Wednesday, April 25, 2012

President Obama Is NOT a Christian, as Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative Agree (Two Noted Agnaostics)

I told you that, so lng as CNN andor the rest oft he supporters of Barack Obma, in and out of the mainstream media, continue to tyr to make an ISSUE out of Mitt Romney being a Mormon (and therefore not a "real' Christian), The Maverick Conservative will continue to feature the above headline more days than not.  Given that disgraceful CNN PLL htis morning (see previus articles today), there was never any doubt that this CORRECT headline would appear today.

See the previous articles over the past few days.  

Since the DEMOCRAT governor of Montana tried to aamke an ISUE out of Romney's father living in a Mormon  "poloygamist commune" in Mexico, and since CNN is in the midst of this PUSH to make Romneyhh's Mormonism an issue, this blog is BEHIND as to this headlline.  Therfore, yu can expect expet some variaton of this headline TOMORROW, and probably every remaining day this week. 

Again, for a full explanatin, see the preivous blog articles posted this week. 

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