Friday, April 27, 2012

U.S. Economy: Little "Growth"; Trend Is BAD; Obama and Bernanke FAIL again, as Wall Street Cheers (Expecting More Bailouts)

The headline news today is that the U.S. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) "grew a "tepid" 2.2% in the first quarter (subject, as usual, to revisioin).  This was BELOW "estimates" and BELOW the previus quarter. You mihtg also note that GASOLINE is part of the GDP (gasoline "sales"), and that the price of oil and gasoline soared in the first quarter (adding to the GDP: proably ADDING more immediately to the number than the NEGATIVE effect of the rising gasoline prices on the rest of the economy).

Remember, this "tepid" number comes dESPITE Bailout Ben Bernanke and our politicians making sure that the the country is AWASH in MONEY.  Sure, it is MONOPOLY money, PRINTED MONEY.  But the government is still THROWING MONEY at the economy, and especially at the BANKS and WALL STREET (even as President Obama TRASHES them).  The stock market continues to do well, because they are COUNTING on "Bailout Ben", "Tax Cheat" Tim Geitner, and "Trend Is Yur Friend" Obama to "save" THEM (not YOU).  GOP your "savior?  Don't be silly.  Remember, that "payrolll tax cut" that was suppposed to add "growth"?  All it has done, as this blog told you would be the case, is ADD to our enormous deficit without helping us 'grow".  Yu WILL remember that the GOP BETRAYED US on things like the "payroll tax cut", and has done NOTHING 9literally nothing) to stop this insanity of rely8ing on ever-increasing SPENDING to smehow "save" us.  Or is it WALL STREET they are relally trying to save (OBMAA AND THE GOP)??    Certainly, that is who Bailout Ben Bernanke is trying to save.

What is the Obama response, with thich the GOP is going along?  Right. MORE BRIBERY.  "Free" contracepton, and other "goodies", for women (on the theory tghat women CAN be bribed more easily than men).  MORE student loans and grants, at SUBSIDIZED interest rates, on the theory htat students don't know any better and cna be LURED into PREDATORY LOANS (lol).that they can never repay, as ACADEMIA (major Democrat/leftist stronghold) benefits. You already know abut that BRIBE of the "payroll tax cut".  There are the HOUSING BRIBES.  Every day, Obama announces a NEW BRIBE, and the GOP says: We can bribe too,' as they FALSELY calim that they are insisting on "payinf for" things like the student laon BIRBE, even as this is a gOP LIE (as well as an Obama LIE).  If we can "cut" any spenidng (oh, you LIARS of the dishonest GOP), or remove any "tax loopholes", we NEED the money to PAY FOR THE GOVERNMENT WE HAVE (that the GOP has NOT "cut").  It is simply a LIE, by people whose sociopatic dishonesty is unmatched in history (GOP and Democrats) that we are "paying for" NEW expansions of government (or throwing NEW money at the economy) by FAILING TO PAY FOR the government we have.  As this blog has correclty told you, this is EXACTLY like "paying for" a NEW YACHT, with "cutting' the rate of growth in your spending from what you wanted it to grow, and maybe adding some small second job, while NOT PAYING FOR your TEN MILLION DOLLAR credit card debt.  Hey.  Why not?  If the Federal Government can do it, why should individuals not jsut have to "apy for" NEW SPENDING (or PROMISE to do so, withut intending to keep that promise), and not woorry abut the OD DEBT.  The old credit card debt, after all, is IN THE PAST.  And what can a person do about the FACT that he is spending 40% more than the money is is taking in, eVERY DAY?  All of that is the PAST.  All that matters is PROMISING to "pay for" the FUTURE.  Moan.  We realy are DOOJMED, and the GOP is NOT the "answer". If I knew the "answer", I would tell yu. Oh, I DO "know" the answer, but I just don't know how to achieve it.  The "answer" is for the PEOPLE not to take it any more:  for us to DEFEAT THEM ALL.  It is just lamost impossible to cnceive how to do this effectively, which is exactly what our politicians are relying upon.  They feel that people REsPOND to BRIBES, while they just do not CONSISTENTLY repspond to "principle' and REALITY.  That is partly because politicans feel that people CANNOT effectively try to "enforce" spending DISCIPLINE, because "everyone is doing it".  You shuld be able to see why I just REFUSE to support Mitt Romney. I just REFUSE to participate in theis SHELL GAME, even as I KNOW that Presdient Obama is DESTROYING this country. 

Shell games, and Ponzi schemes, just don't work forever.  In the end, the house of cards fals.  We are closer to the en, now, than we are too the beginning, although it is impoosible to predict exactly when the house of cards will finally collapse.  But we are NOT "doing well".  We are MIRED in an economy that CANNOT "fully recover", because we have made that impossible.  The BEST we can expect is to continue to "muddle along" this way, year after year, until the ifinal collapse.

By the way, how did i KNOW that the GDP news was BAD, even before I saw the story?  Easy.  The GDP sotry was NOT THERE as one of the "top stories" as I "logged on" my AT&T/Uverse "welcome page" from Yahoo "News".  As I have told you, the peole from Yahoo are DISHONEST, PARTISAN HACKS (like the rest of the mainstream media). Thus, you had "stories' abut CHINESE ACTIVISTS.  You had stories about something called 'Amer Sprots" shwong "profit growht".  You had a sotry about Nokia being "downgrade".  What you did NOT have was any story abut the gDP "tepid growth"--story which had been out there for less than an hour, but which the partisanns at Yahoo obviusly thought was not that important.  That is how I KNEW that the news on GDP was BAD.  If it had beeen GOOD, it would have been all over Yahooo "top stories'.  Indded, the SAME THING happened yesterday, as the BAD "jobs report" (on new unemplyment claims) was quickly BURIED on Yahoo.  Terrible compay.  BOYCOTT YAHOO AND AT&T. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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