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Barack Obama Is an Unprincipled Liar: James Carville and I Agree

You already know that Bill Maher (one million dollar Obama donar and CNN's favorite anti-Christian guest) both AGREE that Barack Obama is not a Christian.  But did nyou know that James Carville and I AGFEE taht Barack Obama is an unprincipled liar?  Well, I knew that James Carville and I both understood thatabout Obama.  But I never thought I would hear Carville SAY it on CNN.  I did hear Carville say it on CNN, however, this Mother's Day Sunday. 

No.  Carv3elle did not quite say it this way, but how else can you interpret it.  CNN--in its PARTISAN role as part ofthe "Obama team"--was trying to get Carville to say that it was "good politics" for Obama to do what Obama was FORCED to do by Joe Biden:  coeme out in favor of galy marriage.  Carville however, refused to go int that directin, when the CNN host tried to give him a softball to lead him in that direction.  Instead, Carville said this:

"I don't think this announcement on gay marriage was politics.  I hink it is what Obama reallyl believes. In fact, I think he has always believed in gay marriage.  It was his previuos position against gay marraige that was adopted totallyl for reasons of politic." 

Did you ever thinnk that James Carville would make absolutely the SAME case as this blog?  I did you not.  Read the blog articles on this subject ossted this week.  I told lyou that this blgo has printed article after article, since way back in 2008, showing that Obama has ALWAYS been for gay marraige (as a political matter, even if homoexuals personally turn his stomach, which may or may not be the case). Obama flat out LIED when he said, in the 2008 campaign, that he thought marraige should only be between a man and a woman. Obama jsut wanted the COURTS, to do it, or wanted to get reelected before he had to admit where he really stood.  But Joe Biden forced Obama's hadnd, and Obama had to come out and say what James Carvbelle and I BOTH AGREE has ALWAYS been his real position. Note that Carville did not use the term "unprincipled liear", even though that is exzactly what he called lPresidennt Obama, because Carbvelle himself has NO PROBLME (as is true of CNN) with a LIE, so long as it helpls a leftist Democrat get elected.  James Carville jsut told lyou exactly what this blog has been telling you:  that Barack Obama LIED to you for more than four years, for POLITICAL PREAONS.  I guess I should not call Obama totally "unprincipled":  His guiding principle is what is best for OBAMA.  Still, Carvele did call Ob ama a LIAR. And CNN jsut accepted it as "normal".  That is because CNN is exacty;y the same:  LIES are fine so long as they help Obama get elected/reelected. 

Now Carville did say one thing that is not ture.  Yes, it is Obama's "real" positoin, and has always bbeen hi real positon, that gay marriage has to be approved.  But Carville is LYING when he says that this announcement by Obama, AT THIS TIME, was not POLITICS.  Of course it was politics.  As I told you, in a previus blog article, CNN has LIED abut the "politicall question" here.  The questin is NOT whehter it was "risky" for Obama to come out in favorf of gay marriage.  OBAMA DID NOT WANT TO DO THAT, and even admitted that he wanted to do it "in my own way, an din my own time".  But Obama had to make a POLITICAL CALCULATIN whether he COULD GET AWAY WITH HIS LIE, even after Joe Biden have away the game.  Obviusly, Obama could no lnoger get away with the LI E (what Carvelle and I AGREE was a LIE) that Obama has tried to maintain since 2008( the LIE helping him get elected in 2008, which was its purpose) . Thus, Obama haed NO PPOLITICAL CHOICE baut to come out for gay marriage, whether it "helps" him politically or not.  CNN turns hoops to avoid the obivius here, because CNN itself is The Liar Network. 

By the way, CNN was contnuing to push the DETAILS of  Mormon religious practices, including "underwear" (I could never make up how BIGOTED the peole of CNN rally are), as a political "issue".  This is turly EVIL stuff, and means that The Maverick Conservative will have MORE HEADLINES tomorrow abut the truth that Presdient Obama is not a Christian.  Christians, of course--Christians lauded by "conventional Christian religions--have done all kinds of WEIRD things in history,.  Remember the HARI SHIRTS?  Do you really want me to RIDICULE Catholic practices?  I can, if I wanted to.  Sainsts.  Idols. Relics.  Bill Maher DOES ridicule Christian--not Mormon Christians--all of the time.  Do we really want to have a countgry where we really start doing this?  Does it have ANYTHING to do with whether Mitt Romney should be Presdient?  Of course not.  It is BIGOTRY,.  It is really worse than BIGOTRY, because it opens the door for RELIGION, Aas RELIGION, to be a major issue forevermore in Americanpolitics.  Nope.  It has NOT been that way, but CNN is tryoing to MAKE IT HTAT WAy  No, it is NOT a mater of RELIGION for relgioijus people to be taking their VALUES into politics (as with SLAQVERY) . If Christians want to vote for  and against people because of abortin, that is NOT RELIGION.  I do the same thing myself, because there is no Christian alive who opposes abortion more vehemently than I do  But--contry to the LIES the left puts out-it is NOT makng "religion an issue" to make AbORTION an issue that may be influenced by people's religohus beliefs (or "secular humanism" beliefs) . This is entriely different than makng purely religius DOCTRINE, THEOLOGY, and PRAACTAIVES (not relating to any public issues0 into POLITICAL ISSUES.  This is exactly what the BIOGOTS of CNN are dong, and it is realy EVIL stuff, wth the potential of destroying this country.  I can't veven beleive that anyone will pay any attentin to this EVIL, BIGOTED, stuff.  No one, after all, pays any attention to CNN.  However, that is not enough for me.  I am NOT a Christian.  I do not turn the other cheek.  Therefore, I am gonig to fight CNN, and Barack Obama (whose camlpaign is encouraging this bigotry), on their own ground.  Between now and November, you are probalby gong to get sick and tired of this blog doing exaclty what CN is doing;  HAMMERING on this until November.  As stated, it is already `100% certain that this headline will appear on this blog again tomorrow, because of what I saw on CNN TODAY.: Presdient Obama is not a Christian.

What does this have to do with James Carville  Actually, a lot.  Carville is saying that Obama did not DARE come out for gay marriage in 2008, for fear of losing the elecitn (as to whch I totlaly agree with Carvelle) . Ask yourself this qeustion--the questin which CNN and the maisntream emdai will NOT ask Obama:  Does Obama DARE come out and say that he is not really a Crhistian?  James Carvelle has told you the anser to that:  Obama will LIE, if he politically thinks that he can't admit the turth.  Even CNN could not believe that Obama DARES to admit that he is not a Chrsitan.  Carville ahs TOLD you that Obama has already LIED on a LESS IMPROTANT matter.  Thus, James Carville ahs told lyou the truth here; there is NO possiblity that you can rely upon Barack Obama to tell yout the truth about whether he is a Christian.  He ahs already shown he will LIE for pooitcla reasons.  Therefore, WHY should you believe that Barack Obama is really a "practicing Crhistian"?  The evidence is all to the contrary, including the way Obama was raised and how he makes policy decisons and talks aobut religion.  Nope.  James Carville has as much as told you that he agrees with me not only on Obama LYING for more than four years about gay marriage, but about Obama LYING as to his claim to be a "practicing Christian".  Of course, it may depend of Obama's definition of "practicing'.  But I put it this way, and it is as close to a sure thing as you get in this life, where you can never see indised another person:  Presdient Obama is not a BELIEVING CHRISTIAN, who puts his RELIGIN ahead of his leftist ideology.  Obama and Hugo Chavez (who turned to God for 'divine intervention" to help him with his cancer) are ereally brids of a feather.  They want to USE Christianity, but neither is a real Christian. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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