Sunday, April 29, 2012

Barack Bizarre: President Jokes About Dog Eathing?

The headline is NOT mine.  It is a direct quote from the ppresent BANNER headline on Drudge ( The LINK on Drudge is to an 'msn-now" headline reading as follows: "Dog eating jokes main course at press dinner"

Are the Presdient AND the PRESS this SICK? Maybe--especailly the press ('journalists" none). 

If it were Mitt Romney, or a GOP Presdient, this would be a BIG DEAL.  CNN has focused on the UHNIMPORTANT, 20 year old story on Mitt Rmoney transporting his dog on top of his car for WEEKS-maybe MONTHS.  But CNN, inad the rest of the mainstream media, are the worst hyocrites who have ever walked the Earth, on two legs or four. 

No. I refuse to make much out of this. Dirty little secret:  It is IRRELEVANT to whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney should be Presdient whether Barack Obama laughs at, or tells, "dog eating" jokes. .And it is IRRELEVANT to whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama should be President that Ropmney once carried his dog on top of his car (in a carrier). People who WANT to make this kind of thing a BIG DEAl are PARTISANS. Thhat definitely includes cN, and the rest of the mainstream media.  Do these things really count when teh FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY is at stake, and teetering on a knife edge?  Nope . But if the media will make as much as it did out of "free contraceptoini", or Rush Limbaugh calling a leftist partisan a "slut", then our media will tell you that you should consider SELLING OUT YOUR COUNTRY for almost any thing.  Why not for Barack Obama allegedly being "bizarre?"   Well, the answer to "why not" is that it is STUPID.  We have SERIUS ISSUES in this country, and ONLY CNLN (and lpeoople trying to do the asame thingaas CNN on the opposite side--sometimes even me) really think that things like a dog riding on top of a car, or "dog eating jokes", are even RFELEVANT on whoo should be Presdient.

Yes.  I think the Drudge headline is funny/clever. Is it "fair"?  Of coures not. It is not intended to be, just as CNN does not intend to be "fair" to Mitt Romney on either "Mormonism" or dogs.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).   Oh, Drudge put this headline under a BIG picture showing President Obama LAUGHING. 

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