Monday, April 23, 2012

Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio: Vice President

This blog, of course, gives you tomorrow's news today, or yesterday.  This blog has already told yu that Mitt Romney has only two reasoanable choices for his VP choice:  Chris Christie and Marco Rubioo.  See The Maverick Conservative article more than a week ago.  Now the rest of the media is catching up, as Drudge had a banner headline, today, and PICTURE of Rubio and Romney together.

Romney NEEDS a person who can help him campaign, eihter with vim and vigor (like Christie,), or wiht a particular important group, like Rubio.  NO ONE else fits the bill.  Sure, a THEORETICAL woman could fit the bill. No usch rEAL woman now extistts. Condi Rice (a ridiculous specualtin I heard) would add foreign policy credentials, but hit israce will NOT be about foreign poliicy (unless Obama has a distaster before the eleciton).  Condi Rice has NEVEr even run for elecctive office.  Nope,.  As this blog told you, in advance of others (maybe TWO weeks ago), it really comes down to Christie and Rubio, unless skeletons appear in the closet of one or both of them. 

The DISHONEST HYPOCRITES oF CNN, and the mainstream media, have tried to dismiss Rubio and Christie, but without success.  Just how HYPOCRITICAL is CNN?  Well, this blog has already shown, over YEARS, that these are the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four.  And they are also EViLL BIGOTS.  Did I just call the people of CNN EViL?  Dman right, and I mean it. I HeARD, about the same thime I was correctly telling you that Romney had essentailly no choice but Christie or Rubioio vor VP, a CNN panel person (to the customary "nods" of the rest, say that Marco Rubio would not help Romney becausehe would be such a CYNICAL choice:  panderiring,in a patornizing and obviuos way, to HISPANICS> In the same discussion, the EVIL BIGOTS at CNN (The Evil Network) said that Rubio would not help Romney with Hispanics anyway, since Rubio is CUBAN-AMERICAN. This blog, in foresight yet again, told you this was EVIL HOGWASHThe idea that ONLY a "Mexican-American" can relate to MEXICAN-AMERICAN Hispanics is so BIGOTED that I can't even express the evil involved. But it is tyhpical of CNN.  It is this blog, of couurse, taht has told you that this CNN /leftist idea that "people of color' are some sort of unified "force" AGAINST the "white race" is an evil falsehoold. Tal about lPATRONIZING EVIL.  CNN is the poster child for the concept: the concept that ONLY a "Mexican-American" c an relate to "Mexican-Americans" in this this country.

Doubt me.? Never, ever, do that.  when the CNN campaign against Rubio FAILED,  as this bolg told hyou it would (in connection with that attempted "dismissal" of Rubio as a "Cuban-American"--not a "real" Hispnic, since Cuban-Americans actually already tend to vote for the GOP) to derail Rubio as a potential VP nominee, CN tried the OPPOSITE aproach.  I kid you not.  These are the worst, most dishonest HYPOCRITES yhu can IMAGINE, and easily the wrost hypocrits who have ever lived.  What was the new approach?  Guess (as you cactually should be able to do correctly).  CNN was trying to USE their RELIGION (polls) as a POLITICAL weaon to attack Romney (now their goal in life, as it is te goal of the entrie maisntream media). You know the kind of pol poll'  69% of "hispnanics" (Cuban-Americans includded, you BIGOTS of CNN?)supposedly "support" President Obama (election in NOVEMBER--not now),.  Conttray to the OTHER CNN person, or maybe the SAME one, who said lthat Romney wouold be CYNCIAL to pickk Rubio for this reason, I HEARD a CNN "guest" say (to the usual notds) that Romney would INSULT the Hispanic community if he FAILED to pick Rubio as the nominee. How could Hispanics (now evidently lumping Cuban-Americans and Mecican-Americans together) ever forgivbe Romney for this kind of SLAP at an Hispanic American like Rubio.  This one is even too serious for me to give way to the luxury of rolling on the floor, laughing, in my usual fetal position.  According to the BIGOTS of CNN, Romney can't possibly wn.  IF he picks Rubio, he is engaging in cynical PANDERING.  If he does nto pict Rubio, he is INSULTING Hispannics.  Neither is true.  What is true,  is that thee people of CNN are the worst, most dishonest hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four (along with the rest of the mianstream media). Talk about CYNICAL.  The dihsonest people of CNN are the most dishoenst, CYNICAL peole you will ever ssee. 

