Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mitt Romney: No Guts, No Glory

Again, Hell will freeze over before I vote for Mitt Romney for President. That is true, even though I know that Barack Obama is destroying this country, and even though I can never vote for Barack Obama.  It was confirmed for me again today. 

CNN was talkng about that poll on women, showing Romney with a 3 percentage ont LEAD on Obama:  See the previous article TONIGHT on this blog. The CNN "storyline", of course, is that Romney has a "problem" with women (which can, of course, be turned around to say that Obama has a "prolem" with MEN--not to mention Christians). In the process, some member of the panel brought up this turuly ABSURD Obama/leftist idea that women can be BRIBED with "free contraceptino). There will be more on Gloria Borger, LIAR on The Liar Network--likely in an article tomorrow.  ButBorger did pipe up and say: "You know, Romney said in New Hampshire that he will leave in place that contraceptoin "rule", if he is electeed." 

Say what?  This blog has told yu, correctly that this OBAMACARE regulation, intended to BRIBE women, is an attack on FREEDOM (not just Caholics). This idea is FUNDAMENTAL to my entire view of life and government.  No.  I am not a Caholic.  I have no problem with contracepitn, altough I have a BIG problem with infanticide (abortion).  However, FORCING employers to "cover" FREE contraceptoin--or contraception atl all--is "1984" style COERCION.  For this alone (if, of cure, you can believe Gloria Borger), I could NEVER vote for Mitt Romney.  No one--not even Rick Santorum--has said they want to take away "the pill". .  But exactly where does Romney get off sayhing that FORCING employers and insurance companies to provide FREE contraception is compaitble with the GOP positin on ObamaCare.  So Romney is saying that it is unconstitutional for people to be FORCED to purchase health insurance, but it is fine for people to be FORCED to buy health insurance (at least emplyers) that covers FREE CONTRACEPTIN. This has NOTHING  to do with contraceptin  It is about FRDOM , and a cynical attempt to BRIBE WOMEN VOTERS. Message to Mitt Romney:  I now am convinced that you, indeed, would FAVOR ObamaCare, if yu did not know that it was Obama's lprogram.  You truly are OBAMA LIGHT.  I could not vote for you agaisnt that Texas convict who almost beat Obama in West Virginia.  You have said you want to REPEAL ALL of ObamaCare.  Did you lie then, or are you lying now? Or, is Gloria Borger lying, even though she WANTS to hurt Romney with women?  The reason I believe it is becausse I KNOW Romney is perfectly willng to JON a Democrat BRIBE of voters.

Doubt me?  Never do that. Look at that "payroll tax cut". Taht was a DEBT BUSTER, and a DEFICIT BUSTER.  Further, it was meant as a BRIBE for the "middle class".  Romney refused to stand p to that bribe, unlike Santourm. Yet, Romney had the NERVE t make a "big sppeech"--played n C-span or some such outlet ttonight, because I HEARD part of it--talking abut how we HAVE to do something about our DEBT.  Yet Romney had NO qualms abut this "payroll tax cut", which FORCED the debt ceiling to be raised by an extra 150 BILLIN dollars or so.  You might have thught Romney was "eloquent" abut the deficit and the dbt: how it is a MORAL stan on our generation: destorying future generatins. You might have tought that, unless you realize that ROMNEY LIES.

Obama has SAID the very same things.  In fact, Romney has REPEATED the Obama LIE that he wil "go throught spending line by line to cut out EVERYTNING that does not belong.  I am moreally certain that ROMNEY HAS NO GUTS (from a conservative pint of view).  He is so TERRIFIED of this Obama attempt to BRIBE women, and this media narrative about Romney having to do something to appeal to women, that Rmney can't even make a case against FORCED "free contraceptin".  Notice that this is also aa 'egulation" that HURTS BUSINESS, as companies cannot control their own health care costs with thetypoe of insuracnce they feel to be cost effective. 

No, MItt, I could NEVER vote for you--not even after the sun has burned out, or turned into a black hole.  Look for TOMORROW'S artile: John Boehner, LIRAR.  I can't even believe Boehner.  He is settng himself up for the SAME STUPID DEBT CEILING FIGHT that he LOST last smmer.  See tomorrow's article.  Again, of curse, you already know that I would not vote for John Boehner for dogcatcher of Mt.. Ida, Arkansas, and that this blog is on record tellng you to DEFEAT THEM ALL (all incumbents in Cngresss, INCLUDNG MEMBERS OF THE GOP and TEA PARTY).

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight. I truly wish I idd not have god enough eyesight, and hearing, to recognirze John Boehner when I see and hear him   The guy positively makes me CRINGE, and I am developing the same feeling about Mitt Romney.  No.  It will NOT change my mind on Romney if someone can give lthe lie to what Gloria Borger said on CNN.  But it would make me feel a little better about Romne: that he is not a man without ANY COURAGE AT ALL.  Therefore, even thoguh I alwayhs welcome comments, I especialy encourage any comments from peole who KNOW exactly what Romney's "evolving' positon is on that ObamaCare "free contraception" regulation. If Romney DOES become President, as this blog is now saing is likely, do you get the feelng taht Romney is gong to quickly find this blog his WORST ENEMY?  Very discerning of you.  No honeymoon.  I promise you that.

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