Friday, April 6, 2012

Trayvon Martin and Race: Media Success at Racial Division--Not to Mention Success at Dishonst Hypocrisy

This ws the headline you Yhoo "News", from some mainstream media source:

"oll on Trayvon Martin case shows racil didvide"

Forget the EVIL of polls for a second. LYou hust cannot be a worose DISHOENST HYPOCRITE than this (the media). I did lyou not. The media is looking with ALARM, and pursuing its AGENDA of asserting that the USA is a RACIST NATION, by publicizing a pll that merely shows the media has been successful in what it has been TRHING to do: Create racial divisioni in this country.

Let me be as blunnt as I possibly can. The media has set out to do two things in the Trayvon Martin case:

1.. LYNCH Hiispanic George Zimmerman.

2. Tell balck lpeole, and guilty "white' people, that balcks still cannot gett a fiar shake in this country.

It is the MEDIA who have mad e this case all about RACE. And thn they acted "shocked", or "surprised", that therre would be a difference in the racial attitudes twoard this case? Is it not RATIONAL lfor "hties" to look at the case this way: "Gee, the facts are not entirely clear, but the case agaisnt Zimmerman appears to be pretty weak. Doe sthis mean thqat the MEDIAIA, and racial poiticians, may try to RAILROAD and LYNCH me, if they think it fitst their agenda to do so?". Then there are really intelligent "white people like me (dspite my Native American "blood"), who thinknk we really need to get BGEYOND RACE in this countrym, and deal with each case as involving INDIVIDUALS (where race sthould be irrelevant).

But look att he situation, if you aare a BLCK person. Almost all of the media is telling you that Trayvon Martin was killed BECAUSE llhe is black (for which there is NO evidence--I mean NONE). To advance this propisiton, the media has LIED about the audio tape (NBC "editing" the audtio tape to suggest that Zimmerman was keing on race, which thhe unedited tape shows was FALSE). The media has attepmpted to MANUFACTURE a ridiculous "racial slur" from Zimmerman, when NO ONE (--I mean literally NO ONE--uses "coon" anymore as some sort of preferred "racial slur". The media has tried to use a FUZZY video tape to sayy that Zimmerman was UNINJURED. That was FALSE. But what about MARTIN? What were HIS injureis? Media not interested. And the media keeps bringingit back to RACE. CNN jsut refuses to give up on 'f---ing coons", even though it is OBBIOUS that it is a ridicuous "charge". I heard CNN today talk abut a "nationaL debate" on whether Ximmerman used a "racial slur". WHAT "national debate", and did you ever doubt lthis blog when I TOLD you that the media is UNITNERESTED in FACTS, but wantts to make everything a MATTER OF OPINION, It is absurd to tal k about a "national debate" abut whaat Zimmerman said. If you can't PROVE he said it, then he did NOT say it. Or does the media act on "guilty until rpoven innocent". Actually, th UN-AMERICAN, evil people (of the medxia) don't believe in almost ANYTHING America stands for, if it conflicts in any way with theieri agenda.

But what if you are a black person. The media is TELING you this is all about RACE. they are TELLING you thqat it is not even about Zimmerman, or Samfrod, Florida, but abut ALL of America. If you hear thsis, as a blakc person, areyou not going to feel differently abut the case than your average (non-media) "white" person? Of course ou are. The media is TELLING yhou that "WHITE AMERICAN' is out tgo GET you.

If hte media sets out to INCIte RACIAL DIVISION AND RACIAL HATRED, THEN ONLY DISHONEST HYPOCRITES WOULDULD EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT. lUCKY FRO US, WE HAVE A MEDIA filled with DISHONEST HYPOCRITES (my sarcasm disease recurring). Theese are the worst, most dishonest hypocrites ever to walk the Earth, on two legs or four. And they are a major CAUSE of RACIAL DIVISION in this counntry.

As this blog has t0ld you, our media is doing more HARM to African-Americans in this country than anybody else right now: maybe more HARM than the Ku Klux Klan ever did. Does it HELP blacks to look tt this country as a RACIST COUNTRY, filled with "white " peole out to GET THEM/ NO. this does NOT "help" balck people. It HARMS them.

