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Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and Bond: The Maverick Conservative GGets It Right (Again)

Okay.  It was not hard.  But the mainsteream emdia fAILED to get this right.  You know the PROPAGANDA.  The idea was that the Trayvon Martin family, and their supporters, had no problem with George Zimmerman getting his "day in court", and makng his defenese, or even with Zimmreman making bail.  Al tey wanted ws Zimmeriman's AREEST, so that the normal process couuld occur.  Waht iidid this lbog tell you about taht?  HOGWASH.  This blog told  you taht it iwas HOGWASH, and that Martin supporters wanted George Zimmerman IN JAIL, essetnialy with the key thrown away.  This blog correctly told you that the ONLY thing tathat would "satisfy" Martin "supportersa" was the ONCVICTION of George Zimmeramn, and that Martin supporters would INCIITE RIOOT if George Zimmerman were to be ACQUITTTED. Did any ouf ou DOUBT this blogg?  Never, ever, do that. This blog is ALWAYS right (99.9% accuracy rating).

What am I talking abou?  Welll, today, George Zimmerman was awarded BAIL, ni the normal lprocess. So the Martin family, and their supporters, said that they were "happyg" that Zimmerman was able to take advantage of the nomral criminal porocess, and receive bail so that he can prepare his defense (which the Martin family hasd said, o they WANTED him to have the opportunity to submit).  Zimmerman even ADDRESSED the "questions" that the Martin family was saying they wanted answers.

Don't be silly.  This blog TOLD you exactly what the Martin family, and their suppporters want: A LYNCHING.  They fully intaend to promoate a RIOT, or at least racial unrest, if Zimmerman were to actually be acquittted. Doubt me?  Again, you are a FOOL.  The Martin attorney said taht the family was "devastated" just by Zimmerman being able to getg out on BAILl--contrary to what lthis same DISHONEST man said right before the arrest.

Nope. You read this WRONG if yhou think I am condemning the Martin FAMILY.  They lost their SON., and relative. The people I am condemning are thos DISHOENST media people, and peole attempting to USE martin to promote racial hatred, who have LIED here, when they had no EMOTIONAL reason to do so (EXCEPT the ANTI- AMERICNA agenda to label the USA as a REACIST society). .It was always a LIE lthat the Martin family just wanted Zimmerman to go through the norm mal criminal prrocess. As stated, I don't have a problem with the FAMILY teling that lie (and I think they are even being TOLD what kind of outrage they NEED to expreess, whether they want to be better than that or not). TThe problem I have is with the MEDIA, and other lfetists, tryhing to USE the Martin family, to the pont that they accept this OBVIOUS LIE at face value, and still don't label it a lie after the fact.  I understand that ththe Martin famiy feels no urge to be "fair" to George Zimrman. I would feel the same way.  But peole REPORTING on this should be telling you FACTS, like this blog has done.  It is a FACT taht Martin supporters have intended, and STILL INTEND, to RAILOROAD George Zimmerman right into prision--which he may, or may not,"deserve".  The position of this blog remainss that The Maverick Conservative will NOT participate int he LYNCHIH MOB circus that the Zimmerman matter was always destined to become . The postiioon of this blog has been clear: It made NO sense to charge Zimmerman with anything but manslaughter, which was a reasonable charge (if not necessarlily a valid one). Oh, there was a supposed "bloody picture" of Zimmerman showing a "blody" head right after this incident. Doesn't matter,. this "trial" is goning to be a CIRCUS, unless it is short circuited by the judge. Think about the reaction to THAT!!!!! 

