Monday, April 2, 2012

NBC Libels Zimmerman: Liars and Anti-Hispanic Racists (Edited 911 Call)

Let me be as blunt as I possibly can be: The perforan ece of NBC, and the rest of the mainstream media, in the Zimmerman/Martin matter is WORSE than any possible mistakes of the Samford police--worse, really ,than anything Zimmerman did, because what Zimmerman did had NO natinal significanc. Thhe abysmal, eVIL performance of our media does haveantional significance, because it is the very essence of what is wrong with a media totally uninterested in facts. It is POSSIBLE that George Zimmerman shuld get two years , or so, in prison for manslaughter . Unlike the media, I am NOT sure of that, but it is entirely poossible. If there were any justtice, in the world, however, NBC , and the rest of the media, would receive TEN years in prison for gross crimes against "journalissm" and trying to INCITE RACIAL WAR. Talk about a "hate crime"!!! I see NO evidence that George Zimmerman committed a "hate crime". The evidence is overwhelming that NBC has committed a HATE CRIME against George Zimmerman, for the PURPOSE of incidting racial HATRED in this country.

What did NBC do? Again, I could never make anything this EVIL up. What NBC did was EDIT the 911 audio of George Zimmerman reporting a suspicioius person to FALSELY label Hispanic Zimmerman as a hate criminal". Here is (approzimately--see Washington Times article and internet for exact quotes) what Zimmerman actuall said on his 911 call to police:

"There is a man here who seems to be up to no good. It is raining, and he is walking around aimlessly, as if he is out of it on drugs or something"

The 911 operator then said (reasonably): "Is the man white, Hispaanic or black.?"

Zimmerman: "looks black".

You can seee that Zimmerman's original 911 call was NOT about RACE. Zimmerman did not even identify the race of the person he reagarded as acting suspiciously, until prompted byt eh 911 operator. Contrary to suggestion, by the way, the police NEED TO KNOW what a suspected prowler looks like. No, it is not jsut that they need to Identify" the person. They need to know when they have actually responded to the call. Waht if the police fid a WHITE person at the secenne and thing that they have got the right "suspiciouys" person to check out? They willl then MISS checking out on the person the 911 call was bout. If the police are called aboutg a suspiciious PROWLER, they need to know when they have CHECKEWD OUT the alleged prowler (and not some OTHER prowler they may find). This blog plans an artile, tomorrow, abut how the author of the blog ("whtie Eurpopean) had TWO Arlington police cars pull up to check out what the author was doing listening to a St. Louis Cardinial baseball game, on a transistor radio, outside of an Arlington house. I am surprised they did not send a swat team.

Here is how the RACIST, anti-Hispanic LIARS at NBC edited the 911 call:

Zimmerman: "There appears to be a man here who looks like he is up to no good. .... LLooks blakc.".

In other words, NBC FALSELY represented that George Zimmerman VIKYBTEERED the information that Trayvon Martin "lloks balck", as part of his "complaint". Instead, as the UNEDITED tape shows, Zimmerman did not eve initially refer to the man's race. He only did so under request by teh 911 operator.

I have no hesitancy in labeling NBC as ANTi-HISPANCI. There is more basis here for that than NBC ever had for asserting that George Zimmerman is a racist. More imortantly, NBC obviusly looks at EVERYTHIGN through a prism of RACISM. Why else would NBC EDIT this tape to try to FALSELY show that this was a case of "racial profiling'? Are you not a RACIST when yo innsist on MAKING this kind of incident about RACE? I think your are. The essence of racism, as this blog has correcly said repeatedly, is DEFINING people on the basis of their race. Here, NBC had an AGENDA of Martin as the RACIAL victim of a "white Hispanic" individual--trying to show that the USA is a RACIST country. In other words, NBC edited this tape to deliberately incite RACIAL HATRED. That, my friends, is a HATE CRIME. I would acll it a HAT CRIME unter the present Fedral stature.

I am not CALKLING for the JUSTICED DEPARTMENT to invvetiate NBDC for a HATE CRIME dlieberately trying to FRAME George Zimmerman. Thre is just no doubt that NBC tried to incidte RACIAL WAR in this countryu, as the whole media has done in this Zimmerrman/Martin matter. This is just a SINGLE incidedtn. Th emainstream media refuses to "indict" Muslims because of the numerous Msulim terrorists, but there is clearly MORE REASON to do that than to extend the Zimmerman/Martin matter beyond the individuals invlolved. The fact that our media seem unable to see that jsut shows how EVIL they really are. SIXC people were killed tonight at a small college in California. Sure, the shooter was immediately arrested (as, in fact, the Samford police departtment initally did with George Zimmerman, until determing that there were no grounds for an IMMEDIATE charge). Even if you extend the Zimmermna matter to a few individual ls who decided not to hold Zimmerman on a charrge of homicide, there is no basis for saying those people are "representative" of anyone besides themselves. This "guit by association" is a MEDDIA CRIME, and it is done to INCITE RACIAL HATRED>

Nope. These--NBC and the rest of the media--are EVIL peole spreading EVIL. In this case, they are deliberately trying to spread racial hatred. I, personally, have as much CONTGEPT for thesee "journalists" as I have ever had for ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANY PALCE>

P.S. No proofreading or sepll checking (bad eyesight). Can uyou imagine ow "fair" the treatment of George Zimmerman would haebe been if the MEDIA PEOPLE ha d been in charge of the Samford police deapartment? The mind boggles. Zimmerman may, or may not, have committed a crime. But what the media want to do is LYNCH HIM.

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