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Anderson Cooper Is Gay: Audience of Gay Activists, Gay Activist Supporters and Anti-Christian Atheists

See previouis article I checked with one of my nanonymous female sources, and she says I did not report what she told me correctly.  i did report what she said accurately, but this shows the EVIL of anonymous sources:  NO ONE canindependently verify, or CHALLENGE, what the "reporter" SAYS the source is saying.  No. My source is not sayhing the headline is wrong.  in fact, she confrims again that Anderson Cooper is gay.  In fact, she again SNEERED at me for not knowing that Anderson Cooper is gay, as EVERYONE has known for years. Sue me.  I have never been interested in Anderson Cooper, as she has been, as a "cute" guy. The bone she had to pick with me was abut whether Anderson Cooper has SAID he is gay. She admits that she told me that she had never quite believed Anderson Cooper was gay until she heard him GIGGLE LIKE A GIL--unable to stop.  But she says that it is long IN THE OPEN that Aderson Cooper is gay. She even says that she read an article about Cooper's long-term "Mexican' lover. She can SAY "Mexican", because she is 100% Mexican-American.

Is Anderson Cooper really "open" about being gay?  I don't think so.  I have criticized him for YEARS, without ever having any idea he is gay. His show is filled with very little besides gay activist propaganda--admittedly nto THAT different from the rest of CNN-The Gay Network).  If any gay activist "talking poiint', or vieo, appears on the iinternet, it is FEATURED (from the gay activist point of view) on Anderson Cooper's CNN shoew.  As I have stated, Anderson Cooper even takes it further than the rest of CNN, The Anti-Christian Network.  Anderson Cooper, as this blog has reported for YEARS, is carrying on a VENDETTA agaisnt Christians who actually believe in their religion.  Let some "backwoods" Christian preacher ANYWHERE say or do anytthing that is "hick" or "backwward", or obviusly over the top--or can be SPUN that way--and it is again FEATURED on Anderson Cooper's show on CNN.--especially if Andersoson Cooper perceives it as "anti-gay".    I mean it literally when I say that Anderson Cooper is carrying on a VENDETTA--a sort of BLOOD FEUD-against Christians--trying to TAINT all BELIEVING Christians with the EXCESSES (sometimes not even the excesses) of whatever "bad examples" Anderson Cooper (or the gay activists he uses for his material) can come up with.

What I told my female source, who voted for Obama, is as follows:  "Look, I don't care if Anderson Cooper is gay. But it is absurd for Anderson Cooper to USE his program, and for CNN to keep letting him do so, as a vehicle for GAY ACTIVIST PROPAGANDA and ANTI-CHRISTIAN PROPAGANDA, every single night. "

Female source: I don't care if you care that Anderson Cooper is gay.  It is HIS program.  he can put on it whatever is important to HIM.  If you don't like it, and think it is nothing but gay activist propaganda way too muc of the time, then you don't have to watch."

Me; "That is exactly right, and what I said on my blog.  It has become so bad that I simplly cannot watch anymore, even merely SURFING for material.  Cooper is merely USING his program to advance his very personal gay actiavist agenda, and to present SPITE agaisnt the Christians agaisnt whom he has a VENDETTA.  No, I am not saying that Anderson Cooper should be FORCED off of the air.  That is what LEFTISTS do.  Waht I am saying is that Anderson Cooper cannot possibly build any kind fof audience, this way, and that he is an example of WHY CNN has few viewers. Anderson Cooper is USELESS a a osource of "news".  Sure, that is true of ALL of CNN, but it is especially true of Anderson Cooper, because of the way he is using his supposed "news' program to very obviusly PUSH his PERSONAL AGENDA and person WAR agaisnt Christians (who he, of ocurse, perceives--with some justice--as having a WAR against people like him). There was a time, by the way, that I actually did a little RESEARCH on Anderson Cooper, when it came out that he was some kind of CIA AGENT while in college.  At that point, I came across NOTHING about him being gay." .

Female source:  "Okay.  So Anderson Coop[er loes people like YOU (taht sneer in her voice again).  So what?"

Me: "Hey. itt is not jsut me. Who can put up with all of this gay activist propaganda almsot every night?"  Who can possibly "rely" on this kind of "news"? 

Female source: "There are lots of peole who will watch.  Look at the GAYS, and peole who support the gay activist agenda. And women like me think he is CUTE, even if we are disappointed that he is gay.' 

You know.  I thought abut this last one, and decided my female source has finally explained virtually the ENTIRE CNN audience, and certainly the ENTIRE Anderson Cooper audience.  This also exlains the RATINGS or lack thereof, of CNN.  Here is the Anderson Cooper "target" audience:

1.  Gay activists.  No, this is NOT all gays. Why would an ordinary gay person, wo wants actual news, watch Anderson Cooper (unless, maybe, he-like my female source, thinks he is "cute") .I give ordinary gay peoople enough credit to assume that MOST of them probably want real news, and not the PROPAGANDA they get on Anderson Cooper, and on CNN. But gay activists watn to FORCE APPROVAL, and something beyond mere approval, on the entire natin.  They are sure to like Anderson Cooper.  Doesn't he put ALL of their stuff on his program? Is he not ONE OF THEM (a gay activist, and not merely ahomosexual)? 

2. People who support "gay activism" as the MOST IMPORTANT "civil rights" issue of our time: much MORE important than th eeconomy, or any of the other issues that most of uses regard as much more importatn.  These peple will love Anderson Cooper.

3. Anti-Christian atheists.  Note, that this only refers to INTOLERANT, anti-Christian atheists who want to DESTROY anyone who is actually a believing atheist. I, of  course, am an agnostic.  And Anderson Cooper has just LOST me, FOR GOOD. He should lose EVERY person who wants honesty, tolerance andor reall "journalism" (this last being almost impossible to find now). 

4. SOME Obama supporters.  Remember, however, that most of the FAR LEFT, and the FAR LEFT LOONS, watch MSNBC: MSNBC being MORE HONEST about its role as a POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE for leftist Democrats. The general rn of Obama supporters, like the geenral run of gays, are gong to get tired of constant PROPAGANDA.  That is why MSNBC has few viewers, and why CNN gets nowhere SPLITTING the far left with MSNBC. 

5.  Females, such as my female source, who just think Anderson Cooper is "cute", and who just "like" him, even though they are "disappointed" that he is gay (not a very good subject for their fantasies, although they can fantasize about a guy who LOOKS like Anderson Coooper, but who is not gay). 

Combine all of the above, and what do you get:  Yu get NOT MANY PEOPLE.  In fact, what you get is the PRESENT RATING of CNN. (diminishing, as it becomes more and more obvious what the viewer is getting:  PROPAGANDA).   The "hard core" gay activist viewership, and anti-Christian atheist viwershp, is just not much of an audience.  I am grateful to my female anyonymous source for finally EXPLAINING to me exactly why CNN has so FEW viewers, and going down.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  To the extent, by the way, that Anderson Cooper has had "better" ratings than others at CNN (talk about DAMNING with faint praise), it is probably because of the LAST source of audience for Cooper: the peole who regard him as "cute'.  Now THAT is a reason to watch a "news" program!!!!!!!!!  (Sarcasm disease recurring once again). 

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