Friday, April 13, 2012

President Obama and Ann Romney: Who Is It That Has Never Worked a Day in His Life?

Let us consider. A "coummunity organizer" and politician (with a brief break as an instructor at Harvard, where he obviously did not learn any Constitutional law. Or a wife and mother of 5--survivor of cancer and multiple sclerosis. Who has had a REAL JOB here?

President Obama or Ann Romney: Who is it that haws never worked a day in his life?

Clue to answer: In traditional English grammar, "his" is the pronoun yu use when the sex of the person being referenced is unknown--as when yu are referring to a generic person rather than a particular person of a known sex. In this case, should "his" be used when referring to one of two particular people--one of each sex? Or should yu use "his or her"? The hint to the answer to the qustion is that it does not matter. "His" is the correct pronoun here, eitehr way.

P.S. No spell checking or proofreading (bad eyesight). I really like Presdient Obama's answer to a reporter asking him about yet ANOTHER vacation (a break from playing golf). President Obama said, in part: "The American people know I work hard." Nonsense. I know, Mr. President, that you CAMPAIGN HARD. That is why people keep referring to you as in "campaign mode", and did oso even YEARS before the next election. Maybe it is because you have never actually worked a day in your life that you have no interest int he actual JOB of being President.

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