Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wolf Blitzer and CNN: "F---ing Punks--I like this description of Blitzer and CNN reporters better

Teo, CNN has gotten that same "audio expert" who SPECULATED on whose voice was yealling for "help' (wiihtout the aid of the autopsy report on injures suffered by Martin, which would either support or totally debunk this idea). to do an "expert" analysis of the word Zimmerman actualy said (where all of these BIASED people were suggesting taht he said "coons'--a virtual impossibility, as this blog has pointed out).

It turns out that this "expert" has determined that Zimmerman said "PUNKS".

Now I have known all along that zimmerman could nto possibly have said "coons", absent a very STRAGNGE life. It is a "wrod" that is simply NOT USED any longer as an automatic "racial insult". Hus, MY idea here is to look at these assertions as to what Zimmerman said, and to see if I can USE them as "iNSULTS applicble to the TRULYY EVIL people in the media--including Wolf Bitzer and CNN (Anderson Coooper, and all of the rest). I was not getting naywhere, reallyh, with "coons". I tried to do an article claling CNN peole "f---ing raccoons", but it just did not have the right ring. And I did nto want to call themm "coons": partly because I have no idea what it MEANS, and partly because it would be using what has been (mainly in the past) used as a racial slur.

But PUNKS!!!!!!!! F---ing PUNKS!!!!! Ithink that applies pretty well to Blitzer, Cooper and the rest of CNN and the media. They are "journalistic" PUNKS, with no respect for decency, honesty,m turth, "journalism", or FACTS. Blitzer, and the rest, want to TEAR down every standard of "journalism" that has ever existed. Waht else do PUNKS do but DESTORY. That is what Blitzzer, Cooper and the rest want to do: DESTROY this country, and incite RACIAL HATRED (in this case, with other evil purposes in other cases). They even want to incite HATRED of the USA, and its people. They ARE PUNKS.

Thank you, George Zimmerman (or sound expert, if yu essentially made this up). I think this insult is a "keeper" for peoople for whom I havve nothing but utter contempt. ALL you have to do to get cNN, and the rest, to take this kind of ridiculous assertion ("coons") seriously is to SAY that you HEAR that word. It is like a lot of those "shouts" in Tea Party rallies that most people did not hear. TAll it take sis SOME peole--no matter how biased--maknig an ASSERTION, and the media PUNKS (on CNN and elsewhere) run with it. It then becomes up to a person like George Zimmerman, and anyone "supporting" him (or merely supporting fairness). to conclusively DISPROVE a RIDICULOUS assertio based on what really amounts to a "sound ink blot" (whre you can "read" anything you want into it).

These (media people) are EVIL PEOPLE spreading evil. PUNKS is not a bad word for them.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). Whether Trayvon Martin was a "punk", or whether Zimmerman really used that word, is someting on which I don't have any opinion. But I DO have an opinion, based on facts, on whether Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Sheppard Smith and the rest are PUNKS. They ARE.

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