Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wolf Blitzer: Evil Bigot on The Bigoted Network

See the previouis article. Tihis is exactly what the bigoted Wolf Blitzer said on his show on The Bigoted Network yesterday (I heard it, although it is the LAST time I will ever hear Wolf Blitzer live):  "Coming up, I ask a Christian pastor whether Mormons are Christians, , and we have a report on Mitt Romney's activities as a 'bishop' (lol--Wolf, yu are so DISHONEST) in the Mormon Church."

Be honest. Can you get any more BIGOTED, and HYPOCRITICAL, than Wolf Blitzer and CNN.  This is the nateowrk that said it was EVIL to make Barack Obama's religion an 'issue" in th epolitical campaign.  Yet, it is now CNN CESPERATELY trying to make Mitt Roney's RELIGION an issue, in exactly the same way taht CNN said was EVIL regarding Barack Obama: the question of whether Barack Obama is "really" a Christian.  The difference, of course, is that Mitt Romney has never claimed to be anything but a Mormon.  The question of wehter Mormons are Christians is solely a question of arcane THEOLOGY.  It is CNN what is ADOVCATING makeing THEOLOGY a POLITICAL ISSUE.  Yu jsut do not get any more EVIL than that, and CNN has CONVICTED ITSELF of EVIL by prevsiously, and correctly, saying it is an EVIL thingto try to make a person's religion an issue in American politcis.  Q.E.D.  CNN is an EViL network  BIGOTED as Hell;  Wolf Blitzer is an EVIL man; bigoted as Hell.  Now I don't think it is a good thing to make Barack Obama's religion "issue" in politics, but look how much MORFRE justificatin there is for it. When it is a political advantage to himself, Obama LIKES TO portray HIMSELF AS A "cHRISTIAN". iF HE REALLY IS NOT a Christian, as noted agnostics Bill Maher lalnd The Maverick Conservative agree he is not, then does that not make President Obama a liar and a hypocrite?  Of course it does, while you CANNOT say that of Mitt Romney. With Romney, CNN is attacking HIS RELIGION.  With Obama, the quesitn is whether he is deliberately LYING about his religion for GAIN, as in the case of the fictional Elmer Gantry. To me, that does nto really justify making Obama's religion a political issue, but there is a much BETTER case for it than there is for making teh THEOLOGY of Mitt Romney's religion a olitical issue.  Nope.  It is NOT TRUE that Romney is out there making his relgin some sort of major issue, although he is not apologizing for it (why should he, unless you are a BIGOT, like Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the peole of CNN).

Did Wolf Blitzer deliberately use the word 'bishop", with regard to Mitt Ronmney, in order to FALSELY compare Romney's role  int he Mormon church to that of a Roman Catholic bishop? Of course he did.  Wolf Blitzer is a dishonest,, evil purpose. The idea that Mitt Romney is the euquitalent of a Roman Catholic bishop in the Mormon Church is simply absurd.

Is Wolf Blitzer really saying that Miitt Romney being ACTIVE in his religion is something to be used AGAINST him, while Barack Obama being INACTIVE in ANY relgini is something that FAVORS OBAMA? CNN--The Bigoted Network , The Evil Network, and The Anti-Christian Network--seems to be taking exaclty that astunding position.  The very thing that causes peole like Bill Maher and me to say that Barack Obama is NOT a Christian--namesly that he has NO specific religin, and WORKS in NO church--is being USED by CNN to ATTACK Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney actually HAS a religion, in which he appears to believe and in which he participates, without being fanatic about it, while Barack Obama has NO DEFINABLE RELIGION.  For CNN, tihs is enough to ATTACK ROMNEY ON RELIGION.--ON THEOLOGY.  CNn can only do that because Romney HAS a thology, without pretending to be any kind of "expert" on Mormon theology.  Since Barack Obama HAS NO THEOLOGY, CNN is saying you CANNOT attack HIM on "theology" (or lack of it).  CNN is also The Liar Network, as this blog intends to show you.  More days than not, between now and the November election, this blgo will have a headine syahing:  "Barack Obama is NOT a Christian.'  And it will be an absolutely truthful headline.  True, as an agnostic, I don't regard not being a Christian as a bad thing, but it does make Obama a liar and a hypocrite.  However, CNN iss in exactly the same position:  Wolf Blitzer, and the other people of CNN, are generally NOT CHRISTIANS EITHER. They are beign BIGOTS for politicaly PARTISAN reasons, making them trulyEVIL people on a level almost beyond imagination. 

