Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CNBC: Liars, Liars and more Liars

CNBC and rest of the media: We have a NARRATIVE. Don't confuse us with the FACTS (See, again, Michael Chichton's dead on "novel", "Airframe", written in about 2000). Doubt me? Never, ever do that.

CNBC anchor this morning (I could never make this up): "Stocks are inching UP today, although the Dow is DOWN 36 points."

Say what??????!!!!!! Did yu really just say that? Are lyu people on CNBC simply BRAIN DEAD? No, the S&) 50 was not up either. Now it is true that the Nasdaq was flat (up a whole .43 points--not percent). But the statement wass still a self-contradictory LIE. "But, Skip, maybe stocks had just started to turn lower, and the anchor had not yet caught up.' Ah. You do't know th eLIARS on CNBC, and how they LOVE their narrative. It gets WORSE. Ten minute s later (like a TV weatherman predicting sunshine, while it is RAINGING outside, and doing it REPEATEDLY):

CNBC anchor: "The stock market is buncing UP today, after a string of recent losses, although the Dow is now DOWN 60 points."

No. I did not watch the whole 10 minutes (may habe been 15). I surfed for 300 seconds, and then came back to surf another 30 seconds. I could not even believe it. It was like "deja vu all over again" (Yogi Berra)--only worse.

At this rate, stocks will go down 3000 Dow pioints today, and CNBC will stil be calling it a "good" day. LIARS all.

Then you have the opposite kind of falsehood you are likely to get this morning from Rush Limbaugh, if stocks are still down when he comes on the air. For Limbaugh, every DOWN day on the stock market is an INDICATMENTA of Obama, while every UP day has nothing to do with Obama. That is the kind of thing worthy of Obama himmself, and yu can take this to the bank: Rush Limbuagh has NO CLUE abut the stock market. Since 2009, there have been more UP days than DOWN days, primarily because of tghe COMPUTER GAMRES on Wll Street playing momentum and BAILOUT BEN BERFNANKE. The economic fascists on Walll Street are confident that "Bailout Ben" HAS THEIR BACKS. The economic news can be dismal, and all Bernanke has to do is SPEAK (lol, for The Worst Failure in the History of World Finance, who has presided over the WORST RECESSION since the Great Depression AND the WORST RECOVERY since the Great Depression). "But, Skip, yu can't make up the idea that people on Wall Street believe that Bernanke HAS THEIR BACK--as if Wall Street is running the country through Bernanke, Obama and Geitner. That is your own narrative leaknig into yur terminology."

You poor, deluded fool. I did not MAKE UP this terminology. It is not even mine. It is CNBC, and specifically the peple on CNBC yesterday morning (Sqawk on the Street, including Gim Cramer and compnay) who were saying, over and over, that the people on Wall Street believe that pailout Ben Bernanke HAS THEIR BACK. No, the one item of erminology that is MINE is "Bailout Ben". But, even there, CNBC, and the econommic fascists on Wall Street, made it clear that they agreed with the CONCEPT. The explicit message was that IF the economy --really they meant the stock market--should falter, "Bailout Ben" will be there to "save" Wall Street yet again with whatever STIMULLUS (bailouts) is "necessary".

This is just unbelievable stuff. .Meanwhile, the Obama "solutionn" is to have "millionaires" FINANCE THE LLIFESTYLES OF THE REST OF US (See Ayn Rand)--deluded and disastrous as that class warfare concept is 9and has been throughout history). Obama, of course, is also rellying upon Bailout Ben Bernanke to have OBAMA'S BACK, and provide Obama the infinite "stimulus" that Obama can no longer get from Congress. Obama, too, believes in this "partnership" with WALL STREETG. Obama, however, believes that HE is the DOMINANT partner (history showing that Obama is mroe correct, and that government always does end up the dominant "partner", as it obviously did in the case of Hitler, who only used "economic fascism" as a VEHICLE for advancing his own, personal megalomania).

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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