Tuesday, April 24, 2012

President Obama Is Not a Christian: Bill Maher and The Maverick ConservativeTwo Noted Agnostics--Agree

Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative both have agreed that Paresident Barack Obama is NOT a Christian, but rather is a "secular humanist" (leftist ideology being Obama's real religion).   Maher and The Maverick Conservative are probably the two most noted agnostics in the country, although Maher is the INTOLERANT, bitter, anti-Christian agnosti c.  The Maverick Conservative is a true agnostic--in the tradition of the Roman lphilosopher, Lucian:  SKEPTICAL of EVERYTING, including agnoticism itself.  Thus, tThe Maverick Conservative does not have this INTOLERANT HATRED of religion--especially the Christian religion--that Bill Maher has (along with CN, The Anti-Christian Network).

Readers of this blog may have noticed that this essentially this headline is a RECURRING headline on The Maverick Conservative, and dedicated readers even know WHY.  The Maverick Conservative has made a vow to HEADLINE this TRUTH as often as CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media, attack the RELIGIOUS beliefs of a GOP politician, or attempt to make those beliefs a POLITICAL ISSUE (while DISHOENST HYPOCRITES like John King an dWolf Blitzer ridi cule the idea that BARACK OBAMA'S religious beliefs should everr be a political issue).  Sure, this blog has shown you taht evil people like Blitzer, and the rest of CNN, are the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or fur (in article after article--incuding  previous articles lon Blitzer and King specifically).  Still, I am NOT a Christian.  I do NOT "turn lthe other cheek".  That is why EVERY TIME the mainstream media tries to make RELIGION a political issue of Mitt Romney, between now and November, this TRUTHFUL headline is going to appear AGAIN.  Even the LEFTISTS at MSNBC haave said-I heard them, including Chris Matthews--that: "Barack Obama does not wear his religion on his sleeve."  That is their way of saying that they don't believe that Barack Obama is really a believing Christian. If CNN--evil as they are--is going to continue to try to make the RELIGON of someone like Mitt romney a political issue, then this blog is going to continue to make the RELIGION  (non--religion) of Barack Obama a political issue. After all, if Barack Obama is not really a Christian, that makes him a hypocritese and a liear. But you already knew Obama is those things.  Mitt Romney also does not 'ear his religion on his sleever", but he is OPEN about being a Mormon.  Wheyou questin the Mormon religion, as CNN does time and time agian, you are NOT attacking Romney as a "hypocrite"..  Rhater, in that case, CNN people are simply PROVING that they are DISHONEST HYPOCRITES in making the acknowledged religion of Mit t Romney a lP(OLITICAL ISSUE.  Remember, these are tghthe very same people who said that Persident' Obama's active membership in REverend Wright's ANTI-AMERICAN church shuld not be a lpolitical issue. 

What did CNN do?  See the next articlle on Wolf Blitzer, BIGOT and evil person on The Bigoted Network. It is almost a joke. After basically calling people EVIL for having any issue with Barack Obama's religion, Wolf Blittzer (on his lprogram today on CNn) PROMOTED hisa EvIL  by saying:  "Coming up, I ask a Christian pastor whehter Mitt Romney is really a Christian, AND (Blitzer wanting to make sure it is clear just how much of a BIGOT he is on The Bigoted Newwork)we will have a report on Mitt Romney's activities as a 'bishop' 9lol) in the Mormon Church."  This is a Blitzer-type promotion. Read the next article for the details of Wolf Blitzer, BIGOT, in the CNN "church" of BIGOTRY.  Oh.  Wolf Blitzer is NOT a Christian either:  a statement I think you can safelyu make about almost everyone on CNN.

P.S No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  Yep.  Tis headline will also alppear when I get the VIBES of someone like Blitzer engaging in this kind of BIGOTRY.  Since I am morally ceertain that CNN did not do this big a production (essentially TWO stories attempting to make Romney's religion a political issue) just oon this one day, this headline will appear TOMORROW, as well, on The Maverick Conservative.  I amm fairly certain the headline will appear several days EVERY WEEK between now and November.  The media is simply unable to leave this alone.  Neither will I.  I have actually ebeen slacking off in my vow.  No longer.  I have almost never been as ANGRY as the evil bigot, Blitzer, made me.  Thuys, you can expect to see this headline AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN--just as you see the BIGOTRY of CNN and the leftist media AGAIN and AGAN and AGAIN. 

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