That was not the only thing abut which this blog was PROVEN right today.  There was the vicious attack on the RELIGION of Mitt Romney. This blog has CONSISTENTLY toldyuo, even as this blog supported Rick Santroum, that the reeligious BIGOTS of the left were going to attack Mitt Romnney over his OMORMONA religion, even though Barack Obama has POLYGAMIST ancestors. You know the positon oof this blog: The BIGOTS on the left--including, for example, Wolf Blitzer and CNN--are the worst hypocrites ever to walk the Earth, on two legs or four. Well, todday's "news" was that the DEMOCraT governor of Montatna--a BIGOT and EVIL person who i would so describe TO HIS FACE--talkedd about Romney's ancestors livng in a "Mormon commune". To much for the HYPOCRISY of the letft about attacking somoene on  their religion, and the religion of their ANCERFSTORS>  Is Obama a MUSLIM?  He had Muslim ancestors, and by the standards of the governor of Montanta he is obviusly TAINTED by that, as well as the POLYGAMY of some of his ancestors.  You might remember that the Mormon curch has OPPOSED polygamy since the 19th Century. You might also rememember that Pressident Obama VOLUNTARIY CHOSE a church with an ANT-AMERICAN bigot as a pasor (Reverend WRight), and that the miansteream emdia said that was iIRRELEVANT to the electionn. Again, these are the wrost HYPOCRITGES to ever walk the Earth, on tow legs or fur.

There will be MULTIPLE articles posted on The Maverick Conservative to folow up on this BIGOTRY and HYPOCRISY on the left.  Remember, I am NOT a Christian.  I do NOT "turn the other cheek".

Thus, and I repeat what this bog will tell you until the November election:  This blog, and Bill Maher (who gave the Obama campaign a MILLIN dollars) AGREE  Presdient Obama is NOT  A CHRISITAN.  No, I don't hink he is a Muslim, etiehr. Maher and I agree that Obama is a SECULAR HUMANIST, who believes ONLY in the RELIGIN of leftist ideology. Get used to it.  YOu are GURANGEED to see this AGAIN and AGAIN in this blgo, especially every time Romney is ATTACKED on his religion (with the TACIT approval of the Obama campaign, AND the mainstream meddioa).  This is EVI sttuff (these attacks based on religioous BIGOTRY), and this bog will FIGHT this battle to the bitter end (as The Maverick Conservati e did in 2008, when the MEDIA tried the same thing).  This time, this bog CORRECTLY told you thaqt the medai was stillpreparing to ATTACK Obama on this Mormon RELIGIN, along with the rest of the left, but would not go "all out" onb that until Romney DEFE$ATED Rick Santgorum.  This blg TOLD you that, once Santorum was beaten, the media, and the rest of the left, would come aft4er Romney on the basis of RELIGIUS BIGOTRY.  Thease are EVIL people (talking about the left,  includnig Wolf Blitazer, CNN and the rest of  the mainstream medai) spreading EVIL.  The govvernnor of Montana fits squarely int hat category. Harry, Redi, Seante Majority Leader (Democrat) is a MORMON, but the media did not ATTACK him on that gournd, or "encourage " attacks on that basis.  That is because theses are lEVI HYP(OCIRTES.  Enough.  For now.  You will see article after articl ein this blog on this subject. You KNOW that I am not shy about RELIGIN, and am perfectly willing to talk about my own AGNOSTIC philosophy.  I am willing to CONFRONT the EVIL MEDIA,, and the rest of the EVIL LEFT, on the subjectg of tehir EVIL RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY. Just read this blog, and see.

This blot is simply never wrong.  That was confirmed in the reactin to the george Zimmerman bail, and in the sudden attacks on Mitt Romney for his RELIGION (and the religion of his ancstors).  I will again remind you that Barack Obama beloged to a church with a pastor who said GOD DAMNED AMERICA, while Obama was an ADULT member of the church, along with numberous other HATAE MONTE$RING things.  Am I saying that Reverend Wright is WORSEW than the WORST the Mormon church could be? Daman right.  I am saying exaclty that, and I am saying there is a BTTER case for Barack Obama believing in thte WORST of what Reverend Wright "taught" than there is for believing taht AMit t Romney believed int he WORST of what the Mormon religoni EVER TAUGHT. 

The articles on Romney and the Mormon eligigion, as well as on "Barack Obama, Polygamist", will continue 

P.S. NO proofreading or spell checknig (bad eyesight).

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