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President Obama Is Not a Christian (Noted Agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative Agree)

Both Bill Maher and I told ou long ago that Brack Obama is not a Christian--Maher saying he is really a "secular humanist" (that is, leftist ideology is Obama's religion, which is a point upon which I totally agree with Maher: it being no accident that Maher have one MILLION dollars to the Obama campaign based on Maher's assessment of Obama's sympathy with Maher's VIRULENTLY anti-Christian intolerance). 

The Maverick Conservative told you YEARS ago that Barack Obama is not a Christian.  Maher told you that many MONTHS ago.  All of this was BEFORE President Obama finaly admitted he was actually in favor of same sex marriage: something that this blog told you more than four years ago. In other words, neither Maher nor I based ouur (correct) assessment on Obama's "announcement" (forced by Joe Biden) on gay marriage. It has lawyas been clear taht leftist ideology is Obama's real "religion", and that in any "conflict" between Obama''s supposed "Christian convictions" and his leftist ideology, the leftist ideology was gong to prevail.

That is the significance of Obama's announcement on gay marriage.  The pont is not that a believing Chris cannot favor gay marriage, even though the EARLY Chrisitian Chruch (St. Paul and the rest) was clear on its firm oppositon to homosexual conduct (see Will Duran't's "Caesar and Christ"). But Obama's THOUGHT PROCESSES on the announcement of support for gay marriage PROVE once again that he is not a Christian.  It is not only that Obama's various positions on gay marriage have obviiously been POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM.  As stated in the previous article articles about CNN LIES, it matters not whether it was a "risk" for Obama to come out in support of gay marriage. He had NO CHOCIE.  Every other possible course of actin, after Joe Biden put Obama on the spot that the currupt media had refused to upt him on, was MUCH MORE RISKY . The announcement was pure political opportunism:  damage control.  The same is true of Obama's positon in 2008, where his whole purpose was to suggest that his position was that marriage should be between a man and a woman OUT OF RELIGIUS CONVICTION.  Will you EVER hear our CORRUPT media ask Obama WHY he supposedly thought marriage was between a man and a womn in 2008, and up until this year?  Even in his self-serving interview on hiis flip-flop on gay marriage, Obama talked abut how he "understood" how OTHERS could ld question gay marriage, based on THEIR religious convictions ("clinging to their religion", as Obama said in 2008 in San Francisco on that open mike).  What Obama did NOT say, and what he was NOT ASKED, whas whether his OWN "relligious convictions" (lol) had any ifluence in his thought processes in changing his supposed oppositon to gay marriage.  That is the point.  Obama's supposed religious convictions obviusly did not even REGISTER in making this decisin: had no influence at all.  If God opposes homosexual marriage, it ddid not matter to Obama. The things Obama talked abut--the "discussions" he supposedly had--never even referenced RELIGIN at all.  Nope.  The WAY Obama made this decisin, and this thought processes, conclusively PROVE that he is not a Christian.  No meantin of ""praying for guidance".  No mention of prayer at all (at least in the excerpts I saw). 

Yet.  Obama--liar and hypocrite--made a pint out of saying he and his wife are "practicing Christians".   Uh-huh. Why shuld AnYONE believe than, any more than anyoone shoiuld have believed that yu really opposed gay marriage.  As this blog said more than four years ago, it was ALWAYS obvius that you--as a POLICY MATTER (whatever personal distaste yo might have--favored gay marriage.  You just wanted the COURTS to do it, so your fingerprints would not be on it: exactly the way you handled the Defense of Marriage Act, while still trying to say you opoposed gay marriage.  You, Obama, simply instructed the government not to appeal ONE JUDGE'S decisin that basically would end up where ALL STATES would have to recognize a gay marriage in any other state. Obama--hypocrite that he is-continued to profess to ppose gay marriage, even as he was doing EVERyTHING he could to eliminate the obstacles to it.  In NONE of this, or on abortion or anything else, has Obama given ANY indication that he is a "practicing Christian".  He does nto even have a SPECIFIC CHRISTIAN CURCH to which he bleongs, whihc our CORRUPT media is trying to use AGAINST Mitt Romney (who does, of course, have a SPECIFIC religin to which he belongs, and in which he may actually believe.  Our courrpt, anti-Christian media, of course, well knows that Obama does nto really believe in ANY religion, and APPROVES. The reaqson our CORRUPT media did not PRESS Obama on gay marriage in 2008 is that our media APPORVES of DECEPTION of voters (especially Christians), so lnog as it HELPS get people like Obama ELECTED. 

