Monday, April 2, 2012

Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio and CNN: The Anti-Hispanic Network (Should Hispanics Watch the Anti-Hispanic Bigots of CNN?)

The questin in the headline, of course, answers itself. Hispanics should not watch CNN, or consider the peole of CNN as being on "their side". The George Zimmerman matter has established that. But I never worry about that. EVERYONE, including Hispanics, is boycotting CNN--even if they don't realize it. No one rally watches, except for peple like me seekng MAATERIAL for things like this blog, and seeking to know the present "talking points' of the left. Doubt me? Never, ever do that. Look at how CNN treated the idea of Marco Rubio being Mitt Romney's VP choice, partly based on Rubio being Hispanic.

CNN dismissed the idea that Rubio could be Romney's choice. Why? Because CNN is The Bigoted Network--RACIST to its very core. (again using "racism" to refer to defining people totally in terms of race and ethnicity, eve though "hispanics" are technically not a separate "race", but Caucasian-"white"). Again, I could never make this stuff up. CNN dismissed Rubio as an HISPANIC alternative for Romeny, because Rubion is "Cuban-American", and not "Mexican-American". Can you acutally prove you are a network of BIGOTS any more conclusively than this? For CNN, George Zimmerman is a fit target for lynching because he is a "white Hispanic". And Marco Rubio is not a "real" Hispanicbecause Cuban-Aemerican are not "real " hispanics. They actually VOTE REPUBICAN. To the bigots at CNN, who agree with Harry Reid, real Hispanics cannot vote Republcna. What can yo say about BIGOTRY this absurd and obvius? Waht can you say about a trasnsparent attempt to INFLUENCE Romney not to choose an Hispanic--a transparent attempt this obvious? Well, you can say that the people of CNN are BIGOTS, but this blog has laready shwon that to you. What you can also say is that CNN, and the rest of the left, are not interested in "pepe of color" as INDIVIDUALS, or ain any kind of 'fairness" to "people of color'. For CNN, and the rest of the lfet (including leftist activists" who are 'people of color' themselves), this is not about being "fair" to minority INDIVIDUALS. It is abut USING "people of color" to advance leftist ideology.

It is CNN, as part of its attempted lynching of the Hispanic George Zimmermna, which pushed upon us the author of that disgraceful book: "Dear White America, a letter to the New Minority". This blog plans an article aobut this particular RACISM, and how I SHUNNED the popular "science" magazine, Scientific American, mroe than a decade ago ove r this RACiSM. For puroses of this article, however, all ou have to know is that CNN appeared to be totally buying into the idea that the world can be viewed as "people of color' againt the "whtie race" (meaning, basically, "hwite Euroopeans"--the Reverend Wright racism previously endorsed by CnN). Look at how CNN contradictgs itself. So it is all about 'people of clor fighting the "oppreson of the "white race"? Well, what about George Zimmerman? Is he not a "person of color"? Nope. Not to the CNN, and leftist, RACISTS. George Zimmerman is a "white Hispanic". And what about Marco Rubio? Is he not a "person of color" ready to move up as America's 'white race' ("white America) riglty adjusts to its new "minority" status? Nope. Not to the CNN RACISTS> Marco Rubio is part of an enthnic group--Cuban-Americans--who VOTE REPUBLICAN (horros!!!). He cannot be a real "person of color". You can't be a member of the "new majortiy" and not be a LEFTIST. Taht is the philosophy of these LEFTIST RACISTS. People are DEFINED by their race and ethnicity, so long as they are FIGHTING THE WHITE RACE (the representative of which is the GOP).

I kid yo not. tis is exactly where CNN is. For them America is all abut RACE, but race defined inn terms of LEFTIST ideology. If you are an Hispanic or Africian-American who is ot leftist, then ou are not a "real" Hsipanic or African-American. Note that it is absurd to suggest that all "people of color" are lined up in a struggle against "white European" domination of America. But the HYPCORITES of CNN cannnot even be consistent on that RACIST idea. "People of colro' are NOT all in the same boat, and supposed to cover each other's backs against unfair treatment, if they are peole like Marco Rubio or George Zimmerman. You have to be a leftist "activist" before you can be a real 'peson of color"--or be willing to be USED by leftist activists who care aobut their idology more than they care aoubt YOU.

No. Tis blog is NOT ushing Marco Rubio as VP, although he may be the best "conservative' choice Romney has ay likelihood of making. This blog has been DiSAPPOINTED in Rubio since he was elected, even thogh I was a strong supporter of his election. To me, Rubio has pretty much shown hismelf to be a standard politician--pretty much a part of the GOP establishment that he supposedly ran against. He has BETRAYED Tea Party principles on seferal occasiosn. Still, if it were Rbio against Obama, I would surely vote for Rubio. However, Rubio will NOT be enough to get me to vote for Romey. Thus, yo can say I perrty much an "neutral" in my analysis. CNN is NOT "neutral'. CNN is trying to get Romney NOT to pick Rubio. CNN is ANTI-HISPANIC. Yes, they are anti-Hispanic more out of lefitst idooogy than "redneck" conviction, but they are still ANTI-HISPANIC. And CNN is RACIST to its very core, in the fundamental definition of racims. CNN DEFINES people by their race, and looks at the world in terms of "us vs. them". "Us" is what CNN refers to as "peple of color". "Them" is the "whte Eurpopeans" who oppress "peple of color". You can't be part of "us" unless you are willing to fight agasint OUR VIEW of who the 'white oppressors" are.

CNN is RACIST. I jsut cant' say it any more plainly than that. And this has now resulted in CNN being ANTI-HISPANIC. So Marco Rubio cannot help Romney with "real" Hispanics because he is Cuban-American? Can yo et any more RACIST than that? I don't think so.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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