Monday, May 14, 2012

Anderson Cooper: Anti-Christian on The Anti-Christian Network

What is Anderson Cooper's/CNN's reactino if a person says that the Muslim eligion is tainted by terrorists, extremism and the like: including an INTOLERANCE toward homosexuals?  Well, you know Anderson Cooper, and the other people of CNN are hypocrites, and anti-Christian.  Thus, you know that they aer going to call you EVIL--especailly if hou are a Christian--if yoiu start QUOTING Muslim extremist rehtoric as indicative of problems in the Muslim religion.  But Anderson Cooper and CNN--dishonest and anti-Christian to the core--have absolutelyl no problem in using the words of a SINGLE "Cjhristian" pastor to try to discredit the entire evangelical Crhistian movement: the ultimate "McCaryhyism".

Doubt me?  Never, ever do that.  REmember when CN, and the rest of the mainstream media made so very much of that SINGLE Christian pastor, with a congregation of about 20, who wanted to burn the Koran?  Individual Muslim clerics do wrose than that MULTIPLE times, ev very single day, in the world.  But Anderson Cooper, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media traied to turn  the acts of this one crazy, publicity seeking pastor into a major "provocation" of evil Christians in the U.S. to Msslims.  And Anderson Cooper entered into a CRUSADE over a few Christian pastors/authors who want to return toeo the Old-time" discipline that was common in PUBLIC SCHOOLS even as late as the time I was a child (1953 tthrough 1954 being my years of schooling through high  school, and I can still remember being SWITCHEWD by a PE teacher in high school.  But for the anti-Christian bigots of CNN--especially Anderson Cooper the fundamentalist Christian call for more "old-time' discipline of children represented "child abuse", and even MURDER (because a book calling for "old-time" discipline was found at the scene of a couple of instances of severe child abuse. 

Yep.  Anderson Cooper has called for the author of the KORAN to be accused of murcer.  What/  You mean Muhammad is dead?  Well, coululd we not at least charge the MODERN Muslim clerics with murder, for "inspiring" these terrorists with their ridiculous interpretation of lthe Koran?  I know. Anderson Cooper would call that an evil thing.  That is because Anderson Cooper is a diishonest hypocrite, and an anti-Christian on The Anti-Christian Network.

This is all leading up to North Carolina.  Who knows wahat BLACK pasotrs (known to be fiery) might have said about what to do if your child is truning homosexual.  But Anderson Cooper and CNN are too dishonest to invetigate anything like that.  And remember that North Ccarolina banned both gay marriage and civil unions in its constitution, by a vote of 60% of those who voted.  Were Anderson Cooper and CNN interested in the REASONS people in North Carolina voted the way they did, or in SERIOUIS explanations of the history of marriage, and the history of the Christian postion on homosexual conduct and marriage? Don't be silly.  What Anderson Cooper and CNN were interested in was a NEGATIVE AD trying to SMEAR the entrie body of Christians in North Carolina, and the entire vote agaisntnst gay marriage, based on a FEW WORDS OF ONE MAN.  This is guilt by association iwith a vengeance.  There is much MORE justification for smearing Barack Obama with the words of Bill Maher, who gave the Obama campaign, then there is in smearing 60% of teh people of North Carolina--especially the Christians--based on the HYPERBOLE of ONE MAN.  But that, of course, is exactly what Anderson Cooper and CNN did.  That is because Anderson Cooper and CNN are hypocrites, and anti-Christian BIGOTS.  Their goal is ALWAYS to SMEAR Christians every changce they get in a way more obvvius, and LESS defensible, than Joe McCarthy and his crusade against Communists and Communist "sympathizers".

What did this pastor in North Carolina say?  Well, he is evidently known for his "fiery" sermons, as are many BLACK pastorrs.  But CNN is not iinterested int he fiery, over-the-top sermons of black pastors like, say, Reverend, Wright.  That kind of "Christian" CNN does not even regard as a real Christian, just as CNN does not blieve that Barack Obama is a real Christian, any more than bill Maher and myuself do.  Thus, CNN was NOT INTRESTED in REverend Wright saying: "God damn America", or saying that the CIA was tryingt o put black men in jail by profiding them with illegal drugs: that the CIA has been trying to deliberately destory black people with drugs povided by the CIA.  Anderson Cooper and CNN:  not interested. What is Revernd Wright saying NOW?  CNN and Anderson Coper:  Not interested.  What are Muslim extremist clerics saying, including in the United Staates?  CNN and Anderson Coooper: Not interested.  What the anti-Christian CNN and Anderson Cooper are interested in is the "gay agenda" (CNN also being The Gay Network, as Obama is The First Gay President, according to Newsweek). AND trying to SMEAR Christians with the words of a SINGLE PASTOR using hyperbole.