Romney--disregarding his ENEMIES at CNN--is actually following the advice of this blog.  No. I am not talkng abut who he chooses.  I am talking aobut the correct advice to EXPOSE any potential VP choice to the American people AHEAD of the choice.  I am not talking about NAMING the choice ahead of timme.  Why should Romney do that?  ONly the DISHOENST lpeople of the media would expect some INSANITY like that.  Reagan did it, but only as a BOLD, desperate move to ull out victory in 1976, when Reagan knew that the GOP establishment had "beaten" him.  There is no reason for Romney to do such a thign.  Rather, as this blog told you, Romney NEEDS to let the American people SEE his POTENTIAL choices ahead of time, so as not to SPRING a "surrise" choice at the end.  No.  I don't think Sarah Palin was a bd choice, but McCain was typicaly ISANEW to try to "spring" asurprise.  Romney--again as this blog advised--should have ANY AND ALL lpotential VP choices OUT THERE, meeting the public wiht him.  Let the public get to KNOW them (a little).  Let it appear to be a CONSIDERED choice, instead of some desperate "Hail Mary". 

Romney is doiing the right thing, with Rubio .  Christie has already been out there, with Romney, but should apear more (IF Romney is seriously considering him).  IF there are any "dark horse" candidates, Rpomney should GET THEM OUT THERE. Otherwise, it really HAS tobe Rubio or Christie, unless they IMPLODE for some reason or another (or refuse--hard to imagine).

In short, Romney appears to be ding it RIGHt.  CNN, and the mainstream media, are merely showing their EVIL tendencies, as they try to ATTACK any potential nominee ahead of time. Nevertheless, that is the ADVANTGAGE Romney ahs of ExOSING any potentiila nominee to the public.  Romney NEEDS to see how they CAMPAIGN, and how they respond to criticism. The evil media will make sure Romney gets to evaluate lhis choices fully, so long a s Romney makes sure that he SIGNALS POSSIBLE CHOICES (not "the choice").  Rubio SHUOUDLD be out there with Romney, if he is a POSSIBLE choice  (as he is, being one of the tow reaoonable choices now out there for Romney).  Christie needs to STiLlL be out there.  IF Ropmney has any possible "surprise" choices, they need to be UT THERE.  No.  That STIFF, Mitch Daniels, is NOT a reasonable choice, and has NOT been OUT THERE on a national level. If Romney--inexpliccably--were to go int aht dirction (another "white bread" governor), he desperately NEEDS to have Daniels OUT THERE showing what he can do. 

It is not quite a sure thing, but this blog' sPREDICTION that Rmney realy has to coose between Christie and Rubio is lookng better all of the time.  Forget CNN and the mianstream media. they are DiSHOENST HYPOCRITES, and even mroe an ENEMY of Romney haan I am. Yep.  I am saying that Romney should listent o this blgo, giving him NEUTRAL advicebetter than he is likely to get anywhere else.

Nope.  This lbog still does not support Romney for Presdient, and will never uspport Obama (making this blog NEUTRAL and INDEPENDENT).  Nor does this blog really support Chris Christie or Marco Rubio with ENTHUSIASM. As this blog has told you, Rubio has been a DISAPP(OINTEMENT to any real conservative.  Christie is NOT REALLY ALL THAT CONSRVATIVE.  However, the author of this blog would probably--dpending on their campiang--"suport" (in a lukewarm fashion, depending on theat campaing), Marco Rubio or Chris Christie for PRESIDENT. I think conservatives generally have the same view.  That is why it comes down to Rubio or Christie.  Both ADD something to Roney, iwthout ANGERING conservatives (who suported Rubio against, Crist, and LIKE the way Christie talks). No other possible VP can really make these claims--certainly not unless Romney has them MAKE THEIR CASE efore they are chosen.  If Sarah Palin was not enough to get me to support McCain, then Christie and Rbio, respectively, are not going to be enough to get me to suport Romney . But they do ot HURT Romney among conservatives, and CAN appeal to non-conservatives--no matter what a DISHONEST CNN and maisntream media may tell lyou.

Rubio for Vice Prfesident? At least 50-50, if he performs well in hnis "audition" , which Romney should continue (for Rubio and aNyuone else beng considered). If Rubio had been that Tea Partyman of PRINCIPLE that he appeared to be, I would be mroe enthusiastic.  As it is, I don't consider Rubio that much of a conservative  Cjhristie is definitely not such a conservative, desite his VIRTUES.  Both, however, ADD to Romney, wihout SUBTRACTING (assuming no major skeletons). You heard it first, her, as well as wHY the "alternatives" jsut are not reasonable (including Paul Ryan, who has disappointed me, in his way, as much-or more--than Marco Rubio). Ryan is another "white bread" guy (I am tyring ot think like a CNN BIOGT here), who does nto ADD to Romney. I jsut don't see ANYHONE who ADDS to Romney, excpet Christie and Rubio (always with the caveat that we are talking POTENTIAL here, as we can't KNOW--a major reason to "audition" any POTENTIAL VP soice ahead of time, IN PUBLIC).

P.S  No proofreading or sepell checking (bad eyesight).

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