Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free Contraception: American Media, and Leftist, Obaession (Boycott AT&T and Yahoo)

Present ridiculous headline "featured" on Yahoo "News" as one of the "top stories" of the day, from the Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press (complete, official name:

"Poland to distribute hundreds of thousands of free condoms to fans at Euro 20`1"

I am sorry.  All this article does is show the media/leftist OBSESSION with FREE contraception.  What is the purpose of this article?  Europe is on the verge of economic collapse. Civilizatin itself may be at stateke, and the ONLY story out of POLAND that the AP/Yahoo/AT&T considers important is that Poland is going to distributr free cndooms.

For that matter, what is the purpose of free condoms?  Is Poland really saying, as countries shuld be makeing EVERY DIME count (fiscal crisis, yoiuknow), that people require FREE condoms, or else they won't use anyu form of birth control?  Is the modern generation really THAT BAD: THAT SAD:  THAT HOPELESS?  Maybe. 

This lbog has already told yu why leftist Democrats appear willing to SELL OUT this country, and FREEDOM itself, in the name of FREE contraceoptoin.  Cander drugs?  Who needs them?  OD people (lieke me) are just a drain on the system anyway.  Let them die. But FREE CONTRACEPTION (when we can't afford this kind of absurdity).  That is IMPORTANT.  It is "important", for people of the left, to TELL people (including emplyers) what they HAVE to dod.  Let me be as blunt as I can:  Leftists do NOT believe in FREEDOM, except the "freedom" to have "free" contraceptioni, even if it means FORCING other people to pay for them. 

You know the purpose of this absurd OBAMA "regulation" FORCING emplyers to provide "free" contraception". as well as I do.  It is a BRIBE for women, as the left tries to sell this ridiculous idea that the GOP is conducting a "war on women".  You might notice how WELL "women" have done under Obama (sarcasm disease returning).  But, to listen to the left (including the AP, Yahoo and AT&T), it does not matter if  the econoic future of this country is destoryed, including the economic future of women, so long as we have fREE contraception (and homoseual marriage, even though the human race has gotten along without it fo rALL of the THOSANDS OF YEARS of human history--up to the present century.  That is what I mean by the left agruing that people should SELL OUT the country--Crucigy the country on the GOD of free contraception and absolutely free sex.  If yu regard FREE CONTRACEPTOIN as the "issue" upon which you votgte, reather than the real issues we face, are you not SELLIG OUT THE COUNTRY?  Of course you are. The left--Dishonest Jack Cafferty-, for example -actually argues this very same point when the HYPOCRITES  talk abut how bad the "right" is for concentrating on "social issues", when there are so many other, more important issues aruond.  But, as we know, these--leftist medai, and other leftists--are the WORST HYPOCRITES to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four. 

No. This is not real "news' It is leftist propaganda. It It would be worth a mentin if the Fedeeral Government, or a state, were doing this HEERE (mainly because it would be such a WASTE of money, and denial of FREEDOM, to FORCHE taxpayers to pay for "free" contraception).  To dredge this story out of POLAND is disgraceful.  At most, it would be worth a LINE in a story ABOUT Euro 20`1.  I am sorry.  You can't defend, unless you have been brainwashed by our leftist media, making this HEADLINE "news". 

Yuo can see that God has fallen down on the job.  I gave my Sodom and Gomorrah report on whether there is an honest, competent AP reporter (there isn't) long ago.  No thunderbolts. The AP still is operating (if no one is paying attention, except me). No pillars of salt.  This gripes me.  As I have said, He had a nerve in the first place, giving this Sdom and Gomorrah assignment to an AGNOSTIC (deliberate, Ithink), and sending me on this futile, DECADE-LONG search for a creature that does not exist.  Message to Him:  If I am going to waste a decade of my life acting as yur agent in a modern Sodom adn Gomorrah situation, then I EXPECT THUNDERBOLTS AND PILLARS OF SALT.  Get on the ball here.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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