not leftists. Since the 2008, campiagn, and probably beofre that, this blog has conclusively shown you that CNN is The Sexist Network. CNN agian showed that with regard to Ann Romney. The ONLY sense in which this is not true is the sense in which CNN is The Leftist Network. Leftists want to USE women as a "voting bloc", but they are NOT "feminists". They put LEFTIST IDEOLOGY far above any respect they have for women. In fact, they have NO respect for women who do not toe their ideological line, and are wiling to sue BLATANTLY SEXIST attacks against such women 9as they are willing to use blatant RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY aginast politicians in aid of leftist ideology and politics).

6. Capitalists, and free market people (not always the same thing, as is true of me). You just need to look at how CNN supported the ANTI-CAPITLIST, manufactored "Occupy Wall Street" "movement" (lol) to realize this one is true.

7. Conservatives. A CNN "conservative" is like a "Cooper Indian" (from the point of view of Mark Twain's famous satire of James Fenimore Cooper): Such a creature does not realy exist "in the wild". For any of you "conservatives" who appear on CNN, I inivitge you to DISPUTE this ACCURATE assessment by comment on this blgo (the standard media ply which I like to use from time to time).

8. Non-evil numbna beings. Yep. CNN is also The Evil Netowrk, as this blog has shwon repreatedly. If lyou are not an evil human being, you should not watch CNN. See the SACRIFICE I amke for you, to "surf" such a network just to keep YOU informed, so that you do not have to CONTAMINATE yourself?

"But Skip, that is almost everyone, excluding the hard-core left."

Now ou are finaly getting it. Why do yo think almost NO ONE watches CNN? Why do you think I do not make a pint of callig for a BOYCOTT of CNN, even though I say you should pay not attention to them? It is because epole are already BOYCOTTING CNN, without me ding a thing and without CONSCIUSLY doing it. I am sure I have missed a few labels that apply to CNN. And yes, CNN--as is ture of the despicable AP--iis used in this blog as a representative of the entire mainstream media. I think you can fairly say that CNN and the AP are truly representative of "mainstream journalism" today. The rest of mainstream "journalsm" is just as bad.

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EducateYourChildren said...

Your an idiot. Stop writting and go get a job in burger king. Your warped sense of country and democracy is laughable. You have taken EVERY single reference out of context (on purpose I assume). SAd that people are dumb enough not to see through this dribble. Even Ronald Reagan would tell you to shut up