Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charlotte and Democrats: The Maverick Conservative Gets It Right Again

See yesterday's article, where The Maverick Conservative tried to be FIRST in callng for the Democratic Party to BOYCOTT North Carolina, and yank the Democrqatic Convention away from Charlotte.

Died The Maverick Conservative actually get out ahead of what was gong to happen anyway, and START the movement agasint North Carolkina?  Probably not.  If I had looked around the interent, the movement had porbably already started.  My attempt to be "frist" was almsot surely unsuccessful.  And it was always a "no brainer" (as stated in the article).  SOME leftist Democrats, who are not POLITICAL ANIMALS in the way the Presdient and his strategists are, wre inevitably gong to see that it wuld be HYPOCRITICAL to hold a political convention in a state where you are calling the peole "BACKWARD".  I am not kidding.  President Obama's campaign is already making GAY MARRRIAGE a CAMPAIGN ISSUE (rather than the economy), and already have some sort of internet video out calling Mitt Romney 'backward" for his position on gay marriage.  You tell me why the Presdient of the Uniteld States has not jsut called the people of North Carolina "backwards"--HICKS, in toher words. 

What am I talking abut?  Well, the last few sentences are self-explanatory.  But the FORESIGHT of this blog iss illustrated by CNN this morning.  Their "political buzz" ASKED this question:  "Shuld Democrats pull the Democratic Convention from Charlotte, North Carolina/?"  The stated reason the question was being asked was that that there is ALREADY an "online petition" calling for Democrats to pull the convention away from Charlotte, and already leftist Democrats saying they will not go to North Carolina.  Yes, it was a "no brainer", and may have already been in the works (although I  did not thave any informatin yesterday, beyond the fact I KNOW how these peole think).  But you have to admit that this blog has again been PROVEN right, within a day.

Look at poor Alex (I do hope I got that name right--referring to my daughter, Kenda's long-time acquaintance).  Alex was one of the Democratic operatives who CHOSE Charlottte as the place for the Democratic Convention, and is involved int the planning. of the convention.  Loook at how BAD this choice now looks.  Between now and November, most of the Democratic Party leftists are going to be INSULTING the people of North Carolina.  The media is definiely going to turn the Democratic Convention into an ATTACK on the people in North Carolina who were so "backward", and you will rprobably hear all kinds of assurances that the ENLIGHTENED people of North Carolina are ASAHMED of the HICKS who are so "backward" as to stand with MOST OF THE WORLD, and ALL of human history (up to this century), that "homosexual marriage" is an oxymoron.

Nope.  The choice of Charlotte for the Democratic Convention has turned into a DISASTER for Democrats.  At best, it is DEMOCRATS who are gong to be perceived as being all about "social issues'--fiddling while the American economy BURNS.

Oh.  John Boehner.  How can we get rid of him?  Yep. I would swer Boehner just called me a HICK.  I know that is what he meant.  He is out there "cautioning" the GOP not to make an "issue" out of homosexual marriage, but to concentrate ont he economy.  No,. I have no quarrel with the idea that GOP candidates shuld not make this political campaign all about gay marriage.  But this GOP "estabishemnt" idea that GOP social conservatives are an "embarrssment" to them again confirms my view that I will NEVER suport ANY of these peole, by word or deed. Mitt Romney has actually been BETTER than Boehner.  I repeat my assessment of Boehner (which this blog has maintained from the beginning of his assumption of the Speaker of the House position):  John Boehner is not "qualified" to be DOGCATCHER OF Mt. Ida, Arkansas, and is merely evidence of why you shuld DEFEAT THEM ALL:  every incumbent member of the Housse of Representatives, including GOP incumbents.  That goes for the Seante, as well.  it really goes for Obama, too, except that I jsut can't bring myself to vote for Romney (who comes from the Boehner "wing" of the GOP, even though he has shown himself better than Boehner--talk abut DAMNING with fait praise!!!!!!!).  Think about it.  AlmolstNO GOP member of the House has gone out there and OPPOSED Bohner.  That, alone, is reason enough to DEFEAT THEM AL:  every single one of them. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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