This blog has, yuet agian, given yu tomorrow's news months in advance.  Back in the days when Romehy was still being CONTESTED for teh GOP nominatin, this blog told you that the media would EMBRACE BIGOTRY fully if Romney won the nomination.  The Maverick Conservative told you tghat CNN , and the rest of the mainstream media, would PUSH anti-Mormon BIGOTRY as far as they could, onceRomney became the nominee.  While Rick Santroum, or some other "Christian conservative", was a possibility, CNN would not really "push" the "issue", because they are ANTI-CHRISITAN as well.  But onece Romney beame the nominee, the EVIL BIOGTS of CNN were sure to "take the gloves off", and go after Romney's Mormon religion.  That is what this blog told you, and that is what CNN has done.

What did CNN do when the GOP nomination was still is some doubt?  They DID raise the "mormon issue", but tried to pass it off as the "bogotry" of "right wing' evangelistic Christians.  The CNN mantra then was that Romney was having trouble wiht those BIGOTED evangelistic Christians who actually take their religion seriously.  What this blog CORRECTLY told you, as CNN has now made clear, was that it was NEVER "vangelicals" who were willing to embrace (generally) BIGOTRY against Mitt Romney as a Mormon.  It was ALWAYS CNN.  Now, CNN, and the dishoenst Wolf Blitzer, are not referring to only thowe "crazy" evangelicalls, but are talking as if "many Christians" (that is, CNN WANTS thme to fel this way) willl refuse to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon.  No lamentations of CNN about how this is BIGOTED, or maknig THEOLOGY a major issue in a POLITICAL campaign. CNN-and yes, OBAMA SUPPORTERS in general--always intneded to EMBRACE BIGOTRY against Mitt Romney, and to make Ropmney's religion-the THEOLOGY of his religin--an "issue' in tghis elecitn.  CNN no lnoger has the COVER of "blaming" this on "Christian conservatives"--try as they migt.

lYep.  This lbog is teling you, as The Maverick Conservative told llyou before, that CN ic mposed of WORSE BIGOTS than almost any "evangelistic Christian" who ever lived--certainly more DISHOENST bigots.  The people of CNN, like Wolf Blitzer, are willing to PUSH BIGOTRY as a POLITICAL issue.  And, behind the scenes, you have the OBAMA lpeople (as indicated by that disgraceful statemetn from the govrnor of Montana).  Message from CNN, Obama supporters and the left: Don't worry about the COUNTRY, or whether Romey would be a good President.  You should worry about whether Mormons are Christians.  And we tell you that even though we are ANTI-CHRISTIAN ourselfves. 

Q.E.D.  Wolf Blitzer is an Evi BIGOT.  The poeloe of CNN, The Bigoted Network, are EVI BIOGTS. 

