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President Obama Makes History, as the Worst All Time Liar (Liar-in-Chief): The Maverick Conservative Gets It Right (Again, on the President and Gay Marriage)

This blog told you, more than four years ago (during the 2008 campaign), that President Obama is an obvious liear.  This blog told you, no later than early 2008, that Presdient Obama favored homosexual marriage, even as he was saying thought marriage should be between a man and a woman.  This blog told you that Obama's position was entirely POLITICAL.  That is also this blog's positin on Obama's claim to be a "practicing Christian--a LIE he REPEATED in his "interview" as to how he came to finally ADMIT he has been LYING on his positoini on same sex marriage.   Be honest. How can you POSSIBLY believe Obama as to being a "practicing Christian", when you KNOW that he weill LIE for political purposes in the most blatant way?  Answer:  you can't believe him.  Beill Maaher and I are correct: Presdient Obama is NOT a Christian, any mroe than he really opposed gay marriage in 2008.  As I have said before, I have no way of knowing whether Presdient Obama has some personal "qualms" about homosexual conduct.  Whaqt I KNOW, and waht The Maverick Conservative told you more than four years ago, is that Presiden tObama  would ultimatley "come out of the closet" in support of gay marriage, because Obama's RELIGIN is LEFTIST  IDEOLOGY (what Bill Maher called secular humanism, when Maher concluded Obama was not a Christian). 

"Skip.  You lie yourself, when you say that Obama 'admitted that he has lied to the American peole. He did no such thing.  He says that he has just come to this decision, even if lyou don't believe him. Yes, your blog PREDICTED that this would occur, and we can see how you could claim credit for another correct predicdtin, but how can you say that Obama admitted being a liar." 

Ah.  You did not listen.  Sure. It is obvius that Obama has been a blatant liar for more than FOUR YEARS. But the "news" being reported today (like on CNN's Anderson Cooper program) explains why the announcement was made today as follows:  Presdient Obama came to this decisin several mMONTHS ago, after  discussions with his wife and daughters, and felt he needed to let the American peole know about the decison that he had ALREADY MADE."

Q.E.D.  President Obama ADMITTED that he has LIED for at least the last several months.  Even his Press Secretary could not EXPLAN Obama's position, a matter of DAYS ago.  This was because the LIE was still being maintained.  How many mainstream media quesiotns do you expect alnog these lines:  Con't you think, Mr. Presdient, that the American people can conclude lthat you have LIED to them.  Have yoyou not, at the very least, ADMITTED that you maintained a LIE over the past few months?"

It is not, of curse, jsut the past ffew months.  Presidentr Obama has blatantly LIED for at least four years, for POLITICAL preasons.  Why did he announce this NOW?  You know the answer to that.  I know the answer to that.  OUr CORRUPT media knows the answer to that, although they are talkng all around it, as THEY LIE.  The media is givng Obama "credit" for "courage"...........................................................................Sorry, on the floor in that fetal positon again, laughing/ making this "announcement".  It is OBVIUS, and the media knows it, that there is NO "courage" involved.  Vice President Joe Biden, in combination wih an HILARIOUS "performance" by the President's Press Secretary, FORCED President Obama to do this.  He had no choice.  This was an entirely POLITICAL decisin.  Presdietn Obama had gotten all he could out of his LIE.  Obama still thingks the can maintain the LIE about being a "practicing Christian", but he knew that it just would not fly as to same sex marraige.  Obama only "got away" with the truly outrageous statement that his positin on same sex marriage is "evolving" because of a CORRUPT, DISHONEST, SYCPHANTIC mainstream media.  Yes, Anderson Cooper, y9u are one of the most dishoenst PEOPLE who has ever lived, on a network of such people.  The people of the mainstream media are PARTISANS--not "jurnalists". That is the ONLY way Obama could have "gotten away" with that attempt to "have it botgh ways".  Even Obama--if not his SYCOPHANTS in the media, hwo are still talkng a little sadly about how Obama may have hurt himself politically by NOW tellng thte truth--is smart enough, or at least the peole arund him are, to realize that he simply COULD NOT maintain this ABSURD dance. At least, he could not maintain it after Joe Biden had let the cat out of the bag.  Obama has tried to SABOTAGE Federal Law by not even defending the Defense of Marriage Act in Federal court.  He PUSHED the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell", at a time when he was providing NO "leaership" of issues IMPORTANT to this country (like the econmy, debt and deficit). It does NOT MATTER whether being in favor of "gay marriage" helps or hurts Obama.  There was  simpy no way he couuld STI ON THE FENCE, GETTING AWAY WITH A LIE, any further.  It was obvius, especialy after seeing the questins the Press Secretary could not handle.  Obama had NO WAY to handle those questins either, even if the CORRUPT, DISHOENST media would have supported him  Anderson Cooper, this CONTINUES TO MENAN YOU.  I am sure it also means Wolf Blitzer, but Blitzer has proved so EVIL that I now longer will even "SURF" his CNN program for material. 