No.  President Obama is NOT a Christian.  He was rasied atheist. Obama was an ATHEIST much more RECENTLY than Romney is "accused" (lol-you EvIL, VICIOUS DISHONEST HYPOCRITES of CNN, the Washington Post and the rest should be ashamed, exceptg you have no shame) of pulling a "mean-spirited" prank on a person who LATER came out as homosexual.  50 years ago Romney MAY have pulled a "prank" in prep school. 30 years or so ago Presdient Obama was an ATHEIST USING COCAINE.  I ask you:  whose "past' is WORSE?  The media does not care.  They con't CARE what Obama did in the past, and the HYPOCRITES will even say that it does nto matter what Obama did in the past.  Yet, they will LOOK 50 yeards in the past for someting to HYPE as to Mitt Romney, as if it happened yesterday . Give me a break.  Presdietn Obama ADMITS that he was "raised" in a non-religioius family.  Obama SAYS he came to Christ in the ANTI-AMERICAN curch of Reverend Wright (who preached that the CIA is deliberately GIVIGN DRUGS to black men to make sure they go to jail).  Since being FORCED (again, as Obama has NO "courage"that is not FORCED upon him), to leave REverend Wright's church, Obama has solved lth e problem of being attacked as to the specifics of a religion in which he does not even beliven by NOT HAVING A SPECIFIC RELIGIONm, or discussing an specific religious beliefs.  Al we "know" abut Obama's "religius beliefs" is that he SAYS he believes in Jesus Christ, and believes in the Golden Rule (not even exclusively Christian, and not originating with the Christian religion--the Golden Rule,, in fact, being perfectly acceptable to ATEIST "secular humanists" like Maher and Obama). Obama admits he was an ATHEIST much more recently than Romney was committing pranks in high schol, and the EVIDENCE is that Obama is still ann atheist.

Ntoice that this makes Obama a LIAR and a HYPOCRITE (of the Elmer Gantry, type, attmepting to USE a relgin in which he does not believe for personal gain).  But the media RIDICULES making an ISSUE out of this, while CNN and the rest of the mainstrem media coninue to want to make an issue out of the STRICTLY THWOLOGICAL QUESITON of whethe rMormons are really Christians.  Itg is OUR MEDIA, and OBAMA (behind the scenes), who are trying to make THEOLOGY an "issue" in political campaigns, even though thy don't believe in any "theology" at all.  These are EVIL HYPOCRITES, deliberately trying to make RELGION (as religin--not even as a matter of lying or hypocrisy) a "weapon" in American politics. 

Do yu Christians see why I don't see how AnY "beliieving Chrisitain" can bvoter for Obama, or any of the peole so cynically trying to USE CHRISTIANS (and their sincere beliefs) to have Christians vortte for people who are clearly their ENEMIES.  No,.  I am not a Christian.  So maybe I am missing something here.  But I wouuld be INSULTED, if I were a Christian, at the CYUNICAL EVIL going on here in tryhing to USE religin this way  It is much worse than Rick Santroum trying to say tat religin is IMPORTAANT.  These poele (Obama and our corrupt media) do NOT belive that religon is improtant, except as something to OPPOSE, but they are CYNCIAL enough to tell believing Christians (for whom they AND OBAMA have nothing but contempt) how to vote (such as they should not vote for Romney becasue he is not THEOLOGICCALLY a "Christian"). 

Does Obama SAYING he believes in Jesus Christ make hm a Christian?  Don't make me laugh. I spend too much time on the floor laughing /crying at these leftist absurdities as it is.

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