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Anderson Cooper Is Gay: Sources Say (Explanation for Anti-Christian Vendetta and Gay Obsession?--Keeping Him Honest)

I may be the last person on th eplanet to realize that Anderson Cooper is gay. No.  It did not matter to me.  This blog has criticized Anderson Cooper long before I was finally told, by anonymous FEMALE sources, that Anderson Cooper is gay.  Sure, Anderson Cooper is a LIAR, on The Liar Network.  Anderson Cooper is an anti-Christian, on The Anti-Christian Newrok.  And Anderson Cooper has shown an obsession with "fay issues', on The Gay Network.  But that has been true of basically ALL of CNN, and I am relatively (I will have to ask my sources)  that ALL of teh people on CNN aer not homosexual.

What happened was that I was talking to this woman. I mentioned that I did not understand why Anderson Cooper seemed so OBSESSED with "gay issues". From "bullying' to attacking OBSCURE Christian pastors (as last night), almost every Anderson Cooper programs seems to OVERHYPE either some sort of perceived "hate" against homosexual conduct, and people, or some sort of attack on isolated Christians (obviously MEANT to be PROPAGANDA agaisnt ALL Christians, and expecially agasint people who oppose gay marriage, as was true of last night's story--right off of the internet, about this truly OBSCUE NORTH CAROLINA pastor). 60% of the people of North Carolina vote against any sanction of gay marriage, aligning themselves with ALL of human history (even before there was a Christ), and what Anderson Cooper regards as 'important' is any FRINGE peole he can find.  Have oiu seen Anderson Cooper, or CNN, focus on the FRINGE people (almost a majority, in this case) in the OCCUPY "movement" ?  Of course not.  But you already knew that AndresonCooper, and AlL of the peole of CnN, are the worst HLYPOCRITES to ever walk this Earth, on tow legs or four.  I digress (not really).  The point is that I brought up this OBSESSIOIN of Anderson Cooper with a female source of this blog, months ago, and said someting like this:  "You know, I don't understand why Anderson Cooper is soobsessed with this subject--almsot amounting to monomania."  My anonymous source promptly told me:  "Didn't you know?  EVERYONE knows that Anderson Cooper is gay.  Everyone has known for years."  Me:  "They do  Has Anderson Cooper ever come out and said he is gay.  I have never heard him do so, or make any reference to his obvius BIAS in this obsession of his."  Source:  "Well, I have never seen anything about Anderson Cooper "coming ut" as gay, but everyone (you ignorant dolt) has known about it for a long time."

Then, out of the blue (without me asking), another female source of my said (totally independently):  "You know.  I was disappointed.  I always thought Anderson Cooper was attractive, as a MAN, but I heard that giggling episode last night, where he went on giggling like a girl for minutes. The man is definitely gay.  That is what I have heard from myu female friends for years, but I had always hoped hw wasn't.  (editorial comment: The woman has no taste.)  But after that giggling episode, I am now certain he is gay."  Me:  Well, I actually saw the same giggling episode, and it was definitely weird and somewhat disturbing.  However, I had not known that Anderson Cooper was supposedly gay, until a female source totld me a few months ago that EVERYHONE knows he is gay.  Have you ever heard him come out ans SAY he is gay, or that he has done so in the past?"   Source: "No, I have never heard him say that, or that he has said that.  However, I agree with your other source that it has been around for a long time that Anderson Cooper is gay.  I just diiscussed how disappointing that is with one of my main female firends this last week, and my female sources have lng told me that." 

