Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can a Non-Christian Be Re-Elected President of teh United States?

As you know, many Americans--including noted agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative--believe that Barack Obama is not a Christian.  That leads us to today's poll questin:  "Can a nnonn-Christian be re-elected President of the United States?" 

You say that is a ridiculous "poll", and an even more ridiculous way to introduce a poll?  Well, yu are ATTACKNG CNN, The Bigoted Network.  That was the CNN "poll questin" this morning, with EXACTLY that introduction (changing the name from Barack Obama to Mitt Romney).  Here is how it went, as I HEARD it:

"Many Chnistians do not believe that Mormons, such as Mitt Romney, are Christians.  This leads us to our CNN poll quesiton:  "Can America elect a non-Christian President/" 

Notice how DISHOENST, as well as BIGOTED, this "poll question" is!!!!!!   The CNN anchor made absolutely clear that CNN was directing the questin at MITT ROMNEY.  The discussion was all about Romney's Mormon relign, and whether Mormons are "really" Christians.  Yet, the QUESTIN does not even mentin eihter Mormons or Mitt Romney. Can you get any more DISHOENST than that? 

Look at the LEAPS CNN is taking in the name of BIGOTRY.  You have a questin DIRECTED atg Mitt Romney and Mormons which does nto mentin Mitt Romney or Mormons.  Then CNN is going to try to USE this poll to say that Mitt Romneyh cannot be elected Presdient, because Americans will not elect a non-Christian.  How BIGOTED can yu et!!!!!  Americans, of course, have ALREADY elected a non-Christian as President:  BARACK OBAMA. The questin is whether they will re-elect him.  But CNN is trying to SNEAKILY JUMP from the THEWOLOGICAL quesitn of whether "Mormonism" is "really" a Christina religin--a totally THEOLOGICAL "question"--to this attempted logical syllogism (abssurd):

1.  Americans will not vote for a non-Cjhristian for Presdient, such as a Muslim or an atheist (someting CNN would CONDEMN and RIDICULUE if such a person were OPENLYU running for Presdient, and being aooposed on that gournd). 

2.  A Mormon, such as Mitt Romhney, is not really a Christian.

3.  Theerefore, Mitt Romney cannot be elected President. 

Good luck, CNN, with this SPHIST BIGOTRY.  The Maverickk Conservative calls you out for what you are: DISHONEST BIGOTS. perfectly wiling to make THEOLOGY a POLITICAL ISSUE if it fits your POLITICAL AGENDA>  The Maverick Conservative is calling you out as evil people spreading evil. 

John King, previusly on CNN, in a "commentary (tirade) as to "questins" about whether Barack Obama is a Christian::   "There are some evil (whether King used that word or onot, this was the sense of his TIRADE) who want to make an ISSUE out of how peole pray.  That is a terrible thing in America.". 

Q.E.D.  You heard it from John King.  Wolf Blitzer, and the otehr peole of CNN tryhing to make an ISSUE out of "how Mormons pray", are EvIL people who are attacking the very foundation of America.  In other words, CNN is an EviL NETWORK attacking the very ffoundations of America. And here I thought John king was a HYPOCRITE.  I obviusly did not have enough insight into his genius. He was just using his positon on CNN,as a MOLE within CNN, to EXOSE the EVIL HYPOCIRSY of CNN.  Good,  job, Joh King. 

This blgo will "report" the "results" of The Maverick Conservative poll tomorrow.  You are invited to VOTE by coment on this blog.  But the poll is not limited to those comments, if any.  Nope.  The blog will be OUT THRE, among  the peole, asking the poll quesiton.  You can expect THOUSANDS of votes.  You may suspect how this "poll" is going to turn out. But be sure and read tomorrow to see if you have developed las accurate a reading of this blog as this blgo has of CNNH.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  By the way, here is another poll questin: Are Christian conservativves more likely to vote for a Muslim for Presdient thatn leftists, like those on CNN, are likely to vote for a Christian conservative?"  I can telly you the correct rsults of this poll:  90% "yes".  5% "no"  5% "don't know".  Yep.  I am syaing that the CNN polli is an EVI poll that means NOTHING, even if CNN did not make the EVIL clear by linking the "poll" directly to Mitt Romney. It is ABUSRD, IN THE ABSTRACT, to be asking peole whether they will elect a "non-Christian.".  It depends on the non-Christian.  Muslims and Christian conservatives, for examle, ahve vbery SIMILAR views on "social issues".  Is it IMPOSSIBLE to imagine a situation where a MUSLIM candidate makes comon cause with CHRISTIANS on ISSUES/  I don't see any reason thais might not happen. Tis kind of polli  is MEANINGLESS, and EVIL.  Look at all of those plls that said that America would never elect a BLACK Presdient.  Now America should NOT ahve elected this particular black Presdient, but the fact that we did shows ow MEAINGLESS these polls are.  Now CNN only used polls on anti-BLACK bigotry to PUSH the idea that voters needed to rEJECT the BIGOTRY shown in such polls.  Is CNN noting anti-Momon BIGOTRY for the sam reason, to suggest that peole vote FOR Mitt Romney to show that they are NOT BIGOTED?......................................................................................Sorry, agina-, as I was on the floor in that fetal positoin, aluging and crtihng at the same time...................................You jsut don't get more bigoted and dishonest than the people of CNN.

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