Thursday, May 10, 2012

CNN Bigotry and Liberty University: President Obama Is Not a Christian (Noted Agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative Agree)

CNN is The Bigoted Network, and proved it again this morning.  We already know that th epeople of CNN are the wrost hypocrites to ever walk athe Earth, on two legs or four.  But they arfe also some of the worst BIGOTS to ever walk the Earth, and perfectly willing to ECNOURAGE BIGOTRY whenever it suits their ANTI-CHRISTIAN agenda. Yes, CNN is also The Anti-Christian Network.

MItt Romney is going to give the commencement speech at Liberty University-founded by Jerry Falwell.  Romney is evidenty the third Mormon to be a commencement spearker at Libery University, where a Caholic and a Jew have given the commencemnet ddress in recent years. This would seem to indicate the RELIGOIUS TOLERANCE of Liberty University in particular, and evangelical Christians in general.  As a matter of fact, evvangeleical Christians are clearly MORE TOLERANT than th eBIGOTS at CNN. What is the "significance" of this Romney address for the BIGOTS at CNN (who are an interesting combination of anti-Mromn bigots and anti-Christian biogts, as they push the CNN partisan agenda)?  Come on.  You now the answer to this one.

This was annbother opportunity for CNN to use the EXUCSE of the supposed "bigotry" of evangelical Christians to psh the BIGOTRY OF CNN. What did CNN do?  It looked through online comments of Liberty University students to PICK OUT (selectively) the FEW who objected to Mitt Romney speaking, because he is not a Christian, but a Mormon (a "cult', which is the OFFICIAL CNN position, that CNN pushes at every opportunbity, being some of the WORST BIGOTS in the country today). And this CNN program this morning, trying to ush this idea that Mtitt Romney belongs to a cult, served notice that CNN is going to continue to PUPSH: this same idea with people from Liberty, and the Flalwell family, until next week.  The BIGOTS of CNN, who are also partisans, clearly are not going to give up this idea that they can HURT Romney with evangelical Christians by continuing to apeal to anti-Mormon BIGOTRY (more evident at CNN than amon evangelical Christians) . Of courfse, you and I know that CNN is ANTi-CHRISTIAN, and merely trying to USE Chreistians to promote the CNN partisan agenda.  These (the peole of CNN) are EVIL, despicable lpeople: truly lousy human beings.  My contempt for the peoople of CNN knows no bounds.  They are some of the worst people who have ever lived. 

What does this mean to yu?  Well, I ahve already told you.  I am not a Christian.  I do not turn the other cheek.  CNN, for PPARTISAN reasons, wants to make an "issue' out of the THEOLOGICAL question of whehter Mormons are "Christians".  But the HYPOCRITES at CNN want to dismiss the "issue" of whether Barack Obama is a Christian.  You will note the the "issue' of whether Barack Obama is a Chrisitan is an issue of HYPOCRISY (on the part of both Obama and CNN)--not an isssue of ThEOLOGY.  If Obama is not really a believing Christian, as he is not, then he is a LIAR and an Elmer Gantry-type HYPOCRITGE.  There is no "issue' overf whether Mitt Romney is a Mormn. There is only the strictly RELIGIOUS "issue" of whehter Mormonism is a form of Christianity.  We have John King, of CNN, telling CNN (including himself)  that the peole of CNN are HYPOCRIATES.  It is John King, lyoiu remember, who dismissed the idea of criticiang Barack Obama on religion by ridiculing the idea of criticizing the "way people pray".  Yet, that is exactly the 'issue' CNN is trying to PUSH with regard to Mitt Romney.  Q.E.D.  The peole of CNN, including John Knig, are the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four.

