Thursday, April 19, 2012

India, China, Missles and Our Incompetent, War Mongering Media

Here is the AT&T/Yahoo/AP "featured"headlline from last night (I could never make this stuff up):

"India announces launch of missle that can hit major Chinese cities?

Say what? Is the Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press (complete, official name) actualy so despicable as to promote the idea that CHINA should "take out" the INDIA missle/nuclear weapon program? Did India really "announce" that they can now "hit" major Chinese cties? I would rather believe that it is the desicable AP that is that STUPID. I think bettter of India. I would assume INdia merely announ nced the expected RANGE of its mssle, based on the test. I was not aware of any special problems between China and India. Were you? Does the AP know things we do not.............................................................................................Sorry. On the floor again, lauging....................................

Oh. What was this morning's AP DISAPPONTED headlien? It was basicaly that NO ONE CARED about the India missle that the despicable AP made such a big, WAR MONGERING deal out of--unlike the North Korea misssle (so help me--that was IN the AP?AT&T/Yahoo headline, as if the world is being UNFAIR to North Korea--the AP really is getting WORSE). Why does the world care about North Korea's nuclear eweapon program and not India's? Right. North Korea is CRAZY. And it is allied with OTHER CRAZY PEOPLE, like those in Iran. India, in contrast, is SANE. That does not mean India is always in the right, but it is a SANE country.

You shuld know the main "enemy" of India as well as I do, even if the AP somehow seems to think India is "targeting" CHINA.. The main military concern of India is PAKISTAN. Yep. Did you not see "Slumdog Millionaire", which I thought LIBELED India? India has a problem with EXTREMIST MUSLIMS,, and a Kashmir border dispute with Pakistan. Or, lyou might say taht there is a RELIGIOUS CONFLICT between majority non-Muslim India (although not Christian either) and Muslim Pakistan, as well as periodic allegations that India is persecuting Muslims in the country. Tensions with Pakistan have not been at center stage much lately, but I believe they still simmer. In short, I think India is more "worried" abut being able to "hit" Pakistan, than it is about being abelt o "hit" China. Now may there be reasons that India keeps its eye on Cihina? Of course. There may even be some "disputes" hainging around with China. But I don't think India has major tensions with Cina, and it wouldbe nuts for India to even think about a NUCLEAR WAR with CHINA. The AP is nuts. India is not. India might not mind that China respects India as a country whihc can take careof itself. But India can hardly want to "provoke" Cina, despite the seeming AP suggesting that this missle test was a provocation of China. India, by the way, has had nuclear weapons for some time, as has had Pakistan. This is probably NOT a "good thing", jsut because those two countries have this long-standing confict (with Pakistan being pretty much UNSTABLE). That makes this "hot spot" in the world always a potential for eruption. Isn't it nice how the DESPICABLE AP has treid to STIR UP TROUBLE about this India test? And some of you actually wonder why I despise the AP as much as I do!!!!!

What does the mains "mission" of our maisntream media appear to be now, besides re-electing Barack Obama? The evidence seems to be that their main mission is to INCITE groupp against group (in the United States, and partly as part of that mission to re-elect Barack Obama), and to incite nation agaisnt nation (internationally). These (people of the AP and our mainstream media) truly are terrible people.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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