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Yahoo, AT&T and The Cutline: Anti-Hispanic Racists the Core (Evil People Spreading Evil)

We need to go ack to the end of last week (as we work up to today) The anti-Hispanic RACISTS at The Cutline (a Yahoo "News" "source" that may be connected with ABC, as Yahoo now is). The AT&T/Yahoo/Cutline featured article (one of those t"toop stories" "fetured" on my AT&T internet "welcome" page) hasd this disgraceful headline (slightly paraphrased):

"immerman and Martin pictures ignite debate"

What is wrong with that headline? If you combine it with the PICTURES at the top of the article and the first paragraph: EVERYTHING.

First, this was not a DBEATE. There is no doubt that teh media ws running side-by-side pictures of ZMartin and Zimmerman, which Yahoo and "The Cutline" CONTINUE TO DO (evil pep[e;e s[readomg evil. The Martin picture mmad e Martin look like a 13 year old kid, because the media USED a picutrue of hme that was years old. Meanwhile, Zimmerman was shown looking like the HISPANIC he is. I know. I have lived in El Paso for mroe than 40 years. I KNOW what a picture of an Hispanice looks like. Not all Hispanic males, of course, look the same, but there is a certain, somewhat heavyset, type that fits the picture of Zimmerman exactly. BUT. Zimmerman did not get the benefit of some "reouched" childhood lpicture, or eve of a FAIR picture. Zimmerman, instead, was ALWAYS shown (by mainstream media outlets) looking SULLEN and UNSMILING. It is like the "before" picture in one of those weight loss ads. No. IF you want to be fair, and this is the LAST thing from the "minds" of "The Cutline" and Yahoo, you simply cannot USE these lpictures (even if they are the ONLY pictures you have). This was a LYNCHING. It still, for the mainstream media, is a LYNCHING. It is an ANTI-HISPANIC lynching. You say that it is not so much anti-Hipanic as an attemt to show that the United States of American is a RACIST country, even if it takes DISTORTING facts and a LYNCIHING of an Hispannic to do it? Well, I would agree with that. The mainstream media is willing to SACRIFICE Hispanic George Zimmerman on the alter of RACE--maknig this all about RACE, and virtually shouting that Geroge Zimmerman is not of the FAVORED RACE. Message to "The Cutline" and Yahoo: You are DISHONEST RACISTS to the very cxore--evil people lspreading eveil mnure every chance you get.

Remember, this was a story about UNFAIR pictures (not even a doubt lthat they have been unfair, or that they give Zimmerman a SULLEN, HISPANIC look). How can lyou be any WORSE than to COMPOUND the EvIL? Well, that is EXACTLY what Yahoo and "The Cutline" did. What PICTURES did they USE at the top of the article? Right. They used a picture of a "young--looking" (younger than 17, probably because the picture was of a younger Martin) SMILING. a SUNNY smile. It was obviuusly a picture intended to show Martin in a very favorable light. No, I am not sayig that the picture was taken because peole knew Martin was going to be shto. I am saying the picture was obviusly POSED, and taken to deliberately be a FAVORABLE picture of Martin for family purposes. In contraset, "The Cutline" put, at the top of an article supposedly about the UNFAIRNESS of the media, a picture of Zimmerman that was UNSIMILING--SULLEN looking. No, I don't care if the p;icture was somehow meant to be a "posed" picture (a look it does NOT ahve). It is a BAD picture, and the contrast is obviusly DELITERATE. Message aain to The Cutine: Yes, I just called lyou eVIL PEOPLE. What are you ging to do about it, other than admit it (asl you should)? Again, I don't care if these are the ONLY two pictures of Martin and Zimmerman you have. You CAN'T use these pictures--especially side-by-side, and call ourself a "journalist". "But, Skip, maybe "The Cutline" and Yahoo were trying to show how BAD the media use of these pictures has been?" You really are a fool, aren't you. I thought someone might say that, when I planned this article on about Friday. Guess what? "The Cutline" ran another Yahoo/AT&T LYLNCH story on Marin today, and used the SAME PRICTURES. . Nope. These are evil people, spreading evil.