Since CNN, the Obama campaign, and the mainstream media will not give it up, neither will I.  Presdient Obama even made a point out of calling him melf a "practicing Christian" in connnectin with his NON-CHRISTIAN "endorsement" of gay marriage, which PROVED this blog's assertion that Obama had been LYING on the subject for at least four years (since last election, when this blog first told you that Obama lied, for political convenience, when he said he believed marriage should only be between a man and a womna) . Both Bil Maher and I--noted agnostics, both, although I am the tolerant agnostic---agree that Barack Obama is a "secular humanist", and NOT a Christian.  In other words, leftist ideology is Obama's religion, and not Christianity.  Look at gay marriage.  WHY did Obama supposedly believe that marriage should be between one man and one womn?  Now we know that the DISHOENST, CORRUP people of the medaiia never pressed that questin, jsut as they never pressed the RIDICULOUS Obama assertion that his positoin was "evolving".  But why did Obama profess to have this "believf"?  It was obviusly to convince CHRISTIANS that Obama had the same kind of "religious" qualms as they did.  In fact, Obama SITILL tired to leave that impressino, even as his campaign is now caling such Christians "BACkWARDS".  That is the assertion of the Obama campaign regarding the Romney traditional CHRISTIAN position on gay marriage (also the positon of ALL of human history--all religions--up until this centry, for THOUSANDS of years). Sorry, Obama.  You are NOT a Christian, and you are SLAPPING Christians in the face when yuou call THEM BACKWARDS (as Obama hs done when he calls the Romney positoihn b"backwards"). 

Do you know of ANY posiotin that Barack Obma has that contradicts his REAL REILIGION (leftist ideology), in faovr of his PRFETENDED religion (Christianity)?  Of course you don't.  Obama's LIE on gay marriage was the ONLY such "positoin", and that is now GONE.  Obama has supported ABORTION up to th eMOMENT OF BIRTH (and BEYOND).  Obama has been a consistent, fanatic supporter of the ANTI-CHRISTIAN Planned Parenthood and theANTI-CHRISTIAN ACLU.  Bill Maher, INTOLERANT ATHEIRST (rather than my tolerannt kind of agnostic), has given Obama a MILLION dollars (to Obama's anti-Christian PAC).  Obama won't even choke out the reference to God ("by their Creator') in our Declaratoin of Independence, for fear of 'offending" the ACLU.  There is NO case where Obama pusts his CHRISTIAN eligin ahead of his leftist ideology.  Obama has realy conducted a war on the Christian religion, as President. I know.  You Obama suporters would say that "rfeal' Christians are LEFTISTS (a "postion" you might try to explain to Karl Marx and Fidel Castrro) . Putting that absurd ositoni aside--the positon that God is a LEFITIST, or else He is wrong, which is actually more proof that Obama is not a Christina, but htings like I do on the left--ther is NO evidence that Obama is a believing Christian.  There is LOTS of evidence he is not (incluidng those 'private" comments cuaght on tape in San Francisco during the last campaign, when Obama talked about peole "clinging to their religion"). Obama is a LETIST, first, last and always.  If there is ever an APPARENT heresy to this real religion, Obama's positin is sure to "evolve". 

Q.E.D.  Presdient Obama is not a Christian.  And CNN's ongoing push for anti-Mormn BIGOTRY (as part of CNN's own relligious bigotry, including anti-Christian biigotry) means that you will see this same blog headline EVERY DAY until at least Monday. This is a COUNTER to the BIGOTRY, and appeals to bigotry, of CNN.  It is also true.  Now I will be away frmo my computer this weekend--at least Saturday, and possibly either Friday or Sunday. But if you don't see this headline for a day or two, you will see NO headline (because no post).  So lnog as there is ANY headline on this blog from now through Monday, yu will see this headline at least ONCE that day.

P.S.  No proofreadng or spell checking (bad eyesight).  No, by the way--as this blog has told you previusly-the people of CNN are NOT CHRISTIANS EITHER (believeing Christians).  That is why Bill Maher is about CNN's favorite guest.  CNN is The Anti-Christian Network.  They prove it every day.

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