Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oakland Christian College Shooting: Is CNN, The Anti-Christian Network, Responsible, or Merely Bill Maher

Are CNN and Bil Maher, along with others in the mainstream media, responsbile for anti-Christian HATE in the country that resulted in the shootings/killings at that small Christian college in Oakland, California?

You say that it is obvious that the Oakland shooter was a disturbed individual with a perceived personal grievance (which CNN and the media may YET turn into an ATTACK on the Christian college)? Well, that did not stop CN, and the rest of teh mainstream media, from trying to BLAME the Tea Party for the Gabrielle Biffords shooting spree, because the Tea Party fostered a "climate of hate" in this country. It did not stop Anderson Cooper, anti-Christian bigot, from doing a CRUSADE aganst Christians (including an author on raising chihldren with old-style discipline) of being responsible for killings and maimings of children by "encouraging" child abuse in this country. CNN did not care that the actual child abuse was conducted by obviously disturbed individuals. Bill Maher, of course, and he has been featured on CNN doing so, has engaged in HATE SPEECH against Christians for a long time. Maher is CNN's favorite guest. Did the anti-Chrisitian HATE put out by CNN filter into the disturbed mind of the Oakland shooter? Using CNN, and media, standards, that is a legitimate question to ask. Using MY standrads it is an absurd question to ask, but I like to use media standards for this kind of article. Since I am not a Christian, I prefer NOT to "turn the other cheek" about EVIL (CNN and the mainstream media) in our society.

Then thre is George Zimmerman. The Oakland shooter killed some 7 people. George Zimmerman killed ONE person, while evidently having his head banged agaisnt the concrete. There is NO eivdence that Zimmerman acted from racial motives. Why not use the Oakland kilings to assert that there is anti-Christian HATE in this country? It makes as much sense as saying the Zimmerm shooting of ONE person, under at least SOME (possibly inadequate) provocation, as "proof" of a campaign by "white America" to kill black peple, without punishment. Even if you throw in the Samford police, who had some REASON (whether adequate or not) for their actions unconnected to race, what makes the actions of the Samford police "proof" of a campaign against black people by "white America". George Zimmermn, of course, was HISPANIC, meaning the HATE people of the media have been trying to stir up a THREE-WAY RACE WAR (among Hispancis, blacks and "whites"). Iwill say this, under MY standars as well as CNN/mainstream media standards: If George Zimmerman wer KILLED (because of thhe atttitude fostered by the media, as reflectedinn that Balack Panther "bounty"), that would be DIRECTLY CNN's responsibility, and the responsibility of our mainstream media. The same would be true of any RIOTS caused by the way the media has tried to stir up a Race War--as was true of Newsweek when it put out a FAALSE report that a Guantamo soldier had "urinated" on the Koran (thi surination fetish of the media).

By my standrds, it is too much of a stretch to blame the Oakland killings on the dedia incitement of HATE against Christians. However, by my standrards, the media is PUSHING HATE in this country: whether racial HATE or anti-Christian hate. By MEDIA, standards, it is perfectly reasonable to hod the media responsible for what happened in Oakland. It is at least as reasonable as trying to hod the Tea Party "responsible", or Sarah Palin (lol), for the Gabrielle Giffords shootings in Arizona.

I simly refue to give the media a pss on this stuff. They are EVIL people spreading EVIL and HATE in this country.

Unlike the evil people of the media, wo NEVER apologize, I will apologize in advance for "using" this shooting in Oakland to advance MY agenda against a media which does WORSE every single day. There are people in Oakland, and around the country--talking about relatives and friends of the victims. I would hope none of those pele read this blog. That is what I am apologizing for: for intruding upon their GREIF. But I simply know of no other way to make my pint abut the media. Maybe if I were a Chrisitan, instead of an agnostic, I would be a better person. As it is, I don't turn the other cheek, and I will continue to show our media for the evil people that they are. But I do apologize to people connected to the victims. As to others who might profess to be "offended" by the way I do things: I don't care abut whether I offend you.

P.S. No proofreading oor spell checkng (bad eyesight). By the way, I don't think it makes any sense for Chrisitans to regard the Oakland shooting as an attack on THEM, which they should take personally, any more than blacks should regard the shooting of Trayvon Martin as an attack on ALL BLAKCS. I understnad totally that some Christians may "identify" more closedly with the people killed in Oakland than they do with the other 16,000 peple (approximately) murdered in this country each year. And I understand how black peole--although I don't understand how our President can come out and say HE feels this way because Trayvon Martin looks like a son he might have had--might identify somewhat with Trayvon Martin. But this media storyline that the Travyvon Martin case repersents an ATTACK on balck Americans in this country, joined by the usual racial politicians, is an EVIL thing. As I say, it is realy an attempt to incite RACE WARFARE and HATRED--not to mention FEAR way beyond what the facts would ever justify.

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