Let us go to the first paragraph. First, it has NOTHING to say abut the CHARGE of unfairness in the pictures. "The Cutline" almost said NOTHING in that first paragraph,m other than to set up what "case" it is talking aobut. This illustrates that the whole PURPOSE of the story was to USE the UNFAIR PICTURES once more.--the side-by-side pictures designed to show Martin as a SMILING child, and Zimmerman as a SULLEN, UNSMILING HISPANIC.

Want more? I have more. As stated, the first paragraph of the Cutline article deliberately said nouthign abut hte serious CHARGE (basically of RACISM) being made agasint the media. That first paragrah did illulstrate how that CHARGE of RACISM is ACCURATE. How was George Zimmermn described? Was he dscribed as an Hispanic "family man"? Was he even described as just an Hispanic? Not a chance. But how was Trayvon Martin described? Right. He was described as a "17 year old African-American" . Some people on CNN have accused the POLICE LREPORT for being "racist" for referencing Trayvon Martin as "black" several times (the report, I believe, as to the intitial Zimmerman call). The media/racial politican "storyline" is that the Martin case is all aobut "racial profiling" (with really NO actual evidence for this). What, then, can you say about an article that starts off by DEFININING Trayvon Martin by his race and age, but REFUSES to describe George Zimmerman as "Hispanic" Right. again. The oNLY way you cand label this is as RACIST propaganda, designed to HANG an Hispanic.

Segue to TONNIGHT. Enter Yahoo and "The Cutline" aai"--intent on PROVING just how BAD they are. The headline is something like: "Trayvon Martin case shows media at its worst". Okay. That is TRUE. The Trayvon Martin case has shown the media to be--almost all of them---almost the worst l"journalists" who have ever lived. But "The Cutline" is NOT going to do what this blog has done: whow the media for the truely UNFAIR and EVIL people they have been. Thus, the FIRST numbered EXAMPLE is NOT that "f---ing coons" attempt to make George Zimmerman into some kind of Hispanic RACIST. It is NOT about the attempt to say that the Samford poice deapartment had basically pinned a "hero's badge" on Zimmerman and let him go, when that VIDEO soes he was broung into the police station in HANDCUFFS. The first example was nott he media DMEAND that George Zimmerman be ARRRESTED (if not just tanken out and HUNG). The first example was NOT the media attempt to make this all about RACE, instead of about INDIVIDUALS and FACTS. The first example was NOT about those PICTURES> The first example was NOT about how everything the family and their lawyer said was accepted as true, while the meida paid no attentino to getting the actual FACTS. The first example was not the obivus LIE, hleped along by the media, that martin was some sort of "angelic" kid, which is not ture of ANY 1l7 year ol dboy I have ever known (black or white). Enough. Look back at the previous articles in this bblog if you want more. What was the first exampele? Message to yu "Cutline"/Yahoo RACISTS: if you can't do better than this, you should just go fall on our sword. LYou are WORTHLESS human beings.

The first example of how this case has brought out the WORST in the media was NOT about any of the attemppts to CONVICT Zimmermna of MUCDER in the MEDIA--none of this stuff about "allegeed"!!!! It was aobut 'The Daily Caller". I could never make this stuff up. Realy It was aobut The Daily Caller. And what did The Daily Caler do? It attempted to suggest that the ABC "News" Police surveillance video" rally was misleading, because it was USED to SPEUCLATE that Zimmerman suffered NO injuries, when it was not ADEQUATE for that purpose. Further, that almsot HAD to be a LIE. Even "The Cutline" was forced to use the TURTH--in the misleading, RACIST way the media has "spun" this video. Tis first example says that the ABC "obtained" video showed no APPARENT injury. What "The Cutline" FAILED to say is that the opolice surveillance video was of BAD quality, and not DESIGNED to show "injuries" (or lack of them). It is ot possible fore me to beieve that Zimmerman showed NO INJURIES, ON FIRSTHAND EXAMINATION, or the police--no matter how bad--would not have said that the "physical evidence" supported his story. ABC and "The Cutline" were actually trying to BOOTSTRAP SPECULATIN into "facts' that the video fails to "prove'. As this blog said, all the vidoe does is show no SERIOUS injury, whihc we alrealdy knew. The real evidence on the injuries is represented by any MEDIAL REPORT, and by the OBSERVATION of the police FIRST on the scene.

