Monday, May 7, 2012

Greece Defeats Them All: Joins The Maverick Consservative

Readers of this blog know that I will vote for Ron Paul, if he runs as a thhird party candidate, and that I generally believe that BOTH of our "main parties" need to go down to DEFEAT.  Since there is NO credible third party in the United States, this means that I generally faovor DEFEATING ALL INCUMBENTGS.  That incudes President Obama, although I jsut can't stomach voting for Romney, especailly after my vow NEVER to vote for one of these despicable GOP establishment canddiates for President ever again, just because the GOP candidate may represent the SLIGHTLY lessesr evil.

Well, the people of Greece--where there are multiple "parties" with some credibility--did it.  The headlines yesterday were that Greece had voted against BOTH of the "main political parties". How sad is it when teh voters of GREECE have more "intelligence" than the voters in the United States. Oh, I know.  The problem in the United States is that it is so difficult for a third party to gain traction. Where is Ross Perot when you really need him?  Or, rather, a SANE Ross Perot. Ron lPaul will probably not even go the third party route, partly because he has ambitions for his SON (Rand Paul), and knows that he (Ron Paul) will not get any real tractioni in a third party run. And Greece is worse off than we are.  That is the point, however.  We can SEE that we are headed the way of Greece, and the rest of Europe, and we still seem to end up voting for the SAME OLD PARTY HACKS, or European socialists like Obama. .Indeed, the "message" on NBC BUSINESS channel CNBC this morning is:  "Socialists aren't so bad."  It makes you wonder why the mainstream media regards it as some sort of "racial slur" to call Obama a "socialist", when he is almost certainly just as much o a "socialist" as the French "socialist" politicians. 

"But, Skip, the Greeks were reallly voting against 'austerity', just like France, and this election is really just an indication that the people of Greece just want 'freee money' (like Bailout Ben Bernanke and Obama are trying to give peole in the USA)." 

There are peole like that, and Greece has a long history of a heroi-like addiction to the GOVERNMENT providing "free money' to "take care of" people from the cradle to the grave.  But see the next planned article to be posted on this blog, where I plan to again show you that Jim Cramer is one of The Stupidest People on Earth in a universe of stupid people (the economic fascists on Wall Street, and especialy the type thahat infest CNBC). I saw an interview a few months ago with a Greek person, as the ongoing Greek "crisis" was spilling over into violence.  That person clearly was willing to 'sacrifice", and get away from the reliance upon government to "take care of" the people.  However, she was saying that isf she was going to STARVE, or otherwise suffer PAIN, as she thought NEEDED to happen for Greece to get back to a fiscally sane position, she saw no reason to do so in a SLOW AGONGY deseigned to BAIL OUT the banks, financial institutions, and other governments of Europe.  How can Greece be REBORN, no matter how much PIN the peole suffer, if peole lik eBAILOUT BEN BERNANKE are "in charge" of BAILING OUT people like themselves (in the U.S., Europe land around the world).  There is NO answer to this Greek woman. She was absolutely right.  The peole of Greece have become juust PAWNS to be USED to "baiil out' Wall Street, and bankers everywhere.  Greece NEEDED to be "allowed to fail", just as the Wall Street economic fascists in the U.S. needed to be alowed to fail.

Thus, there are surely Greeks who jsut want the government to "take care of them".  But RATIONAL Greeks also realize that they can't keep voting into office the SAME PEOPLE who have FAILED, and who just want to continue "politics as usual" (except even more oriented toward giving WALL STREET TYPES control of economimc pollicy of, by and for Wall Street and bankers--in some sort of "partnership" wit Big Government types like Obama and European politicians, which is actually a fairly good description of Obama).

No.  Greece got it right, whether Greece did so for the right reasons.  DEFEAT THEM ALL.  It would be nice fif the U>S. had soome credible thrid, and even fourth, party to which to turn.  In the absence of such, however, DEFEAT ALL INCUMBENTS.  Do so in primaries or in the general election.  But DEFEAT THEM ALL.  Yep.  Marco Rubio?  Michele Bachmann?  I don't care.  DEFEAT THEM ALL, so long as they are INCUMBENTS, even if I would vote for Rubio (reluctantly) and Bachmann (slightly less reluctantly) for PRESIDENT.  We jsut have to get to a point where MOST INCUMBENTS LOSE.  There may be a number that can be counted on your fingers who do not "deserve" to lose, but the problem is that voters somehow convince themselves that "their' member of Congress is okay.  It is only those "otaher guys and gals" who are BAD. Hogwash.  DEFEAT THEM ALL.

The Greek people did it--albeit with more optioins available to them.  We can do it.  IF I thought Ameericans actually would DEFEAT THEM ALL, I would even support Romney against Obama (as part oft heat "movement").  As it is, I jus don't think the American peole have yet been driven to the desperation of  the Greek people.  The American peole still have to many illusoins/delusoins. Thus, I am ositive it is not going to happen THIS electin.  This, however, is the result I would actualy LIKE:  Obama loses;  the GOP LOSES the House back to Nancy Pelosi, and the GOP WINS the Seante (with a large majority). Thatt result is also unlikely, but would be GOOD for the country (because it would be so OBVIOUS that INCUMBENTS were the target of voters).

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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