Monday, April 2, 2012

Romney: Christie or Rubio

If I were advising Romney, the choice for VP would come down to only two names; Chris Christie and Marco Rubio (see previuos article on Rubio and CNN racism).

Why is that? Waht is Romney's main problem? He is a Wall Street, estalbishment type who fails to connet with people. Further, Romney is BLAND. Chrstie maynot be muchof a conservative on a lot of things, but his STYLE is the opposite of Romney. Christie actually CONNECTS with ordinary peple, and he WON electin in New Jersey. Rubio is not as "colorufl", or as abrasive, as Christie. However, he is Hispanic, and offers a big contrast to Romney's Wall Street image. I see no other real choice for Romney oteher than either Christie or Bubio (assuing they would take the VP slot).

Unlike other elections, Romney cannot possibly choose one of his rivals. Santroum, would simply expose Romney to the very disadvantages that Romney has TOLD peple they avoid by coosing him as the nominee: the "social issue" SMEARS of the media. Romney will setil be accused b the media if being 'anti-woman", but khe hardly needs to help the media leftist out by chosing Santourm. Yet, Rmney cannot afford some other 'estlabihsmentet" figure from the "Romney-wing" of the GOP (the McCan wing). Sure, Chris Christie may actualy be such a person, but he is not such a person IN STYLE. Gingrich would bring all of his baggage back into the "conversatin" (the media conversation). Ron Pual is Ron Paul. ot a chance. So Romneyh just cannot pick a RIVAL. Who else is left, besides Rubio and Christie?

There really is nobody. Jeb Bush? Forgget it. Rick Perry? Forget it. Rubio helps Romney is Florida. Christie helps Romney in New Jersey (although New Jersey may be a longshot anyway). Christie MAY hurt in the Middle Wewst, with his abrasive Eastern manner. Rubio MAY also hurt in the Middle West, and Northeast, with his Florida background. But he should help with HSIPANICS (despite CNN and the assertion he is not a Mexican-American type of Hispanic). Who else offers a contrst with Romney, and is acceptable to conservatives? Nobody. Neither Christie nor Rubio has great experience, although both have at least as much experience as Obama had running for PReSIDENT.

I just see NO other names. You have a few other governors out thre, but Romney was a governor. Sure, Christie is a governor, but the StYLE (again) is what gives Christie a CONTRAST with Romney. Paul Rayn? I don't see it. Some other GOP Senator? Not that I can see. Mitch Daniels of Indiana? give me a grak. He is a DULL ROMNEY.

No. I realy don't think Romney has any choice but Rubio ro Christie. What if neither will take it? Then I htink Romney has a big problem. Romney desperately needs someone who ccan actually CONNECT, and CAMPAIGN. Thre is Governor Martinez, of right her in New Mexico (right next to El Paso). Bt, really, she has no antional recognition. Nope. Unless Romney is made aware of laws of which I am not aware, Romney would be maknig a MISTAKE not to choose Christe or Rubio (assuming, again, that they are interested). Romney desperately needs someone to be a "pont man" (or woamn) for him--somene to be INTRESTING and an articulate advocate. The GOP is not filled with such peple. Pawlenty? Give me a break. Jon Huntsman? No possibility. Rudy Giuliani? Interesting, but not a chance. If Romney does not choose Christie or Rubio, he would appear to be shooting himself in the foot. They may both have flaws as a national candidate, but Romney cannot afford to choose a "Joe Biden". Obama could provide his own "excitement". Romney cannot. Sp,e "safe" choice will be as unsafe a coice as Ropmney can make. Some OBSCURE choice (even if some solid estalbihsment figure) will not help Romney.

Advice to Romney (from a person wo will no t suport you anywya): Pick Christie or Rubio. You almost have no alternative. If you think you have an altenative, you better BUILD him or her up before the convention.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checknig (bad eyesight).

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