What did "The Dailly Calle" (lol) do? What it did was to--instead of Anderson Cooper just askng a BIASED person lookng at the video in the studio--examine the police video FRAME BY FRAME--especially the part of the back of the head. Then you EXPADND/enhance each frame. The DailyCaller then SPECULATED //asserted taht the video actually shows INJURY to the back of Zimmerman's head. Is this really tehje WORST of the media? 'The Cutline" (which really does represent the RACIST worst of the media) RIDICULED 'The Daily Caller" for doing a "Zapruder" film (the film of the Kennedy assassination) type "analysis" (quotes from the disgraceufl Cutline) of each frame. You may gather that I don't consider what "The Dailyl Caller" did to be "news". It was SPECUALTOIN, when we have BETTER evidence. But look at how much BETTER what The Daily Caller did than ABC or the despicable Anderson Cooper. I rightly RIDICULED what Anderson Cooper did: getting non-expert "guests" to comment on what the FUZZY video shows and does not show. The Daily Caller did BETTER. And they met SPECUALTION with SPECUALTION. But why is the media SPECULATING at all? Just show the video, if you have it, and say that the people on scene had a better opportunity to OBSERVE whatever injuries Zimmerman suffered. The rest is SPECULATION, driven by AGENDA.

What was the "trump card" played by "The Cutline" in that disgraceful, RACIST artile this evening? They tried to "discredit" "The Daily Caller"!!!!! . Bee honest here. Do you really pay that much attentin to "The Daily Caller". And what was there basis ("The Cutline's" basis)? The Cutline said that The Daily Caller had run 15 pages (or was it paragraphs--irrelevant) of material to try to show that Marin was a tyhpical hishg shcool boy interested in girls, sex and getting out of class early. The way The Cutline put it was that: "This is the same Daily Caller that......."--as if this wre some major crime. Problem; How much time and space did the mainstream media commit to showing--including these PHOTOS--that Trayvon Martin was some sort of ANGEL in human form (rather than a "typical" 17 year old boy)? This blog did somenhthning of what "the Daily Caller" did, althugh this blog put it this way; "There ain't no such thing as an angelic 17 year old boy.' This blog also said it was IRRELEVANT--except way on the margins, if Martin were shown to be some sort of ciicious thug--whehter Rayvon Martin were a "perfect" young hisgh scholl student. But the media--not just The Daily Caller, which may have been trying to COUNTAER the other media PROPAGANDA--was NOT INTERESTED in the FACTS. It was interested,, as was our President, that Trayvon Martin looked like he could be President Obama's son (and looked like such a great kid.). The media was otherwise interested in CONVICTING both The United States of American and George Zimmerman of RACISM--usning its own RACIMS as a means of dong so. In the meantime. George Zimmerman and Hispanics would be justified in concluding that they are being LYNCHIED for RACIAL reasons. That is my conclusoion . Sure, the main racial reason here is that the media wants this to be all about the RACE of Trayvon ZMartin. But that has mean IANGORING, and trying to downplay and disparage, the Hsipanic heritage of George Zimmerman.

Noope. "The Cutline", Yahoo and AT&AT are RACISTS to the Core, and UNFAIR members of a LYNCH MOB. I jsut saw the 'historian" on the Western Chalnnel talk about he lynch mobs of the Old West, who were not interested in the law or the facts. That is true of the LYNCH mob that has been after George Zimmerman (figuratively speaking). What else can you say when Al Sahrpton, wihout being generally condemented by the mainstream media, says that African-Americans will engage in ever increasing "civildisobedience" until George Zimmermrn is ARRESTED. Is this "American"? Not on your life. This is RACIAL POLITICS, and that is what the MEDIA has been playing here. And what hhappens if Zimmerman is CHRGED (as I think he will be, but NOT for the right reasons, even if he should have been charged originally)? What hapens if Zimmerman is ACWUITTED? The MEDIA has set up RACE RIOTS in this country. What kind of fair tiral can Zimmerrman get uner these circumstances, when he is alrealdy being tried and convicgted by a L:YNCH MOB media (most of them).

Meanwhile, the MEDIA and LEFTISTS have TURNED on Hispanics. If you are Hispanic, and think that these popele LIKE you--as individuals-then you are not listening. These people--leftists, includnig those in the media--are willing to throw you under the bus any time it fits their agenda.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Oh, "The Cutline", and Yahoo, are invited to reponsd to the above.--unless lthey can't because the article is dead on true (which it is). Yep. This is my "satire" on the standard media ply again.

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