But I dont' balme black pepe, even though I would have hoped they wwould have learned asome things by now. If I were black, and being constantly TOLD--by the media and by racial politicans of my own rac--that I am in constant DANGER of being KILLED by those RACISTS out there whho are still TYPICAL of Americaa, I would hae trouble thinking this is not all abut RACE.: that this country is all about MY race against the "WHITE RACE" trying to GET us blakcs.

Noepe. These (our media) are EVIL peoplle SPREADING EVIL in this coutnry. In this case, the EVIL is a DEIBERATE attempt to DIVIDE us along racial linnes. And then these HYPOCRIETES have the NERVE to act "concerned" about a "racial divide" in this country!!!!!!! I stand bly waht I have said aobut our media; These are some of the WROST human beings who have ever lived, exscluding only peole like terrorists and mass murderers. And our media is fast CATCHING up with people like terrorists and massmurderers.

P.S. No proofreading or sepll checkng (bad eyesight). Claude Rains, in Casablance:' "Shocking. I am SHOCKED that there is gambling gong on here.'. Our media is LESS honest than the Claude Rains character, as they act "shocked" that they have CREATED a "racial divide" in this country. I, on the other hand, am SHO(OCKED that these peole of the media have ANY respect from ANYOBDY. Luckily, , I think they pretty much don't, as the people who pay any attentin to ur media DECLINE daily .


mss said...

Juan Williams showed this statistic as he subbed for OReilly last night. And then he indignantly asked why Zimmerman wasn't arrested yet, as if the poll proved Zimmerman's guilt. All the poll proved is the media has done a great job of convincing people this was a race induced crime despite the lack of evidence. They just keep saying it so it must be true. I never liked Juan Williams much, but this convinced me he is nothing but a political hack with no real convictions like all the other journalists? Whatever happened to reporting who, what, when and where? Just the facts maam, just the facts.

Skip said...

I, of course, did not see Juan Williams on the unfair and unbalanced network, since I am now totally BOYCOTTING the entire "prime time" lineup (and "surffng" the daytime "new" on the unfair and unbalanced network no more, and probaby now less, than I do CNN). This blog has referenced Juan Williams as nothing more than a walking, talking set of leftist "talking points" in several articles. He is especially bad on "race", althugh it should be noted that Sheppard Smith was much WORSE on the Trayvon Martin case. Sheppard Smith revealed himself as a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR--misrepresenting the case totally and deliberately. I thik less of the ENTIRE unfair and unbalanced network every single day.

The most important point of the commetn, on which I totally agree, is that it is ABSURD to attempt to use a POLL to DEMAND the arret of an individual in this country. Are we any better than the lynch mobs of the Old West? I see no evidence that we are, or that oure media is any better than the worst of the "yellow journalists" of the past. This blog, of course, for a decade or so (since its beginning on AOL--including my AOL comments before the blog really existed, has conductged a CRUSADE against the EVIL of polls, and the way they are presently used. It is an EVIL we can STOP, simply by LYING to pollsters (or refusing to cooperate). The INITIAL poll here, of course, showed 73% of Ameri cans "thought' Zimmerman should be arrested. That polll was always a LIE, based on total media misrepresentation of the case (including the NBC LIE , "editing the 911 call, and the LIE that Zimmerman had never been arrest3ed. That police video--another media LIE in terms of its media purpose to show Zimmerman suffered NO injury--proved that Zimmerman WAS ARRESTED at the time of the shooting. He just was not charged, AFTER the initial police investigatilotion. The article I reference was about a DIFFERENT poll shwoing that "white people are beginning to catch up with media LIES. Are you, like Claude Rains in "Casablanca", "shocked' that BLACK peoplle find it harder to cut through these LIES designed to show "white' people are out to GET them? You can't be that naive. Black people are merely people. If they get this PROPAGANDA their entire lives, and see it reinforced by isolated (and lessenting) instances of racial prejudice, they are going to react like PEOPLE. Too bad our media, and our racial politicians, are so intnent on HARMING black peeople That includes Juan Williams.