"Skip, enough already.  What did the pastor SAY?"  Not much , actually.  Iran President Ahmadinejad said that he, and presumably other real Muslims, HANG homosexuals.  This pastor said that if a parent sees a child with a "lim wrist", "crack that wrist".  Now it is only the anti-Christian Anderson Cooper and CNN who would take this literally in the first place, and it is these anti-Christian people who rridicule Christians who take the Bible literally. The pastor went on to say that if a parent sees his child going down the wrong path, toward the homosexual conduct, that the parent should "give him a good punch".  Now this is probably going too far, but this pastor is nown for hyperbole.  CNN itself reported that.  Anderson Coper made a lot out of the CHEERING from the audience, just like CNN made a lot out of the "Occupy Wall Street" people cheering the Communist Party in Chicago (and the obvius violence that occurrrred in many "Occupy" "protests").  What?  You say CNN never has made AnYATHINGA out of the excesses of SOME of the "Occupy" people on the same gounds that CNN refuses to condmn Muslims for the actins of a few (not so few, really) terrorists and extremist clerics?  I knew that.  i jsut wanted to see if you knew that.  These--Anderson Cooper and the other peole of CNN---truly are the worst, most dishonest hypocrites to ever wlk the Earth. 

That is IT.  Those two sentences are basically the whole case that Anderson Coooper PUSHED agaisnt the people supporting that constitutional amendment in North Carolina (and especailly against the CHRISITIANS supporting that amendment).  Anderson Cooper is an anti-Christian bigot on The Anti-Christian Network.  And he and CNN have CONVICTED themselves of EVIL, by their own definition by trying to tAR many people with the actins of a FEW.  Indeed, look at how far Anderson Cooper was willing to go  He made a MAJOR SOTRY out of TWO SNTENCES, and cheering for a pastor well known for his HYPERBOLE (which his congregation well knew was done for both entertainment and dramatic effect). Not much with which to try to CONDEMN hundreds of thousands--probably millins--of people (I paid no attentin to the total vote in North Carolina, and Anderson cooper surely was not going to tell me how many ORDINARY PEOLE voted for the traditonal definition of marriage (for ALL of numan history---the THOUSANDS of eyars of human history).  It gets worse.

Anderson Cooper did this story BEFORE the vote, to try to infuence the vote.  Since NO ONE watches CNN, this failed miserably.  60% of the people of North Carolina voted for the thousands of years of human history defining marriage:  voted that a marriage is between a man and a woman. In the meantime, this ONE PASTOR had APOLOGIZED for his hyperbole, saying he had gotten carried away and used the wrong words ("crack" and "punch").  tThis, of coure, was not good enough for Anderson Cooper, who wanted the pastor to apologize for his entire attitude toward homosexual conduct:  maybe fore his entire existence.  This is what the DISHOENST Anderson Cooper calls, and did call, "keeping him honest".  That is what this blog does with regard to the diishonest, anti-Christian Anderson Cooper and CNN; Keeps them honest. 

Thus, the night that North Carolina voted for the definition of marraige that has existed since well BEFORE Christianity, Anderson Cooper was simply NOT INTERESTED in taht vote (except  a brief reference to the politics of it).  Rather, the anti-Christian, pro-gay (maybe gay) Anderson Cooper was still ONLY interested in this pastor and trashing his "apology".  I kid you not.  Alll of those peole in North Carolina VOTED, and all Anderson Cooper was intrested in was TRASHING the entire Christian religin (at least the evangelical part of it) because of the WORDS of a SINGLE MAN:  words for which he had apologized.  Iculd not make this up.  This SMEAR was all Anderson Cooeper was interested in, NOT the real 'news" of the night.  What about the interviews with voters?  Interviews with SERIUS religious leaders who supported the amendment?  With serious peole who supported the amendment?  Even with historians discussing the history of marriage?  With MUSLIMS on the MULSLIM positon on marriage?  Wtih internatinal experts about the laws in OTAHER COUNATRIEAS on homosexual marriage?  Not interested.  The anti-Christian Anderson Cooper, on The Anti-Christian Network, was only interested in SMEARINGF the Christian religin with  a FEW words fro a single man, and the "cheeers" of a few people USED TO the hyperbole of their pastor. 

No. By CNN's own terms, this ws eVIL stuff (this attempt to villify many on the basis of the wrods and acts of a few). However, Anderson Cooper and CNN probably do not even understnad hwo EVIL and BIGOTED they were, because they ARE so bigoted: Anderson Cooper being an anti-Christian on The Anti-Christian Network.  It is no accident that Bill Maher is a favorite guest on CNN, trashing the Christian religin (excpet when Pthe DISHOENST Piers Morgan ignored the subject when interviewing Maher, because Morrgan was tryng to describe "Christian candidates" like Rick Santroum as "insane", without exposing the anti-Christian bigotry of Bill Maher or the gfact that Obama supporter Maher is an anti-Christian bigot.  The ultimate goal of Morgan was to HIDE the fact that Bill Maher has agreed with me on this truth: Barack Obama is not a Christian. 

Q.E.D.  Anderson Cooper is an anti-Christian on The Anti-Christian Network.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  Of course, Hugo Chavez has "prayed" for divinie intervention, even though Chavez' heroes are all FAMOUS ATHEAISAT LEFTISTS.  Could, I, even thouh I am an agnostic, call for divine intervention for my EYES?  I HAVE to be more worthy than Hugo Chavez.  of course, yo might think that Hugo Chavez has no chance of divine intervention.  But, I ask you, did He turst Hugo Chavez with that futile Sodom and Gomorrah search for that mythical "honest, competent AP reporter"?  Nope.  It was ME who He tursted  with the modern role of Lot.  I will have to consider it.  Maybe I SHOULD "pray" for divine interventin to help me with my eyesight. 

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