Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Why should I, as an agnostic, wish you a "Happy Easter", and not even care if the "fuss" about Easeter may mark us as a "Christian nation" (violating the RELIGION of "separation of church and state in a vehement, intolerant way).?

Right. I gave ou the answer. I am not INTOLERANT, like s manyh of the lfet--partiuclarly like CNN, The Anti-Christian Network. I am actually SECURE i what I believe, and it does nto bother me to acknowledge that MOST may beieve differently in this country. Easter, as CNN may never have gotten around to telng you, is the holiday celebrating the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ. That makes it a holiday of hope and redemption. If lyou are a Christian, and reallly even if you are not, I hope tihs Easter fulfills that promise for you.

I have on e recommendation, if you want to keep the spirit of Easter: Do NOT wach the CNN "special": "Kids on Race". Waht am I talkng about? Easter really has nothing to do with it, aside from again showng how "insensitvie" the anti-Christian cNN is to th emajority Christian religion of the country. You should NEVER pay any attention to the RACIST propaganda of CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media (see previus article).

Anyway, Happy Easter. If you get comfort from the holiday, more power to you. I find it a little ironic that those SOULLESS people of Wall Street treated Good Friday as a holiday, while almost no one else did. Shouuld yo WORRY abut hat: that Wall Street fest the NEED to khonor Good Friday? l I think you shuld worry. As I ahve told lyou, stocks are again in a "bubble", ignoring where we really are, economically, and Obama policies have made a real economic recovery recovery impossible Still, it has to encouratgge you a little that Wall Street's ONLY GOD is not "Bailout Ben" Bernanke.

My (platonic--as if any woman would have it otherwise) female friend Sylvia (Cahotlic, as least when she wants to be): "Skip, you are so NEGATIVAE. That is why I don't read our blog. Why do iI want to gear all of those NEGATIVE things. No wonder everyhone thinks ou are a grumpyh old man". Hey. I can't help it. I look at rality. But, again, if Easter gives you a sense of hope and redemption when YOU face reality, more power to you.

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