Now readers of this blog know that I am BOYCOTTING the entire prime time "lineup" of the unfair and unbalanced netwlr,, because of what I regard as the "journalistic" creimes of that network (similar, indeed, to the crimes of CNN).  What I have to face now is how I can do that and sitll even SURF such an EVIL person as Wolf Blitzer.  I know.  ALL of CNN is pretty much as bad as Wollf Blitzer.  But I need to "surf" both the ungalanced and unfair network, and CNN, to get a general idea of of what is goinng on.  At the same time, how can I support EViL on CNN, wihtout taking AnY real action?  I have decided I can't.  I HAVE to take at least one SYMBOL from CNN--a "face" of CNN--and take actin.  I have chosen that EVIL BIGOT, WOLF BLITZER, as the perfect person to use as an EXAMPLE.  Therefore, this wil be the LAST TIME that you will ever see this blog talka bout Wolf Blitzer based on LIVE viewing of him or his CNN porgram.  I may comment on CLIPS, if they come to my attentino .  But Wolf Blitzer is now a NON-PERSON, as far as I am concerned.  EVIL BIGOTRY needs to be PUNISHED, and this is the humbele best I can do.  I will NEVER, so long as I live, voluntarily listen to a lprogram upon whihc Wolf Blitzer is featured. You have NOT heard aobut Bill O'Reily or Greta Van Susteren on this blog, since I began my TOTAL BOYCOTT of the prime time of the unfair and unbalanced network.  And those lpeple have never been QUITE as EVIL as Wolf Blitzer.  It is only justicie that Wolf Blitzer join them in Coventry.  I will take Anderson Cooper and the other "faces' of CNN under advisement. For now, however, I will continue to SURF the rest of CNN for MATERIAL (and knowledge as to how the EvIL, BIGOTED LEFT is spreading evil).  As this blog has told you, it is sort of futile to call for a boycott of CNN, since the American people are ALREADY engaing in that boycott, wihout consicusly calling it a boycott. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell lchecking (bad eyesight).  Hey, I amy be pretty much blind, but I am not a BIGOT.   That means I am much less fundamentally blind than Wolf Blitzer, and the rest of CNN.  I, an agnostic, even raised my daughters WIHOUT "pushing" my views upon them  I never, unlike the INOTLERANT LEFT, tried to keep my duaghters from CONTACT with religion.  I did onot tell them to "object' to "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, or to worry about a teacher posting the Ten Commandments. In fact, for about two years, I paid for my  two daughters to go to a CAHOTLIC SCHOOL (it being THEIR choice to leave, because they wanted to go to a shcool with BOYS--shallow creatures that they are).  I can't see that it did my daughters iany HARM to be exposed to religinos in which I did not believe. Nor, I am afraid, did it do them any GOOD.  They turned out basically llike ME on religion, with the unfortunate fact that my older daughter is mroe like the INTOLERANT Bill Maher.  She told me just last night that she regards it as a reason to vote FOR Barack Obama--as she did last electin--that Barack Obama is not a Christian.  Bu the real SHAME is that both of my duaghters tuned out to be RADICAL FEMINISTS.  If only their contact with religin had somehow kept me from that SHAME!!!!!!!  As readers of this blog knwow, it only increased that SHAME when The Maverick Conservative was FORCED, by the SEXISM of CLNN and the rest of the left, to 'come out of the  closet" as a FEMINIST defenidng women against SEXIST attacks.  Maon.  Would that have happened to me if I were not an agnostic?  It is almost enough to make me re-evaluate religion once agian.  But I can assure you of this, as a FEMINIST AGNOSTIC:  Barack Obama is not a Christian, and CNN is composed of anti-Christian, anti-religious BIGOTS who deliberately USE BIGOTRY to try to advv vance their political agenda.  My borother says this has NO CHANCE of working: that ordinary peole DO NOT CARE if Mitt Romney is a Mormon, because they ahve the REAL INTERESTS of this country at heart.  I blieve my borther is right.  I hoope he is.  As this blog has told lyou, it is clear that it is NOT the "ordinaary peroson"--even the "odridnary evangelistic Christina--who is really advocating voting AGAINST Mitt Rpomney because he is a Mormon.  That is CNN, and the left, tyring to USE what THEY (biogts that they are) peerceive as the STUPIDTY of "Christians" to advance their political agenda.  And no, I sitll cannot support Mitt Romney for President, but that has NOTHING to do with the fact that he is a Mromn, just as my OPPOSITION to Barack Obama has nothing to do with the FACT that he is not a Christian. 

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