No 'courage" here.  Just political CALCULATION, including the calculated reference to Obama being a "practicing Christian." This bog was proven right as to Obama and same sex marriage, and this blgo is clearly rfight about this:  Prexsident Obama is no mroe a Christian than I am.  But CNN is STILL--I heard a rerence today--appealing to BIGOTRY againsst MORMONS (lol), and lamenting the idea that "evangelical Christians" may ignore the CNN PROMOTED BIGOTRY against Mormon Romney because of their stronger religius convictions agaisnt homosexual marriage.  It is not jsut Christians, of course.  As this blog has stated time and time again, homosexual marriage has NOT been accepted in ALL of human history, and ALL major human societies, for the THOUSANDS of years of human history (beforeChristianity or even Judaims existed).  Incest?  Cleopatra married her brother,which was COMMON in ancient Egypt.  Polygamy has been common, and still exists.  Homosexual "marriage"?  Noep.  NEVER HAS EXISTED,  until the turn of this centruy.  You believe in Zeus?  Apolo?  Pagan gods?  Communism?  Islam?  Buddha?  Confuciuis?  Jupiter?  Odin?  Venus?  Mars? It does not matter.  NO HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE. Homosecual CONDUCT was actually "idealized" in ancient Greece, as the nude male form was looked upon as the "ighest" form of beauty.  Still NO homoseuxal marriage.  Marc Antony ha dHAREMS OF BOTH SEXES and Julius Caesar supposedly engaged in homosexual unions.  Ancient Rome, depstie formal condemnation, accepted homosexual conduct at the highest leve. Stil NO homosexual marraige.  The idea is literally INSANE.  Yep.  You leftist out there.  I jsut calleed you INSANE.  The whole idea is absurd, and I don't care if my own daughters--or at least one of them--accpet this leftist insanity.  But President Obama HAD to "come out of the closet" in favor of this insanity, because he HAD NO CHOICE.  The Biden flap had shown him, and his advisors, that he had no chice.  Did John Edwars show "courage" when he finally ANNOUNCED that he had been in an affair, while his wife died of cancer, and that the child was his?  Of course not.  Edwards only "announced" this when he HAD NO CHO(ICE.  Taht is exaclty what Obama has done.

No.  I give Obama LESS than no credit at all for this "announcment". CenN, tonight, was tryin gto "sell" the idea that even oponents of same ssex marraige had to admire Obama's "courage" and "principles'.  CNN:  You are on ofe ht most CORRUPT "news' organizatins that has ever existed. This is HOGWASH, and YOU KNOW IT. You peole are DISAHONEST and PARTTIASN to your very core. Has the media ever praised Mittt Romney's "courage" for coming out as totaly pro-life in LIBERAL Massachusetts, after his postiin "evolved".  Of course not, because these lmedia  people are th e worstr, most dishonest hlypocrites who have ever walked the Earth, on two legs or four.  I have told you that Obama is NOT a "likable" human being.  This is yet another instance of WHY he is very UNLIKALBE.  He does not have an honest bone in his body.

Okay.  Presdient Obama has made history as the WORST PRESIDENTIAL LIAR of all time.  And CNN, The Liar Network, and the rest of the mainstream media, have made history as the WORST HYPOCRITES of all time.  Can we look forward to some more "unprecedented" DISHONESTY?  Sure we can.. 

Remember those Romney "flip flops"?  Look at these things upon which Obama has TOTALLY FLIPPED (or LIED in the first lplace, for political advantage):

1.  Obama not only OPPOSED an "individual mandate" on health insurance, but made that the CORNERSTONE of why you--as a Democrat--sho7uld vote for HIM on tthe issue of health care freofrm (rather than for Hillary Clinton,, who said there had to be an individual mandate).  When Obama later reversed his positgion, on ObamaCare, he gave this "explanation" (to one of the FEW mainstream media "journalists" who even raised the issue with him): "I had extensive conversations with people wose judgement I trust (Michelle Obama and his daughrhters?), and they convinced me I was wrong." Notice how SIMILAR this is to the "explanatin Obama gave today on his FLIP on same sex marraige.  Let me be as blunt as I can:  this is the mark of a SOCIOPATHIC LIAR,, and that is whatr our Presdient is. 

2.  Same sex marraige.  Well, that one is what this article is all about.

3. Guantanamo Bay detention facitly:  "I will close this as soon as I am elected rPresident."  Still open.

4.  Government takeover of health care.  Obama has ALWAYS favored a "single payer" system, and yet LIED time and time again abut how he was not tring for a government takeover of the heaalth care system.  Obama has told LIE after LIE about "ObamaCare", even when it meant denying he had been for what he obviusly had been for. 

5.  I will cut the deficit in half my first term as Presdient.   We cannot sustain deficts like this.  They will destroy us.

6.  I will go through EVERY government spedning bill, LINE BY LINE, and will inist that EVERY item that cannot be justified be revoved from the bill.  Even if you are charitable, and concede that Obama MEANT that he would DELEGATE this task, he has never even TRIED.  It was an OBVIUS LIE, upon which Obama has REVERSED himself (wihout ever saying so).  Sad truth:  Mitt Romney has REPEATED THIS LIE as to what Romney will do.  But you know that I cannot support Mitt Romney either.

I could go on, for page afater page.  But you get the idea. On big things, and on small things, ur President has LIED and FLIPPED.  Waht abut that sastatemetn that "the Federal Government has to learn to live within its means, just like ordinary American families d."  that was on of the most BLATANT LIES in American history. The biggest part of this LIE, n fact, is that we don't even look at the "means'.  That, of courfse, is the ONLY way an ordinary American family can operate in a fiscally repsonsible way;  Determine what "means' you have, ahnd then PRIORITIZE their spending accordingly.  For Obama, you SPEND what you think "needs" to be spent, and worry about the "means" later.  The man is truly a sociopathic liar, beyond even other politicians. "Liaro-in-Chief" is this blog's descriptiong, and it is correct.  As stated, however, if Obama is the worst PRESIDENTIAL liar of all time, he cannot compete with the mainstream media as afar as the PEOPLE who have been the wrost liars of all time.  Our media has retired this trophy. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  This blog has regularly pinted ut Obama flip flops and lies, if you want to look further into them.  I had to stop SOMETAIME above, or not only go beyind a reader's patience but beynd my ability to even come cloee to partly coherent typing. As I get tired, the typing gets wrose, with NO proofreading.  You may think it is impossible for me to get worse, but I do (as I get tired, adn probably as I get older). 

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