No. I don't care if Anderson Cooper is homosexual.  That is, I would not carre if it obviusly did not INFLUENCE his coverage. I don't think that there is any doubt that AndersonCooper is USING his position with CNN as a vehicle to pput out GAY ACTIVIIST PROPAGANDA.  If gay activists put out almsot AnYTHING on the internet, it is HYPED on Anderson's Cooper' s program. Adn, as stated, Cooooper has ppursued a VENDETTA agaisnt CHRISTIANS (attmepting to use "guilt by association" everytime ANY Christian pastor ANYWHERE says anything stupid).  You might wonder why Anderson Cooper does not take onMUSLIMS.  Did not Ahhmadinejad, President of Iran, tell us;  "We don't have any homosexuals in our country.  We HANG them."  Yes, logically, Anderson Cooper should go after the Muslim religion even harder than the Christian religin.  However, Cooper is a HYPOCRITE (not related to being a homosexual, although PROVEN by his not being up front about being gay--keeping him honest). CNN has an anti-American, anti-Christian storyline, about how the peole of this coutnry 'persecute" Muslims.  That storyline trumps whatever personal feelings Cooper has abut Muslims.  Further, to favor Muslims agaisnt supposed "Christian" persecution is a way of being anti-Christian.  And Cooeper--dumb as he is--is smart enough to know that Mulsims have NO influence in this country (not because they are "persecuted", but because there are so few of them).  Cooper, and CNN, seem to have the (short-sighhted) view that they will worry abut a MUSLIM THEOCRACY after they DESTROY  (lol) the Christian religion in this country:  at least until they DESTROY every BELIEVING Christian in this country. As an agnostic, I see these things cleearly and objectively, and there is not doubt Anderson Cooper is on an anti-Christian VENDETTA.  And he is using his program t further that VENDETTA, as well as a gay activist agenda.

Can you be "honest" (keeping Anderson Cooper honest) and CONCEAL a BIAS this extreme?  I don't hink so.  As hthis blog has told you, long before I knew Anderson Cooper was gay, Anderson Cooper is DISHONEST.

You say I am wrong to use "anonymous sources", allowing people to "attack" Andeson Cooper frm behind a mask?  Or alowing me to make them up. Well, I am just flollowing the lead of our EVIL media.  This blog has campaigned agaisnt the use of anonymous sources FOREVER.  It is an EVIL practice by our EVIL media. However, I am not a Christian. I don't turn the othe cheek.  Besides, I do have PEROSNAL "evidence" that Anderson Cooper is gay, including this gay activist obsession and obvius agenda, and that giglggling episode. No one in the media is ging to even ASK Anderson Cooper--in public--if he is gay.  For all I know, Cooper has--sometime, someplace--said he is gay.  My sources have never heeard it, and I stand by my assertioni that Cooper is being DISHONEST abut what is behind his VENDETTA agaisnt Christianss and his gay activist agenda.No, I am not saying that Coooper needs to announce it every program.  Btu he needs to make sure it is KNOWN.  More importantly, a PERSONAL bias does not excuse Cooper's PROGAGANDA: HYPING stories beyond all reason to push a purely PERSONAL agenda. The kindest thing you can say here is that Cooepr is so wrapped up in himself that he truly believes that the most IMPORTANT "issues" facing this country are "gay activist" issues, including destroying Christians who they look at as their main opponents. 

No.  I have no source who I can say has DIRECT knowledge that Adnerson Cooper is gay, or even access to any such source with direct personal knowledge. As stated, keeping him honest, that is one of my problems with Anderson Cooper   He is being DISHONEST in his extrememe propaganda. But I am now moreally certain that Anderson Cooper is gay.

Why now?  It is because Cooper has gone off the deep end. Over the past year, he has gotten MUCH WORSE.  He is not only impossible to watch, but is "gilut by association" propaganda has reached an EVIL on a level with Wolf Blitzer and John King.  Thus, Anderson Coope has now jooined King and Blitzer in this blog's exile to the OUTER DARKNESS where evil people shuld always dwell.  There are SEVERAL sblog articles planned to concude uor 'coverage" of Anderson Cooper.Btu last night is the LAST night I will ever voluntariuly see Anderson Cooper.  I can't take it anymore.  I could stand to SURF him, even after being certain he is gay, but no longer.  Cooper's OBSESSIN has become clinical.  The North Carolina vote seems to have pushed him over the edge into what appears to be insanity, or at least a personal bsession that makes Cooper worthless even as a source of leftist thinking.  I don't need a source of EXTREME gay activist thinking.  I know what they think, and what they want.  It is not even interesting. 

Anderson Cooper is gay, and he is hisotory (in this bog).  This blog will conclude this series of articles on Cooper PROPAGANDA, and that will be it.  Unless a clip or quote coes to my attentin, you will hear nothing further about Anderson Cooper in this blog. 

P.S  No proofreading or spell Checing (bad eyesight).  Bottom line:  Anderson Cooper is gay--"keeping him honest", if any of you continue to watch the gay activist propaganda he is putting out, and the further examples of his VENDETTA against Christians.

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